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Top of the Week!

Thanksgiving Dinner Service Needs Volunteers
Dear Rotarians
Thanksgiving is right around the corner on Thursday, November 24th.  Because covid is still spreading, we will continue to provide boxed meals, which will be delivered to families at their homes.  The sign up sheet is available on line and can be found below.
We need:  4 people to help us set up tables for our assembly line event .  We will meet at the Greek Orthodox Church at noon until about 1:00 to set up tables and do whatever prep is necessary for getting the assembly line tables ready for assembling the meals.
We need 25 assembly line workers to arrive around 8:30.  We expect we will be done as we did last year around noon or 12:30.  We hope we can streamline the process and have meals and bags ready for delivery starting at 10:00.  
We are asking that everyone be vaccinated/boosted for covid…if you are working with food, you will need to be masked and we will provide food service gloves while you are working with the food.  
Masks are optional during the day before set up.
Portsmouth Hospital continues to generously provide all the food, Greenland elementary is providing the beautifully decorated bags for our guests and Rotary provides the  many hands to help Seacoast families have a lovely holiday meal.
We will also need 25 drivers to volunteer for delivery.  You will be assigned a route along with phone numbers of recipients so you can call them in advance and let them know that their meal is on the way. Señor Rice continues to be  our Driving Route Coordinator and he will have cards with names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Volunteers will bring the bags to you cars.  You can drive to the back of the church to receive your bags and directions.   The meals can be left on front steps, in lobbies of buildings, or another convenient spot so that you can deliver with no contact.  If you must go into a home or apt. building we recommend you wear a mask.
Here is the sign up link.  Thank you in advance for adding your hands to this wonderful volunteer project.  This is our 51st year.  That is quite an amazing accomplishment for our club.
Ann Bliss & Betsy Scott
Salvation Army Food Service
Sara Treacy along with her husband Joe served food out of the Salvation Army food truck on a chilly Wednesday night.  Rotary has signed up for the third Wed of the next 11 months. This changed from Tuesday nights because more people are available on Weds. 
If you would like to help, contact Sara at saratreacy@comcast.net or call or text to: 603-661-8588.
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Rotary Log for October 20, 2022

Rotary Log for October 20th, 2022
We had a boisterous crowd with at least 70 in attendance—the biggest crowd in a long, long time. They came to hear Governor Chris Sununu speak, as he makes a bid for a fourth term.
President Joanie called the meeting to order. We enjoyed a heartfelt Star-Spangled Banner carried by Judy Ringer and other ringers in the crowd. After Kristen Peterson led the Four Way Test, we enjoyed a wonderful invocation from our sitting spiritual leader John Rice. I repeat below his words, from poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, so if you were not there you can still share in the inspiration they carry.
To laugh often and much.
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;                         
To find the beauty in others;
To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, 
a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To know that one life has breathed easier because you lived here.
This is to have succeeded.
By the way, as part of our Club’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative, President Joanie has asked John to chair a Rotary Blessings Committee. This group will give other members a chance to provide the weekly invocation and bring their own touch to this special moment of reflection each week.
New members.
Welcome, welcome to our newest members! We have four new prospective members on 7-Day Notice! They are:
Ashley Goodwin from Northway Bank
Kristin Peterson from First Seacoast
Mark Broderick from TD Bank
Bria Day from Eastern Bank
Very excited to see these new incoming members!
Rotary Foundation.
November 4th the District Foundation Committee will recognize donors for outstanding contributions to the Foundation and International Service. Our Club accounts for more than 10% of the District’s total fundraising. This is the first in-person celebration in three years and the party will take place November 4th at Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine. Tickets are only $35 dollars per person, and all are welcome. If you want to meet and celebrate with your fellow District 7780 Rotarians purchase tickets here: One in a Million - Rotary Foundation Celebration: Fri, Nov 4, 2022 (myeventscenter.com)
DEI Committee Co-Chair Ann Bliss shared her own experience with discrimination and the impact it can have on your daily life and outlook. Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., the daughter of first-generation immigrants, she lived in a multi-cultural neighborhood and never felt singled out or different.
When Ann was eight years old, her father took a position in the Midwest. The new job was better work and offered the opportunity to own a home with a nice yard. Unfortunately, Ann and her sister were targeted by other children for their Jewish faith. This led her to create her own tribe of other social outcasts, who held hands and watched out for one another.
DEI, Ann explained, is like holding hands. We cannot completely comprehend what Ann’s experience or others have been, but we can let them know, explicitly, we have their backs.
Neal Ouellett did an excellent job as our Fine Master, a talent that not even the Governor could dodge. Let’s hope the State Police took it easy on Neal after the meeting. It’s a tough job raising money, teasing all of us at one point or another, not stepping too hard but calling attention to humor in everyday life. Bravo Neal!
Governor Chris Sununu.
Long time Rotarian and respected Republican Stella Scamman of Scamman Farm fame, announced our guest speaker, sitting Governor Chris Sununu. Stella did well calling attention to Sununu’s accomplishments as our 82nd Governor. Chris has a civil and environmental engineering degree from MIT and lives in Newfields with his wife Valerie and three children.
Our meeting steered clear of many of the more divisive issues that typically come up and I will too. In summary, Governor Sununu feels the best decisions are made at the local level and he intends to keep things local if re-elected. He feels New Hampshire is number one by many measures in which states are compared and he intends to keep it that way.
As expected, there were great questions from the crowd leading to some passionate responses from the Governor. We appreciate the opportunity as a club to hear directly from candidates and invite our friends and family to join us. This is a great and longstanding tradition of our club. If you have more questions about the Governor’s stances on various topics feel free to visit his website: www.chrissununu.com or his office in Exeter, NH.
Interestingly, the Governor drew noted GOP activist and former Portsmouth Mayor Peter Weeks’ 50-50 raffle ticket. There was no match.
Respectfully submitted, Aileen Dugan.
Photos by Francoise Meissner and Yvonne Legge
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Registration is open for the Golf Tournament

Registration is still open, Sponsorships are still available to raise funds for Basic Needs Committee.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, NH is hosting our 28th Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, October 8th, at Pease Golf Course in Portsmouth, NH.
Corporate and team sponsorships opportunities are available now. Team & individual golfer registrations are available now, don't miss out, register today!.  All Rotary members and guests are welcome and individuals will be paired with other players.
The tournament will be a four-player scramble format. Tournament day check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. and shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. Entrance fees are $175 per player, and include lunch, greens fees, practice range, cart fees and a sit-down lunch.
Prizes include 4 place prizes, Top Men’s & Women’s Division, the highly acclaimed Rotary Cup and all par 3’s – Closest to the Pin, and Longest Drive Contest. 
Net proceeds from the event will benefit the Portsmouth Rotary Club’s Basic Needs Fund for worthy community non-profit organizations that serve food banks, clothing, shelter and other basic needs.
To register an individual, a team, or to become a tournament sponsor  visit https://events.golfstatus.com/event/ff75694b-f09e-4d33-9108-4eef59eab5f7/details/registration-details or contact our Rotary Tournament Chair, Marie Brownell marie@brownellinsurance.com
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Save the Date! Rotary Golf Tournament October 16, 2020

Sponsorships Now Available to Help Raise $ for Basic Needs
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, NH is hosting our 27th Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, October 16th, at Pease Golf Course in Portsmouth, NH.
Corporate and team sponsorships opportunities are available now. Team & individual golfer registrations will become available mid-September.  All Rotary members and guests are welcome and individuals will be paired with other players.
The tournament will be a four-player scramble format. Tournament day check-in begins at 8:00 a.m. and shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. Entrance fees are $150 per player, and include lunch, greens fees, practice range, cart fees and a sit-down lunch.
Prizes include 4 place prizes, Top Men’s & Women’s Division, the highly acclaimed Rotary Cup and all par 3’s – Closest to the Pin, and Longest Drive Contest. 
Net proceeds from the event will benefit the Portsmouth Rotary Club’s Basic Needs Fund for worthy community non-profit organizations that serve food banks, clothing, shelter and other basic needs.
To register an individual, a team, or to become a tournament sponsor  visit https://portsmouthrotary.org/sitepage/golf-tournament or contact Frank Firicano, 978 857-0934 (ffiricano@gmail.com) for more information.
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Registration Open for 26th Annual Golf Tournament 2019-05-23 04:00:00Z 0 golf tournament
Ted Alex recognized with 2nd Annual Reverend Gordon Allen Humanitarian Award 2019-04-19 04:00:00Z 0
Recovery with Hope and Dignity, An Educational Awareness Forum 2019-03-26 04:00:00Z 0
Christmas Tree Sale Begins Friday 11/23 2018-11-19 05:00:00Z 0 christmas tree sale
Join us for our 47th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 2018-11-12 05:00:00Z 0 thanksgiving
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4 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 10, 2018
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4 days to go . . . we have been talking so much about this amazing Rotaplast Mission and now the dream is finally coming to a reality.  Everything seems nicely in place thanks to some great Rotarian planning. 
How perfect is it that our Leo Gagnon is in charge of the trip’s hospitality area?!?!?
He has planned some great Rotary fellowship events locally, and now this just up his alley, just a kid in a candy store. So sweet!
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5 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 09, 2018
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5 days to go . . . as the countdown continues we are so proud that our passionate Past President Ted is anxious to get back to Bangladesh!  The only bad thing is that we needed to stop him and remind him that he is going by plane not boat.  Past President Ben Wheeler won’t be available to help him out.  Bangladesh is a bit further than the Isles of Shoals.
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6 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 08, 2018
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6 days and counting . . . and we hope you will plan to attend this Thursday’s Rotary lunch meeting, where we will wish our team headed to Bangladesh a rewarding and safe journey.  They fly out Sunday evening, leaving behind loved ones; business and community responsibilities; not to mention the comforts of home.  Thank you, Portsmouth Rotarians, for making a difference.
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7 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 07, 2018
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7 days to go . . . and oh my, can you say international incident?  Luckily the daughter of Past President James Petersen caught her Dad packing his “favorite toy” and called authorities, i.e., President Cleo, begging for help.  Oh James, we know you mean well but, this is not the kind of surgery tool, you will be using to assist efforts in Bangladesh.  Is this the real reason John Flagg is not going on the trip?
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9 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 05, 2018
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9 days and counting . . . while we are starting to enjoy the nice crisp fall air here on the Seacoast, those headed to Sylhet, Bangladesh are in for some very, very hot weather.  
Members of the team are required to wear uniforms comprised of navy blazers, khaki pants/with a khaki skirt option for women.  No shorts and sandals to be comfortable in.  
Scrubs while working at the hospital are mandated. 
Each participant is allowed only 1 piece of personal luggage.
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10 Days to Go - Countdown to Rotaplast Mission in Bangladesh

Posted on Oct 04, 2018
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Wow, we are 10 days and counting for a special journey we have been planning for a long time.  The Rotaplast mission to Bangladesh, guaranteed will be life changing, for those who will travel to provide the free reconstructive surgery and those children and families being cared for.  The mission pays tribute to the late Jim Labrie and his life of service.  Jim climbed above the challenges posed by his own congenital cleft lip and palate to become a successful local entrepreneur and generous community leader.  Jim Labrie’s legacy of kindness and compassion will live on through this effort.
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Final Stages of Planning for October Rotaplast Mission to Bangladesh

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Rotaplast---Saving smiles, changing lives!
The members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, are in the final stages of planning an October 14 to October 28, Rotaplast mission to Bangladesh.  The trip honors the generous spirit of the late Jim Labrie and his life of service. Rotaplast International is committed to helping children and families worldwide, by eliminating the burden of cleft lip and/or palate and other deformities. Rotaplast sends multidisciplinary teams to provide free reconstructive surgery and care for these children.
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Cross Roads House Announced as 2018-2019 Basic Needs Annual Partner 2018-09-14 04:00:00Z 0 annual partner,basic needs,cross roads house
Registration Open for 25th Annual Golf Tournament 2018-05-29 04:00:00Z 0 golf tournament
Ellen Labrie honored with 1st Annual Reverend Gordon Allen Humanitarian Award 2018-04-26 04:00:00Z 0

Flash Mob Overwhelms Rotary Social

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It started out as a very intimate Rotary Social event on Thursday, April 19th at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre.  Local Rotarians from Portsmouth sharing a cocktail and pizza in The Rep’s theatre atrium, discussing The Rep and the current show “In The Heights”. . . 
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District Training Assembly 2018

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Whether you are a new member or veteran member - there is something at DTA for everyone!

Once a year we gather to share ideas, fellowship and more than a few laughs.  DTA is a great way to get club members, officers and committee chairs networking, engaged and aware of what’s happening with the clubs in our District. 
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2018 Rotary Mount Washington Summit

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Registration is now open for the 2018 Rotary Mount Washington Summit!
Fellow Rotarians, we look forward to being with you at this exciting and historic event!  Join over 500 Rotarians from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Quebec and Vermont, at the beautiful Mount Washington Resort on May 4-6, 2018.  Registration is now OPEN.  Here’s what you need to know:
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4th Annual Spread a Little Love Peanut Butter Drive 2018-01-19 05:00:00Z 0 peanut butter drive
2018 Scholarship Awards - Application Submission Now Open 2018-01-10 05:00:00Z 0 scholarship awards

Christmas Tree Sale Now Closed - Thank You!

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Our 2017 Christmas Tree Sale closed as of Saturday 12/16 @ 5pm.

Thank you to everyone that made this year's tree sale such a success!

To all of the Rotarians that gave their time, energy and Christmas spirit . . . To the Seacoast Community for YOUR continued support . . . It is YOU that allows us to do what we do!
Peace & Merry Christmas to All!
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Join us for our 46th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner 2017-10-26 04:00:00Z 0 thanksgiving
Calling All Rotarians, Christmas Tree Sale Shift Sign Ups Now Open 2017-10-26 04:00:00Z 0 christmas tree sale
Save the Date for Our Annual Senior Holiday Celebration 2017-10-26 04:00:00Z 0 senior holiday celebration

2018 Rotary Summit - Registration Now Open

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A message from DG Dave:

Fellow Rotarians, we look forward to being with you at this exciting and historic event!  Join over 500 Rotarians from Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Quebec and Vermont, at the beautiful Mount Washington Resort on May 4-6, 2018.  Registration is now OPEN.  Here’s what you need to know:

2018 Rotary Summit - Registration Now Open 2017-10-12 04:00:00Z 0 district conference
Volunteers Needed - Richie McFarland's Touch-A-Truck Fundraiser 2017-09-14 04:00:00Z 0 annual partner,basic needs,richie mcfarland
Rotary Social - Gundalow Cruise 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0 rotary social
Richie McFarland Children's Center Announced as 2017-2018 Basic Needs Annual Partner 2017-08-11 04:00:00Z 0 annual partner,basic needs,richie mcfarland
Save the Date - District Conference 2018: Summit at Mt. Washington 2017-08-02 04:00:00Z 0 district conference

Rotary at the Red Sox

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Join 200 Rotarians and friends from around New England to root for our hometown heroes – our Boston Red Sox – when they play the Oakland Athletics at historic Fenway Park on Wednesday, September 13th.

200 seats in the left field grandstand, in Sections 29-31, have been blocked out for us.

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White Island Lighthouse Hands on Projects 2017-08-02 04:00:00Z 0 hands on project
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Portsmouth Rotary 5K Cross Country & 1 Mile Track Race 2017-02-27 05:00:00Z 1 cross country race

2016 Christmas Tree Sale

Thank you for your support of our 2016 Christmas Tree Sale!
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Rotary Log for September 22, 2016

President James rang the meeting to order and welcomed guests and visiting Rotarians.  He also mentioned that we need someone to take hold of our Adopt-a-Spot project downtown. Any interested Rotarian is welcome to step up.
There were several other announcements.  Leo Gagnon reminded all of our social evening at the Atlantic Grille on September 26 at 5pm.  Dan Marston noted that our End Polio Bridge Walk (over the new Memorial Bridge) is October 22 at 9 a.m. Every donation will be doubled by the Gates Foundation.  Let’s see if we can beat last year’s total!
Our Rotary Connections Committee is up and running.  Marie Brownell of Rotary Reads says she will accept books for children all year long at our meetings.  Ramona Dow explained our Basic Needs Committee and how the process works. First, make an application, which the committee reviews. That will be followed by an interview and then a presentation to the BOD.  She is happily accepting new committee members.
Our speaker was introduced by Ted Alex.  Donna-Lee Young Rubin is a Past District Governor from Boston and has been a long-time Rotarian.  She was honored at Rotary International in Barcelona, Spain as well as receiving many other Rotary awards.   In 2000, while District Governor, she began inviting the district’s clubs to begin fostering international service.   One year later she went on her first Rotaplast mission.  After the tragic loss of her husband, a surgeon, she was encouraged to apply for the Rotaplast CEO position. The New England native won the job after two trips to California to interview.  
Rotaplast operates missions in Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.  Their primary focus is cleft lip and palate repair. Now Rotaplast has begun to offer some treatment of facial burns.  In poor countries both of these problems are poorly handled and infants and children are shunned and ostracized.  In addition, the afflictions can seriously affect speech hearing, eating and frequent upper respiratory problems.  
As a physician, I am stunned by the extensive logistic and organizational planning needed to provide services.  In addition the local hands-on training to make these areas more self-sufficient is remarkable.
Rotaplast is a 501(c)3 charity. It is not directly connected to Rotary and must fund itself.  For those who are interested, there are multiple positions within each team that do not require a medical or nursing degree.  The video and slide presentation showed the life-changing impact to both the face and spirit of patients treated by Rotaplast.  
As Donna-Lee says, “What better thing to do than change a life.”  I think we all can agree.
Respectfully submitted, Al Lantinen        
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Rotary Log for September 15, 2016

Posted by Richard Greulich
President James rang in our meeting. He noted this week’s 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Underscoring this remembrance, John Rice led us in singing our National Anthem. His low-pitched start enabled us to end on a high note. Greeter Bill Powers led our Test. Reverend Allen invoked blessings.
Prez James brought to our attention three Rotarians whose desire to attend has been stymied by illness. Ellen Labrie is dealing with chronic nerve pain. Jeff Marple has lower leg injuries. Betsy Scott has been suffering pain following “routine” tests. Let these valued Rotarians know they are missed!
We were graced by several guests. Unfortunately petit-fours were served for desert. Your scribe’s attention was placed on them rather than accurately recording our guests. Mea culpa!
Prez James highlighted the birthdays this week of Nancy Clayburgh (15 years of Rotary service), Doug MacDonald (11) and Rich Greulich (2).
Ted Alex announced another “Hands On" Project in Durham in the morning of October 8. All skill levels will be of use. Contact Ted for more info.
Bob Sheesley reminded us of the upcoming Bridge Walk to End Polio. The event will take place on October 22 at the Memorial Bridge. Everyone is encouraged to donate $25 or more. Please make checks payable to “Rotary” and mark the memo line “Polio Plus”.
Leonard Seagren informed us of a “Ladies Only” Polio NIF Project. It is scheduled in November in Nigeria. We offer a word of advice to those ladies planning on participating in this vitally needed service. Pay no attention to Leonard’s mistaken description of the procedure. The drops go into these precious children’s mouths, not their eyes!
Prez James delivered a shout out to those making our recent Club photo possible. Thanks go to the Seacoast Media Group, Deb Cram and Nancy Notis.
Some of us were Happy. Inspired by Joanie Dickinson, Stan Cross delivered a huge bag of popped tops. Sara Treacy celebrated Seacoast Pathways receiving its largest recorded donation. Francois Meissner lamented the last place finish of her REALTOR’s Golf Team in the recent Seacoast Board of REALTORs annual tournament. However, they received the award “the team that had the most fun.” Sounds like Francois is adept at making lemonade out of a lemon! Priscilla MacInnis thanked in advance the 25 turkey cookers for this year’s Thanksgiving Day meal.
Peter Grace introduced our newest member. Kevin Shultz is a residential real estate agent with Re/Max in Portsmouth. He has a wife and three children. Kevin expressed thankfulness for the European trip experiences his children have enjoyed through Rotary’s Exchange programs.
It is a special occasion when our club bestows a Paul Harris Fellow Award. Prez James raised the bar a notch this time by promising beforehand an especially noteworthy recipient. Marie Brownell, Mort Schmidt and Ed Mallon did the honors for this presentation. Ed elaborated on the new PHF awardee’s service deeds. He has served on the Portsmouth City Planning Board and on the Portsmouth High School Friends in Action Board. He is a “Big Brother” and serves on the Board of the Salvation Army chapter in Portsmouth. He stepped in to revamp our dwindling 5K Road Race fundraiser. He has served in numerous position in our Club.
When Justin Finn’s name was announced as our PHF award recipient, the ensuing applause was enthusiastic and continuous. In accepting the award, Justin first thanked Ed and several other people who have made a positive difference in his life.
“This Club means everything to me,” he confessed. A pin was heard dropping as he wiped a few tears away. Justin recounted his first exposure to Rotary at Portsmouth High School. He described some subsequent life difficulties, expressing appreciation for opportunities presented and help received along the way.
Your scribe has witnessed a few PHF award ceremonies. This one is in the record books.
Coincidentally, Justin’s co-worker at Secure Planning, Paul Whitcomb, won the $59 raffle. No match ensued.
Dave Holden introduced our guest speaker, fellow Club Rotarian Everett Eaton. Everett is an SVP in Commercial Lending at TD Bank. His wife, Carol, and he have two children, both of whom are engaged in mechanical engineering.
Everett and Carol undertook a decidedly non-sedentary vacation this year. They hiked from village to village across the Swiss Alps. Everett’s visual and oral description of that expedition was fascinating. At elevations of 3,000-4,000 feet their hiking was physically demanding. The trails they followed were often both narrow and steep-edged. The pictorial and video images showed the authentic BergHauses (“Mountain Houses”) in which they stayed. The Matterhorn and Eiger mountains provided majestic backgrounds for the trip pictures. The itinerary for their eight day venture was a tour de force. Thanks, Everett, for sharing it with us!
Respectfully submitted, Rich Greulich
Rotary Log for September 15, 2016 Richard Greulich 2016-09-21 04:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary 5k XC Road Race

Congratulations to Yuri Horwitz, the 1st place winner of the 2016 Portsmouth Rotary 5K Cross Country Race
Yuri Horwitz, who completed the race in 18.328 minutes, is from Portsmouth, NH and ran Cross Country and Track at PHS during the late 90’s. Yuri also ran in college at William and Mary and now resides in Washington D.C. with his wife and two children.
The race was held on Thursday, August 4th at the Portsmouth High School Sports Field with close to 70 runners.

All participants received a T-shirt and were invited to enjoy an informal BBQ with hot dogs & hamburgers while the race results were tabulated.  An informal awards presentation was conducted by Justin Finn as soon as the results were available.

The money raised from this event has not been completely totaled but the event is estimated to net close to $8,000.  The money raised will be used to continue offering scholarships and social service grants to the local community.
This year’s sponsors include:
Living Innovations, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Ricci Construction, Dos Amigos, Peterson Engineering, Granite Bank, Secure Planning Inc., Murtha Landscaping, SIS Bank, Eddy Group, McLane, Piscataqua Landscaping Co. Inc., Infinite Imaging, The Edgewood Center & State Farm (Allen Dugan).  
Special thanks to the XC Race Committee:  Justin Finn, co-chair, Dennis Moulton, co-chair, Aileen Dugan, Basil Richardson, Cleo Villaflores, Tristan Shanley, Lexi Manus, Julia M. Ghigliotti.

And a noteworthy ‘thank you” to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success.  They are:  Janice Wood. Janis Reams, Karen Pierce , Marie Brownell, Paul Whitcomb, Rich Greulich, Steve Wood, Cynthia Shanley, Janice Cassidy, Chris Simonds, Refreshment Prep, Walter Liff, Jay Gibson, Al Lantinen, Bob Herold, Lindsey Hery, Leonard Seagren.
Portsmouth Rotary 5k XC Road Race Dennis Moulton 2016-08-31 04:00:00Z 0
Upcoming Event - Thunder XC 5K 2016-06-21 04:00:00Z 0

Officers and Directors for Rotary Year 2016-2017

Posted by Jamie DeStefano on Dec 22, 2015

Our incoming officers and directors for Rotary Year 2016-2017 have been confirmed by the membership. Below is the full slate as approved on December 17, 2015   This board will take office July 1, 2016.  


President  James Petersen
President Elect Ben Wheeler
Vice President Cleo Villaflores
Treasurer             Steve Wood
Assistant Treasurer Joe Bove
Secretary              Marcie Bergan
Assistant Secretary Justin Finn
Immediate Past President Bill Hurley
Club Service        Bob Lewis
Vocational            Leo Gagnon
Community         Diane Lavigne
International       Bob Herold
Youth                     Joanie Dickinson
Director                John Bohenko
Director                 Sara Treacy
Sergeant at Arms John St. Pierre
Assistant Sergeant at Arms Leanne Spees
Senior Director   Tricia Cummings
Senior Director   Neal Ouellett
Senior Director   Jamie DeStefano
Officers and Directors for Rotary Year 2016-2017 Jamie DeStefano 2015-12-22 05:00:00Z 0
More test 2015-10-30 04:00:00Z 0

TEST story

Posted by dave underhill on Oct 30, 2015
This is a test.
This is only a test.
TEST story dave underhill 2015-10-30 04:00:00Z 0

Polio Plus Update and Video

At Rotary last Thursday, we launched our club’s annual PolioPlus campaign.  Thirty club members have already made a pledge: will you join with us?

Please give what you can: $500, $100, $50, $25 or any other amount.  All members donating $25 or more can attend the Bridgewalk to End Polio on Saturday, October 24, 2015, which is World Polio Day.  We’ll meet at Prescott Park, joining Rotarians from all over District 7780 in our commitment to End Polio Now.
Every dollar you donate is matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   The first $1500 donated by Portsmouth Rotary members will be matched by a board-approved donation of club charitable funds as well, so you can turn your dollar into as many as six dollars by making a pledge to this campaign. 
Pledge cards are available at our club meetings during the coming few weeks.   Contact Bob Sheesley or Dave Underhill for more info.  If you wish, you can simply make a pledge by emailing Dave (dave.underhill.nh@gmail.com) or by giving a check made out to “Rotary” to our club treasurer.  Please write “PolioPlus” in the memo line.
Here’s a video explaining the Bridgewalk that includes an updated on Rotary’s efforts to End Polio Now:
Thank you!
Polio Plus Update and Video Dave Underhill 2015-09-21 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for July 9, 2015

Rotary Log for Meeting of July 9, 2015
by Doug MacDonald
Photos by Sara Treacy
Nervous at his first meeting? Not our new president! President Bill stepped right up to the podium and pretty much performed flawlessly. The general opening procedures just flowed along as if presided over by a veteran.
Several guests were announced, including John Pratt, Ben Wheeler’s guest and Joe Cunningham, a guest of Leonard Seagren.   Karen Pollard, a visiting Rotarian from Rochester, was also in attendance.
President Bill noted that three people are on Seven-Day Notice. They are Jamie DeStefano, John Pratt and Charlotte Hubbard.
Ellen and Jim Labrie were thanked for hosting yet another new member social. Several birthdays were also recognized. They included Jamie Thompson, Ed Mallon and Pat Barber.   
Tristen Shanley and Justin Finn both made announcements on the new and improved Thunder Chicken Road Race. It will now be known as the Thunder XC 5K  and becomes the seacoast’s only cross-country race.

Leonard Seagren tells us that on July 21 a group of Israeli kids will begin a visit. They will stay at his home and be here for 10 days.  He also encouraged us to get our boats out to Buoy 2KR by 4:00p on July 22.nd    That’s where boats will gather to welcome the Tall Ships and join their parade into Portsmouth Harbor.  
Steve DuBois announced that the Police Department needs volunteers for a simulated emergency training exercise.  Please see Steve if you’d like to participate.
Barb Miller announced that the William Cash Committee has funds for non-profit organization projects.  The application is online if you know of a worthy project that would be eligible for funding.
Andy Chase provided an update on another successful Golf Tournament.  This year the tournament had 108 golfers and raised $30,135.00. That total includes funds raised at lunch, as Walter sold off two unclaimed gift certificates. The veteran auctioneer amazingly sold a gift certificate to Mombo’s for more than face value. And Gene Doherty paid well over a $100 for a 15-minute helicopter ride. Go Gene!  Those funds helped push the Basic Needs endowment to approximately $140,000.00.  Very impressive! Andy thanked the sponsors and volunteers who helped make it happen. 
Following this, Dave (or is that David) Holden introduced our club’s own Robert Sheesley. Bob’s title is Executive Director, Legal Shield on Identity Theft. He overcame  initial technical difficulties with good humor, going on to tell us about identity theft.    Some of the figures are staggering.   For example, the financial loss attributable to ID Theft in a recent year was $24.7 Billion. There are about 13,000,000 victims a year.   ID Theft is the #1 complaint to the FTC with high levels of complaints coming from California and Florida.
Bob reviewed the various manners in which criminals perpetrate ID theft.  The thefts focus on a broad spectrum of information. This includes financial, medical and criminal records. Thieves will steal driver’s license and social security information, too. Minors are especially not immune to having their identity stolen. Younger Americans often don’t know it’s happened until they are applying for college!  Bob notes that should you ever fall victim, file a Fraud Alert with one of the three credit reporting agencies. 
Bob urged us to be aware of what we carry in our wallets. Be careful, too, of what you throw away, who visits your home and around places where personal information is accessible. 
A short question and answer period followed.  
Walter Liff was the raffle winner on behalf of his table.  They took home a $78.00 purse since there was no match.  
Rotarians left to a sunny and warm July day.   See you next week.
Respectfully submitted, Doug MacDonald
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Rotary Log for June 4, 2015

Rotary Log for June 4th by Aileen Dugan
Photos by Leo Gagnon
I was delighted to see Past District Governor Peter Johnson at the meeting today.  Peter was District Governor during the year I served as President. His wife Carolyn was District Governor last year. Peter has been serving as District Foundation Chair for the past three years. Now his term is currently coming to an end.  In his role as DFC, Peter came to say thank you for our support. In the past we had about one third of the membership contributing annually to the Rotary Foundation.  We now have almost two-thirds. The average gift of $129 per person is up from $70 last year.
Peter spoke of his personal commitment. He explained that giving to the foundation connects him more deeply to Rotary and its mission.  He also reminded us that Foundation giving stays in the District.  Our Club currently has a global grant with Friends Forever for around $45,000.  Congratulations to Bob Herold and his committee for raising that number.
Recognized for Paul Harris giving to the Rotary Foundation at the plus-one level were Sara Treacy, Bill Hurley, Luis Melchor and John Lyons. Gene Doherty received her Paul Harris plus three, Jay Gibson plus four and Dave Underhill plus five.  Bob Herold thanked everyone for their support. He also recognized Neal Ouellett, a Paul Harris Fellow in excess of eight times! Great job, Neal!
We received a flag from the Rotary Club of Bulgaria. 
Priscilla MacInnis thanked everyone for helping with the Hands-On project for the Working Dog Foundation. They replaced 10 windows, flooring, and the roof for a start and had a nice lunch together.
Len Seagren is on his way to Sao Paola, Brazil for the 2015 Rotary International Convention.  He urged anyone with interest in international service to contact him. He will help you brainstorm to find opportunities.  It doesn't cost as much as you think!
Andy Chace was very excited to announce the Golf Tournament has 30 more golfers than it had last year.  There will be an 8 am shotgun start next Friday.  Cleo Villaflores is managing the volunteers.  It appears the tournament this year will be another great success thanks to more help from the new and improved Golf Committee. 
Jim Rini introduced our speaker, Dr. David Heller.  Dr. Heller is an emergency room doctor at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. He serves as Chairman of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, also called the "Doomsday Committee."
Make no mistake, his presentation was thought provoking. He alluded to so many threats to humanity that I couldn’t possibly catalog them all here in one article!  Heller asked what the worst disaster that we can think of would be. Tragedies like Titanic and the Hindenburg framed our past thinking about the scope of tragedy, he said. Then 9/11 happened and our thinking about disaster preparedness was reframed. It will never to be the same.
The Disaster Preparedness Committee assesses and prepares protocols for events that could lead to mass casualties in our area.  His first example was a dirty bomb, which is a bomb laced with radioactive material dispersed when it explodes.   The risk of huge casualties and containment of radioactive contamination are one aspect of emergency planning.  The need to protect the staff that is delivering emergency services is another important consideration. Bioterrorism, pandemics, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters represent a risk of large loss of life. They are all included in emergency risk assessments. 
The Seabrook Nuclear power plant gives us the added risk of a large radio-active industrial accident.  Emergency preparedness has to anticipate an accident or disaster occurring during the summer months. Some 100,000 additional tourists are at our beaches in the summer.
The hospital itself is at risk as a facility. The physical plant has the possibility of many internal malfunctions.  For starters, the structure relies on computers and therefore power and other "what ifs".   These types of concerns keep Dr. Heller up at night!  I don’t blame him.   
Dr. Heller's wife Colleen is from New Orleans.  Not surprisingly, the couple followed events surrounding Hurricane Katrina very closely. Only one hospital in New Orleans was adequately prepared.  After Katrina, new recommendations came out of the Joint Commission of Hospitals. These recommendations state that hospitals should be able to be self-sufficient for 96 hours. A tertiary recommendation was that hospitals cannot be the only point of service. Alternate sites that can stock masses of antibiotics and other trauma care supplies need to identified and prepared.
How can we be prepared at the community and individual family level?  Each year the team looks at potential disasters, their likelihood and the impact they would have. They consider the overall impact including loss of power and lack of computers. They also look at the need to pull doctors and nurses out of their area of specialty to help. They categorize Mass Casualties as Level One, Two and Three. Level Three is an "all hands on deck" situation.  Every employee would then be required to respond to the Hospital.
HICS stands for the Hospital Incident Command System. It consists of small teams and specialty positions that facilitate an organized response to mass casualties. ICS is also utilized by the City of Portsmouth, the Police Dept., Fire Dept. and the EMS. There are liaisons designated between the teams so that response can be coordinated smoothly. Team members wear vests labelled with their position to facilitate communication and care. Portsmouth has the unique position of having all of the specialties represented on their staff.  Mettags are used to identify, triage and direct the placement of incoming wounded.  They use a system called NXT communications. The system summons employees through multiple communication channels in the event of an emergency. 
Personal emergencies include a person with a weapon in your place of business. Another example would be a fire in your home or exposure to hazardous materials.  Personal preparedness means having a family meeting place and a plan, especially if communication systems are down. 
It’s all sobering food for thought. And, if nothing else, Dr. Heller’s talk made us do just that.
Respectfully submitted, Aileen Dugan
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Top of the Week June 9, 2015

Top of the week!
Remember...coming in June....
The annual Golf Tournament for the benefit of the Community's Basic Needs Endowment is scheduled on June 19.  James Petersen is coordinating and volunteers are needed to help during the day of the event at the Breakfast Hill Golf Club.  Even if you don't golf, come on out for a fun day!  Wear your sunscreen!  
Please join us for the New Member Social on June 25th as we welcome our new members & thank their sponsors.  We so appreciate Jim and Ellen Labrie's hospitality as they host this annual evening at their home making it extra special.  RSVP to Linda Browning.
This from the desk of District Governor Lawrence K. Furbish
Happy Rotary District 7780 Day, 

I am so very pleased and delighted to announce that the Rotary Club of Kittery "After-Hours" has been Chartered by Rotary International as the newest Club of District 7780! Congratulations to all of the Charter Members who worked so hard to set the tone of the club and create a strong group of like-minded individuals committed to serving their community with excellent Rotary "service above self." This would never have happened without the vision and energy of Past District Governor Jeff Pelkey and the leadership and hard work of President Joyce Verville. But when all is said and done, it was truly a group effort and everyone involved should be proud and satisfied. Creating a new Rotary Club is not easy and they came through with flying colors. And now in the words of PDG Jeff, "Let's look forward to a great charter event and continued good Rotary work!!!!"

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Rotary Log for May 28, 2015

Rotary Log for Thursday May 28th  by Ben Babcock
Photos by Leo Gagnon
There were few empty seats when President Trish brought the meeting to order on Scholarship Day.  Past President Diane Foley led the club in singing “My Country ‘tis of Thee.”  Greeter Dr. Al Lantinen led the four way test.  Reverend Allen provided the invocation and then members and guests dined on another delicious lunch.
Among the day’s attendees were several guests and visitors.  Trish announced birthdays for the following Rotarians: Susan Gold, Peg Millar, Janice Cassidy, Jay Gibson, Larry Gray, Cindy Boyd, Bill Holt, Linda Browning, and Shari Donnermeyer.
Scholarship Committee Chair Donna Lewallen then took to the podium.  She invited the 14 Scholarship recipients to join her.  “This is the picture of success,” she noted, as the group received the first of many rousing ovations.
Donna took a moment to thank the other members of the Scholarship Committee: Marie Brownell, Bob Field, Larry Gray, Cindi Shanley and Tristan Shanley.  She noted what a challenging year it was for the committee with 33 worthy applicants.  Each applicant completed both a nine page application and a live interview as part of the selection process.  In the end, fourteen students were selected to receive their share of the $35,000 in scholarship awards.
Donna then introduced Sarah Doucette – a recipient of a Rotary Scholarship in 2014.  Sarah spoke to the club on her experiences as a first year student at Brandeis University.   Her message to this year’s Scholarship recipients was “step outside of your box and your comfort zone.”  She also extended her gratitude to the club for the Scholarship award that she had received.
Donna then introduced Nick Genimatas to present the first award of the afternoon.  Mr Genimatas gave the Bill Genimatas Rotary Scholarship to Nancy Kallimonis.   Nancy will be attending Hofstra University to pursue a degree in Psychology.
Cindi Shanley presented the next four scholarships, noting how strong the references were for each of the candidates. She presented scholarships to the following Portsmouth High School seniors:
Jack Dewsnap – accepted at Dartmouth College to pursue a degree in Engineering. 
Liam McCafferty – (celebrating his 18th birthday)  attending Babson College to study Entrepreneurship and Economics.
Sai Narra –accepted at  Georgia Tech University to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. 
Olivia Nossiff--attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles to study acting.
Cindi then turned the podium over to Rotarian Marie Brownell to present the next four awards.  The recipients were as follows:
Gabrielle Leavitt--majoring in physics in the five year co-op program at Northeastern University.  Alexander Bock—a bio chemistry major at Tufts University seeking a career in neuro-science. 
Hannah Wood--attending Georgia Tech University with a focus on biomedical engineering and prosthetics.   
Ivey Telle- attending UNH to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering.  Ivey was also a previous recipient of the club’s Jeremy Alex Music Scholarship.
Donna returned to present the next award to PHS Valedictorian Colin Yost.  Colin will be attending Princeton University and plans to major in chemistry and bio-engineering. Colin  hopes to become a cardio-vascular surgeon.
Rotarian Tristan Shanley, accompanied by her aunts M.J. Shanley Keene and Brenda Shanley, presented the Joe Shanley Scholarships.  The award recognizes students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service, have financial need, and display academic promise.  The recipients of the Joe Shanley Scholarship were:
Jubilee Byfield – who will be attending UNH.
Mark Hunter – accepted at Northeastern University with a focus on electrical engineering. 
Madolyn Chavez, who will attend Keene State College to pursue a degree in Psychology. (And not in teaching – as suggested in her introduction, much to the amusement of the club.)
Evan Jones, who will attend UNH to major in engineering.
President Trish led the club and attendees in another rousing ovation for this year’s scholarship winners.  The accolades and accomplishments of these young men and women were truly amazing.  She also took a moment to thank and congratulate the parents of this year’s winners.
The raffle drawing was for $76 and was won by Brenda Shanley.  There was no match, and the winnings were graciously donated back to the club’s scholarship fund.
Respectfully submitted, Ben Babcock
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Rotary Log for May 21, 2015

Portsmouth Rotary Log for meeting of  May 21, 2015 by Russ Grazier, photos by Leo Gagnon
We began our May 21st meeting with well wishes to Peg Millar on her birthday. Cheers Peg!
Our guest speaker was Tim Amoroso, a U.S. Army veteran with three tours in Afghanistan. Tim was introduced by Whitney Blethen who serves as volunteer coordinator at Beacon Hospice in Portsmouth. Tim is a volunteer at Beacon in the Veteran to Veteran Hospice Program. Whitney shared that one in three dying Americans is a veteran. She expressed gratitude for Tim’s volunteer hospice service. Especially since it is rare to have a young veteran involved with extensive active duty experience.
A UNH graduate with a degree in Neuroscience, Tim shared his experience with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a veteran with PTSD, Tim explained it is important for the community to talk about PTSD. The more people learn about PTSD, the better we can support veterans and others living with this condition.
Tim’s PTSD took a long time to diagnose. As is the case with all soldiers, his time in Afghanistan created a need for him to devalue life. That fact allowed him to function on the battlefield. This led to avoidances when he returned home, one of the symptom clusters of PTSD. Following a severe panic attack on Christmas Day of 2012, he was diagnosed with PTSD.
Tim explained that individuals with PTSD experience “cyclical time.” They often relive their trauma. They experience extreme anxiety and stress, particularly around anniversaries associated with the trauma.
Tim wants to make sure people understand the individuals with PTSD are approachable. They are rarely, he adds, like the violent portrayals of PTSD we see in Hollywood films. Tim’s goal is to help normalize the disorder, removing the stigma. He works to help others engage with individuals suffering from the effects of PTSD.
Tim believes that because everyone has experienced some level of trauma in their lives, we all have triggers. Therefore, our own experiences can help us empathize with PTSD patients.
Support groups are important. People with the disorder are not fragile and they should take pride in what they are able to overcome. Tim says, “it’s all what you make of it.” People can come out of it and grow from it.
Tim shared that his experience with PTSD has given purpose to his life. That purpose is to be a psychologist who works with fellow veterans with PTSD.
For those interested in reading up on the topic, Tim recommended the book “War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Edward Tick.
Respectfully submitted, Russ Grazier
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Top of the Week Reminders

Posted by John Rice
Congratulations to Portsmouth HS Interact Club!

Rotarian Dan Marston reports that Interact had a great turn out on Saturday with 54 young men and women from PHS, York and Dover Interact and other clubs.  They did a great job and the park manager was very happy.  The food and drink provided by Rotary was greatly appreciated and voraciously consumed.


Basic Needs Team delivers funding to help the community.

Last week, Rotary Basic Needs Co-Chair Ramona Dow presented a check from our club to Seacoast Community School for $1500 to help fund infant formula.  Shown in the picture is Kelly Lee (left) and Deborah Stokel (right).

Remember...coming in June....
Deb Rourke discussed Market Square Day on June 13. We will have two booths and Rotarians are welcome to attend and play chess. The club will be selling chess sets and promoting its first -ever Portsmouth Rotary Club Open Chess Tournament. The event is slated for spring 2016 and is projected to be a major fund raiser for the club.
The annual Golf Tournament  for the benefit of the Community's Basic Needs Endowment is scheduled on June 19.  James Petersen is coordinating, and volunteers are needed to help during the day of the event at the Breakfast Hill Golf Club.  Even if you don't golf, come on out for a fun day!  Wear your sunscreen! 
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Rotary Log for May 14, 2015

Posted by Richard Seery on May 19, 2015
Portsmouth Rotary Log for Thursday, May 14, 2015 by Dick Seery
​Photos by Sara Treacy
Our Guest List today was highlighted by District Governor Lawrence Furbish.  His sole announcement complimented the Club for its illuminating hospitality at the District Conference held at Wentworth by the Sea two weeks prior.  He distinguished Mort Schmidt for his concierge services making the Club’s hospitality –“party” – room the finest all weekend. 
Birthday greetings went out to Dan Hoefle (29 years in Rotary), Basil Richardson (38 years), Dale Smith (40 years) and Al Bergeron (31 years).
Mr. Finemaster himself (aka Neal Ouellett) cited Larry Gray and John Lyons only to discover their absence – Neal does not forget, folks!  Other notable targets, Jim and Ellen Labrie, were fined, as they should be, for celebrating 55 years of marriage. 
Happy Dollars came from Judy Ringer announcing an evening singing concert. Sheri Donnermeyer also donated. She recognized the proposed new Portsmouth Parking Garage and Nancy Clayburgh’s original song praising the new structure. The composition, blithely ignoring rhyme or melody, had the club roaring. Nancy had earlier song the song in front of City Council as they debated approval of the project.
Announcements included James Petersen’s mention of five new sponsors for the Golf Tournament. Leo Gagnon has another Rotarian Social Hour planned for the Atlantic Grille on Monday, May 18th.  Finally, John Rice made one last request for Vocational Service Award nominations.
Nancy Notis next introduced our guest speaker, Sarah McDuffie, DO, Portsmouth Regional Hospital / Medical Director of Palliative Care.  The title of her presentation – Have you had the Talk? “The Other Talk.” (Not to be confused with the one about birds and bees.) 
Her presentation addressed the importance of communication, concerns and issues of end of life care.  Personal concerns and religious traditions, amendments to your Advance Directive for Health Care and Living Will, complete “Your Exit Plan.”   
Sarah explains Palliative Care as pre-hospice treatment, focusing on relieving patient anxiety based upon a person’s values. Those values govern treatment for terminal illness, decision making, and spirituality, quality v. quantity of life, independence and the family’s role.  She distinguishes Palliative Care from Hospice Care, which is post-curative treatment.  Socrates talked about Death being a narrow theme with a wide audience, so think about your “Exit Plan” before appearing in the obituaries.  You and your loved ones will avoid stress and potential feuding when difficult decisions have to be made.
Respectfully submitted by Richard Seery.
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Rotary Log for May 7, 2015

Posted by Joanie Dickinson
President Trish opened the luncheon by welcoming guests and visiting Rotarians. 
There were several important announcements. Dan Marston talked about  the Interact Beach Clean Up happening this weekend, Saturday May 16th at Wallis Sands Beach. All Rotarians are welcome to man the tent and give out refreshments to the Interact Students. Or Rotarians are welcome to assist with clean-up. 
Deb Rourke discussed Market Square Day. We will have two booths and Rotarians are welcome to attend and play chess. The club will be selling chess sets and promoting its first -ever Portsmouth Rotary Club Seacoast Open Chess Tournament. The event is slated for spring 2016 and is projected to be a major fund raiser for the club.
John Rice spoke about the Vocational Awards.  There are four categories in which to make a nomination: (1.) Public Service, (2.) Education, (3.)Health and Human Service and (4.) General. The dead-line for submission is May 14.  President Trish promoted the award by remembering that at her first Rotary meeting some 18 years ago, she was honored to see her mother receive a Vocational Service Award. The rest, as they say, is history. Check out the News of the Week to learn more about the history and significance of the Vocational Service Awards program.
Our newest Paul Harris Fellow, Bob Field had arranged to have a very special speaker address the club.
Since Bob was unable to be at our meeting Thursday, Jim Rini introduced our guest.  Boston College professor Peter Krause, a Williams College graduate with a PhD from MIT in Political Science, is an expert in Middle East studies. His topic was ISIS,  the crisis in Syria and the mess that is the Middle East.
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Rotary Log April 30, 2015

Posted on May 04, 2015

President Trish opened the meeting sporting an improved microphone, newly found by our own sleuth, Leonard Seagren. Thanks, Len!
Dan Hoefle led in singing “God Bless America”, beautifully, as he always does. (We know that Past President Dan just loves this particular song.  To learn more about its background, see below.) Lynn McLaren recited the 4-Way Test. Reverend Allen said grace.
Guests (and their Rotarian hosts) included: Tenny Field (Bob Field), Betsy Doolan (Lynn McLaren), Berta Tarsica (also Lynn), Caroline Snell (Diane Foley), Joe Cunningham (Leonard Seagren) and Cynthia Byrne (Linda Browning). Dave Considine (Hampton Rotary) visited us.
A highlight of the meeting was the Paul Harris Fellow award given to Bob Field. Mort Schmidt welcomed Bob and his family to the podium. Here is John Rice's introduction:
We honor today an individual who has lived the motto of “ service above self”  from an early age…This individual has served our country honorably in the armed forces during a time of war…This individual has  been an active and regular member of a local church…This good citizen has served with distinction on town land use boards for decades…This person has been a faithful Rotarian for 27 years, rarely missing meetings, taking the toughest weekend shifts for Christmas Tree sales and being an invaluable and dedicated member of the club’s Scholarship Committee as well as a peerless writer for the Rotary Log.. One past president characterized this person as “someone of great warmth and humor”…This was particularly evident in the delightfully entertaining  90-year history of the club that this individual authored a few years back…This person has been married to the same wonderful and gracious spouse for almost 50 years.  As a couple, they have raised their amazingly talented and gifted children to become three of the finest young adults that you could ever meet.
AND, Finally, this Rotarian would be the very first individual to question our choice for this club’s newest Paul Harris Fellow. Well, this time, Bob Field, you are over-ruled! This one’s for you!  I give you our newest Paul Harris Fellow—Robert Bunting Field, Jr.”
In accepting the award, Bob was humble and grateful, saying “I never thought I would see the day. I am truly honored”. His son, Tenny, also spoke and said a nice thank you to the club on behalf of the family.
Diane Foley introduced the day’s speaker, Amy Selwyn. Through her firm, Storytegic, Amy helps companies, groups and individuals develop their unique brand marketing approach. Or as Amy would phrase it, “help people develop and tell their own brand story.” 
Her talk was entitled “Brand Story Telling.”  Amy defined a “brand” as the gut feeling customers get when they hear the name of a product or service. She explained that we are bombarded daily by different messages and sensations. Breaking through that clutter is the major problem in establishing a brand today. In order to capture the customer’s attention,  a business must employ a marketing message infused with “Radical Differentiation.” That is, a message highlighting what is truly different and meaningful about the business.
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Top of the Week Reminder

Posted by John Rice on May 04, 2015
  • Don't forget that we have another interesting speaker for this week's meeting....Peter Krause from Boston College is going to talk about the Middle East. 
  • Be sure to mark your calendars for the next Rotary Club social event at the Atlantic Grille on May 18th.
  • Portsmouth Rotary Club will be participating in  this year's Market Square Day on June 13 by setting up two oversized chess sets.  The booths will promote the first-ever Rotary Chess Tournament tentatively planned for this fall.  Check out the Club's website for more information.
  • The Rotary Club Golf Tournament for Basic Needs Endowment  is going to be held on June 19th at the Breakfast Hill Country Club.  Volunteers are needed on site for the Tournament.  Please contact Cleo. 
  • Nominations for the Rotary Vocational Awards are now being accepted.  This very special award honors service in the areas of 1) PUBLIC SERVICE; 2) EDUCATION 3) HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES and 4) GENERAL.  The $500 award in each category will be paid to the charity of the winner's choice.  May 14th, the deadline for applications, is coming right up, so be sure to think about those whom you feel would merit this recognition.  Information and a nomination form can be found on our website at this link:http://portal.clubrunner.ca/6644/Stories/vocational-award-nominations-open    Contact Neil Ouellet or John Rice for more information.
  • Birthdays celebrated this past week included Past President, Diane Foley (26 years of service); Peter "Scott" Stringham (32); Kathleen McCormack (1) Andy Fleisher (26) and Mark Leonardi (9).  Be sure to wish them a happy birthday when you see them!
  • Thinking about hosting a French exchange student this summer?  Well, talk to President Trish for all of the information!
Area club activities...
The Rotary Club of Kittery is having a charity auction on Thursday, May 7th at the Regatta Room in Eliot.  Tickets are available at Peoples United Bank in Kittery or at the door.  More information is available at www.kitteryrotary.org
Rotary Club of Exeter is presenting Trivial Pursuit for a Cause on Saturday, May 16th at Shooters Pub  Teams will compete for prized and bragging rights.  To register, visit www.exeterrotary.org
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Rotary Log for April 16, 2015

Posted by Robert Field on Apr 20, 2015
Reported by Robert B. Field Jr.
Photos by Bob Loch
In a challenge to conventional wisdom that ”dog days” emerge in August,  in its often customary, defiant and impulsive manner, the Club determined that on a brilliant, sparkling April day,  it would “go to the dogs” by popular demand, and reprise an earlier favorite. More is to follow by way of explanation.
We were greeted by the outstretched hand and friendly face of Marie Brownell. The meeting was promptly called to order by President Tricia at 12:15.  She called on Senor Rice, who led us in a closely held version of that old club favorite, “ How Much Is That Doggy In The Window.” Mort didn’t seem to complain when the price escalated to an astronomical imaginary sum, assuming, of course, it was real and its future care would be placed with him.
The word got out that our speaker, Lt. George Joy of the Town of Barrington Police Department, and the “Working Dog Foundation a/k/a NH Police K9 Academy,” trained and handled ‘working dogs.’ Immediately a roar flooded the room in support of a minimum wage increase. We’ll deal more with George and his colleague Tim Keefe, a fellow handler and police officer from Dover, later. We were also advised that their boss, John Usher, was a real pro. He sets national standards of excellence for them and their dogs, but was unavailable to be present.
Lisa Beach then accepted her offer of Rotary Membership, and told of her motherhood and on-air radio personality past.
President Tricia welcomed to the podium a variety of Rotarians who pleaded for assistance from our membership. They filled 12 tables of 10, with a myriad of projects which really highlighted and displayed our Club’s breath of service.  Among the overtures were pleas for Volunteers for our Hosting  District Conference at Wentworth By-The-Sea; Vocational Award nominations; Habitat for Humanity (Women Builders); American Red Cross Blood Drive; 2015 Golf Tournament and Sponsorships; Speakers Committee Meeting; Exeter Club Trivia Challenge; and a Block Six, Happy Hour at 3S Art Space.
Donna Lewallen updated everyone on the progress being made by the Scholarship Committee to interview 18 of 33 outstanding Portsmouth High School Applicants, often forced to make early “cuts” based on family resources, knowledge of Rotary, and community service. She reported further that Rotary is the sole grantor that actually interviews candidates! We can be proud of that standard, and it encourages students to document and prepare for the “interview” protocols of the working world.
Birthday boys and girls were honored, namely, James Petersen,  Carl Brage (a Rotarian since emerging from the womb,)  Donna Lewallen,  past president, Nancy Notis, Marie Brownell, Sue Wolf and Rick Page.
Now, to the dogs! Luis Melchor was pardoned by President Tricia from his last K-9 “conviction.” She  announced that no “stuff or paraphernalia” was planted for demonstration purposes today. We were safe and the dogs, Gypsy and Grinko, were obedient and in good form before, during and after the meeting. Grinko, a male, got the call to perform. As he was being “ attacked” by Grinko, Lieutenant Joy explained the dogs were German and/or Belgian by breed, and were worth as much as $250,000, if Tier One level.  Their best years are ages 6-7-8. Before then, they are puppies and undependable. They retire at age 10. (Several Rotarian were envious.)
Dogs are trained to play, but their bites are real and unwelcoming. George, bearing proper “bite sleeve” armor, was attacked multiple times. Dogs stop when “recalled”, but they are “not a machine” and a better recall than a fired bullet. They are cared for daily by their handler and live and retire with him. In response to a female member’s question, it was revealed that female dogs train better than males. The dogs are elite athletes and, accordingly, consume a high protein diet. Navy SEALs also use dogs that are highly skilled, very carefully selected and worth a great deal. The audience was thoroughly involved and asked many questions at the conclusion of the program.
As an aside, covering the event for the Portsmouth Herald were photojournalist, Deb Cram and reporter, Elizabeth Dinan. We often have very highly talented speakers, whose messages in general, I believe, should be covered and widely shared,.
John Pappas held Raffle ticket #142286, but there was no match. Too bad, but the base win was generous. The meeting was adjourned.
Our next Speaker on April 23, Kate Baker, will be informing us on the N.H. Educational Tax Credit Program.
Respectfully submitted, Reporter Bob Field
Rotary Log for April 16, 2015 Robert Field 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0
Vocational Award Nominations Open! 2015-04-17 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for April 9, 2015

Posted on Apr 13, 2015
Rotary's assembled masses dressed for the occasion.
Tie food was served.
Rotary Log for Meeting of April 9, 2015 by Mark Lorusso
Today, we welcomed back an old friend and former Rotarian, Donald Coker.  More about that later.  President Trish presided and began with her version of true confessions.  Her parents live in the same house where she grew up in North Hampton.  She is a UNH graduate who married her high school sweetheart.  She has worked at the same place for 23 years.  And today, she sat on the left side of the front table.  This was a big change, and apparently, a disconcerting one.  We feel for you Trish.
Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced followed by Rotarian birthdays.  We were reminded that the District Conference is being held in Portsmouth April 24-26 at the Wentworth by the Sea.  Club members are encouraged to sign up.  We want a good showing as the conference is local for the first time in a long time.  Happy dollars followed as well as general announcements. 
President Trish informed us that John Rice and Neal Ouellett will be co-chairing the Vocational Awards Committee.  A request for new committee members was made.  Next week, applications will be set out on the tables.  Please take a form and identify members of our community whom you believe are deserving of recognition.  The four areas of service include: Public Service, Health and Human Services, Education and General Service.  
Dan Marston, co-chair of the Interact committee, informed us about a beach cleanup project.  The Club will clean Wallis Sands in Rye, Saturday, May 16 between 9 and 11 am.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate.
Leonard Seagren introduced today’s speakers.  Our first guest speaker was none other than Don Coker, a former long-time member of our club.  He is a past Paul Harris Fellow recipient and current Chairman of the Piscataqua Maritime Commission (PMC).   Don was the long-time chairman of our Thanksgiving Day event.  I’m sure many will remember Don’s dedicated and passionate service to the club and to the Portsmouth area.  Many thanks. 
Turning to the PMC, the Commission, a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization, hosts two annual events.  The most famous is the annual Sail Portsmouth event that showcases tall ships from ports around the world.  The second, and perhaps the more important, is the Sea Challenge program.  Each year, the Commission sponsors at-risk children to participate in a one-week excursion on a sailing vessel. Once aboard, they learn not only how to sail, but other important lessons—more about that below.
The Sail Portsmouth event is the only annual event of its kind. The event essentially sells out every year.  The PMC is proud to be America’s only maritime commission that holds an annual tall ship event .  This has been the case for the past 30 years.  It is Portsmouth’s longest summer event and one of its most profitable.  Last summer, the 170-foot Mystic received about 14,000 visitors over a four-day period.  According to Board member Bruce Addison, for every non-resident visitor that comes to see the ships, about $64 is put into city businesses’ coffers—well done.
The Sea Challenge program was the brainchild of PMC Vice Chairman, Larry Job.  Annually some 20 to 30 at-risk seacoast area students, ages 14 to 17, get a rare opportunity. They are offered the chance to sail aboard a sailing vessel for one week.  The accommodations are very basic and the workload significant.  No electronic devices allowed!  Apparently, many students exhibit electronic device withdrawal symptoms in the early days of the excursion. 
Larry gave us many examples of children that took the challenge to learn to sail. The on-board experience changed many of their lives.  He recalled how he was informed that it costs New Hampshire about $80,000 a year to incarcerate a person.  Larry’s vision is to “right the ship” just a few degrees for these children. It can steer them away from poor choices in the future.  Counselors in a 1:10 ratio accompany the students to ensure their well-being.  From what we heard, success has been far beyond  expectations.  We wish them continued success in this worthwhile program.
To wrap up the meeting, Charlie Bourdages scored a rare back-to-back raffle win.  We’ll be watching him next week for sure!  
Respectfully submitted, Mark Lorusso


Mark your calendar! For Sail Portsmouth 2015 we are hosting the only galeón class vessel in the world sailing today, El Galeón Andalucía. She will be at the Fish Pier on Peirce Island.

Photos by Sara Treacy  
For more photos, click on the album at the bottom of this eBulletin.
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Rotary Presents Check to Families First

Cindy Bishop, who heads the "Healthy Grins" program for Familes First, receives a $1,300 check
from Portsmouth Rotary's Sara Treacy.   The program fosters early education on dental health.
Rotary Presents Check to Families First 2015-04-14 00:00:00Z 0

Can it be spring?

Rotarian Eric Weinrieb shares the first signs of spring in front of his office,
with his fellow Rotarians.
Thank you Eric!
Can it be spring? 2015-04-11 00:00:00Z 0
Jeremy Alex Chess Program in the news 2015-04-07 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for April 2, 2015 Joke Day

Rotary Log for meeting of April 2nd, 2015 by Aileen N. Dugan
It was bound to be a funny lunch. For starters, President Trish asked me if I wanted to lead the song. Back when I was president, my attempts to lead the song were a source of amusement to many! I reluctantly agreed in honor of Joke Day. Trish started our meeting with a cute joke about two peanuts. And so began one of the funniest meetings I’ve attended as a Rotarian.  
Trish announced recent grants approved at the Board meeting on April 1st.  Some of the recipients included Family’s First Healthy Grins $1500, Community Toolbox for $2000, and Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program for $1500.
PP Tony Delyani reviewed the attendance policy to make sure everyone was aware of requirements.  We currently have 51 club members who can claim attendance exempt status.  To be exempt, your age plus years in Rotary must equal 85 or more.   Tony reminded those 51 members that they are not exempt from other club duties such as Christmas tree sales.
The rest of us must meet the 50% meeting and makeups attendance requirements in a six-month period.  Fail to do so and you will receive a warning letter from Tony.  If you fail again in the following six-month period, you will then receive a “death letter”.   Makeup credit requests for committee work or other shifts must be emailed to the Club Secretary, Deb Grabowski.   They will not happen automatically! 
Any questions, feel free to contact Tony Delyani.
Dave Underhill made a plug for the Stephen Arkell Memorial Road Race, taking place this weekend.  They already have over 1000 runners registered.  Our club will help administer the funds for a Memorial Scholarship in Officer Arkell’s name….James Petersen is still beating the bushes for Golf Tournament volunteers. Even so, he has done a remarkable job of recruiting so far.
Len Seagren just returned from the Niamey Rotary Club in Nigere, West Africa.  He briefly updated us on the construction of the women’s dormitory there.  Our club supported the project through a $5000 Cash Committee grant.  The only hiccup experienced was a three day water shortage. The shortage prevented the making of clay bricks until the water supply was restored.  This tied in nicely later with comedian Jim McCue’s joke about first and third world problems.  Glad to have Len back!
Charlie Bourdages is looking for a spot to store the newly refurbished Rotary trailer.  If you have room or know of anyone who might, please contact Charlie ASAP!  And please ignore the comedian’s jokes about having a trailer in your back yard.  Many people around here do not know what a meth lab looks like. Some folks might assume it’s just a very large bob house for ice fishing.  Or that your in-laws moved in.  
All Rotary business concluded, Neal Ouellett kicked off the Joke Day program with a joke of his own. He also made some cogent observations on the benefits of laughter. Then a line of Rotarians jumped up to share their best amateur performances.  Thanks to Dan Hoefle, Jon Flagg, Eric Weinrieb, Tube, Justin Finn, James Petersen, Barry McArdle, Ben Wheeler, Sandy Tucker and Nancy Clayburgh for making us all laugh.
We heard lots of lawyer jokes and golf jokes and a few wife jokes, too.  It’s hard to find a “clean” and funny joke.  Nancy Clayburgh gets the award for funniest lead up to a joke. I would repeat that line but I fear it might not clear my editorial board.

Every year, former Rotarian Cuzin Richard Smith of CREA helps Neal Ouellett with Joke Day. Richard recruits a professional comedian to entertain us.  Rick Page introduced Richard’s pick for this year, our guest Jim McCue.  Jim was kind enough to regale us for 15 minutes in exchange for lunch!   He began by observing that filming our jokes could mean job security for him.  I can’t disagree!  He had us all laughing non-stop for 15 minutes.  Those Rotarians who were singled out were game enough to play along. Our group certainly offers a lot of material for a professional!  By meeting’s end everyone had enjoyed a great time. What’s more, I think we all left feeling a little lighter than when we walked in.  
Respectfully Submitted, Aileen Dugan, Log writer.   
Photos by Jim Rini.  For more photo fun, click on the photo album link at the bottom of your eBulletin.
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Thousands Support Rotary Arkell Memorial Scholarship

Posted by Dave Underhill on Apr 04, 2015
Thousands turned out in Brentwood Saturday for the premiere Stephen Arkell Memorial Race, created by Officer Josh Turner, community leader Curtis Grace, and the Brentwood Police Benevolent Association to honor the police officer killed in the line of duty last May.  
Net proceeds from this event, after expenses and designated contributions to a police fund and family fund, are creating a new scholarship fund of the Portsmouth Rotary Club.   Event organizers, still totaling the results, have estimated the first-year net will exceed $50,000.
The fund will provide scholarships in memory of the slain offcer, who died in the line of duty last year, at Exeter High School, where he was a strong supporter and alumnus. 
Race organizer Josh Turner, Stephen's wife Heather Arkell, Senator Kelly Ayotte and race organizer Curtis Grace
Additional event coverage from Seacoast Online:
Rotary photos by Dave Underhill
Thousands Support Rotary Arkell Memorial Scholarship Dave Underhill 2015-04-05 00:00:00Z 0

Over 1,000 Registered for Saturday's Race!

Posted by Dave Underhill on Mar 30, 2015
This Saturday, the memorial race to honor Brentwood Officer Stephen Arkell kicks off at noon...at which time, thousands of volunteer hours will come together in tribute to the fallen officer and the community he loved.
You can still register at: http://officerarkell5k.org  
Portsmouth Rotary is an important part of this event.  Our club has established a scholarship fund in memory of Officer Arkell, and the net race proceeds after event expenses and designated donations to the family fund and Brentwood Police Benevolent Association will create an endowment for this purpose.   The scholarship will be granted in future years to an Exeter High School student.  
The race organizers are Brentwood community members, many of then officers and friends in the Brentwood Police Benevolent Association.  Millenium Running is handling the timing logistics and reporting of results.  Sponsors and registration fees have already built a substantial fund which will endow the memorial scholarship.
Join with fellow Rotarians on Saturday!  Sign up, run or walk, using the web link above.
Brentwood Police Officer Stephen Arkell, who died in the line of duty in 2014.
Over 1,000 Registered for Saturday's Race! Dave Underhill 2015-03-31 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for March 26, 2015

Posted by Tristan Shanley on Mar 29, 2015
Our guest speaker was Wendy Thompson of Higher Education Admissions. She gave us an overview of the college admission process.
A former admissions officer at Bowdoin College, Wendy asked for volunteers to participate in an exercise. The exercise took us through the selection process of college admissions.  Each Rotarian held a card stating their “GPA” from 2.8-4.1.
Wendy gave examples of how a student could move up or down the ladder in the process. One example: an applicant has a 4.0 with all AP classes throughout high school. But the student forgets to change the name of the college on the cover letter. The student drops down one spot as a result.
A second example: a 2.9 GPA student is all-everything. The youngster leads the Gospel Choir, works part-time, and wants Greek Mythology as a major.  This student moves up three spots.
Finally, there’s the applicant with the lowest GPA of 2.8 but has the last name Trump. That kid moves to the head of the class!
There are two important questions that admissions offices asks themselves about a potential student  First, what would the student add to the school? The second, does this student have a passion for learning?
Wendy provided the club a very interactive and fun way to understand the overall admissions process.
Portsmouth Rotary inducted its newest member to the club, Dr. Albert Lantinen, proposed by Dave Holden.  Welcome Al !
President Trish announced that the next Board of Directors meeting is Wednesday, April 1st at the Service Credit Union. The meeting starts with lunch at 11:30. All are welcome.
Next week is Joke Day and Neal Ouellett is looking for volunteer jokesters. Budding comedians are reminded that material must be tasteful and appropriate for all audiences!
Barbara Miller announced that the William Cash Committee is looking for new members. Contact Barbara if you are interested.
Meme Wheeler, Executive Director of The Chase Home, informed the club of the organization’s purpose and mission. 
This week's Rotary Log by Tristan Shanley, Photos by Sara Treacy
Rotary Log for March 26, 2015 Tristan Shanley 2015-03-30 00:00:00Z 0

EREY Update

Are you still holding a pledge card?  Thinking about a Rotary Foundation contribution? We're proud to report that as of March 23, we have donations this year from 79 club members...that's only two members short of being over 50% of our club.  Let's smash through that barrier -- please offer a pledge of ANY amount, small or large, to show that you value the work Rotary does in our community and around the globe. If you'd like to know more about this campaign, please click here: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/6644/Stories/portsmouth-supports-rotary-foundation-with-erey-pledges
EREY Update 2015-03-24 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for March 19,. 2015

Posted by Cleo Villaflores on Mar 22, 2015
President Trish welcomed us all to another cold and sunny day! She urged us to join Rotary beyond the Seacoast, learn new ideas and take action! Trish further reminded us that Saturday March 28 is the District Assembly. This gathering is a hands-on series of interactive sessions for all Rotarians. There are still spots for those who would like to attend and represent our club. 
Our 22nd annual Portsmouth Rotary Basic Needs Golf Tournament is June 19th at the Breakfast Hill Golf Course. Chair James Petersen is asking for volunteers. At least one position has been filled but more are still open. Reach out to James or any committee member and ensure that this year will be another success.  
Chief Dubois says the Citizens Police Academy starts its program on April 22, 2015.  If interested, please fill out an application right away.
President Elect Bill attended PETS training in Framingham. He comes back happy to announce how excited he is for his presidential year. Bill is proud that we are members of one of the world’s largest non-profit institutions. Of that list, Rotary ranks as the world’s 18th most effective charity.  
Jim Rini introduced our speaker, Marie Hall. Marie is Portsmouth Hospital’s Diabetes Educator. She said that diabetes is the nation’s "Silent Killer.” To combat it, Hall operates her own wellness business. It helps people make lifestyle changes and learn how to manage diabetes.
Marie shared some eye-opening facts about the disease. For example, there are 4,660 diabetes diagnoses in the U.S.A every day! That startling number brings the total to 86 million Americans who are affected by pre-diabetes. In fact, nearly 30 million Americans have full blown. diabetes. It cost patients $322 billion dollars a year for treatment.
There are two types of diabetes. Type One is insulin dependent. Type Two is nicknamed “Knife & Fork” disease.  Type Two can be treated with a proper diet, exercise and sometimes medicine.
Unless we act now, one in three American adults will have the disease by 2050. What can we do to prevent that? For more information go to diabetes.org/congress and visit the American Diabetes Association. 
Today's log written by Cleo Villaflores.  Photos by Bob Loch.  
Rotary Log for March 19,. 2015 Cleo Villaflores 2015-03-23 00:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Log for March 5, 2015, updated

Posted by Russ Grazier on Mar 09, 2015
Portsmouth Rotary Club Log Report for Thursday, March 5, 2015 by Russ Grazier, Jr.
On Thursday, March 5th our meeting began with a few special announcements. President Trish disclosed that we will provide $3,500 to the Seacoast Food Pantry's Summer Meals for Kids program. Additionally, we are partnering with the Brentwood Police Society on a road race that honors the memory of officer Stephen Arkell.  Arkell was killed while on duty in 2014. The club will be providing administrative support for this race. Rotarian Leo Gagnon also requested ideas for future social activities for club members outside of our regular meetings. If you have any ideas - ballgames or other events - please reach out to Leo directly.
Bill Hurley introduced our guest speaker, Sheila Rollins, who will be our next District Governor. Sheila gave a heart-wrenching, thought provoking presentation titled "Facing Up To Slavery." 
Shelia explained that slavery has been illegal worldwide since the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. But it is still a major issue. Underground trafficking of slaves still occurs in great numbers, especially in India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, and China. There is even a significant slavery problem in our country. More than 14,500 people are living enslaved in the United States. 
Slavery is present in many industries, including farming, manufacturing, mining, and the sex trade. The chocolate industry uses slaves in many countries. Sheila stressed the importance of seeking out Fair Trade chocolate and other items. We can only know international products are not produced by slaves when the Fair Trade stamp appears.
Sheila became involved through a Rotary Action Group. RACSRAG is an acronym for Rotarian Against Child Slavery Rotary Action Group. They work against the slave trade by proving information, education, and technology. They work with governments that are saving children from slavery, providing education opportunities. Schools4Freedom is one of their projects. They see their work as both preventative and restorative. They work to prevent children from falling into slavery through education and vocational support, and use the same methods to restore former slaves to their communities. They sponsor a hotline to report slave trafficking and are working hard to bring slavery to an end.
Sheila says we must ask ourselves "what is a child worth?" She issued a call to action and encourages all Rotarians to consider joining a Rotary Action Group. Most of all, she would like us to be aware that slavery remains a major issue to this day, here and abroad.
Log reported by Russ Grazier
Photos by Jim Rini
Rotary Log for March 5, 2015, updated Russ Grazier 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for March 5, 2015

Posted on Mar 09, 2015
Weather problems have delayed the delivery of last week's Rotary Log.   Solar roof impact has caused rapid melting at our production plant, and as a result the log writer and editor have had to evacuate the facility.   It is believed, but not confirmed, that they are taking in vitamin-D at an undisclosed location.   In the meantime, please enjoy the photographs by club photographer Jim Rini and we will resume publication of the Rotary Log next Tuesday.  This photograph shows President-Elect Bill, DGE Sheila Rollins (who was our speaker last week) and President Tricia enjoying fellowship at the Portsmouth Country Club. 
Rotary Log for March 5, 2015 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Establishes Arkell Scholarship Fund

Posted by Dave Underhill on Mar 09, 2015
Portsmouth Rotary Establishes Officer Stephen Arkell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brentwood Officer Stephen Arkell
Courtesy: officerarkell5k.org
In close cooperation with the Brentwood Police Benevolent Association, the Rotary Club of Portsmouth’s Charitable Division has established a new memorial scholarship fund to honor fallen Brentwood police officer Stephen Arkell.
Arkell, who died in the line of duty last year, was an alumnus and strong supporter of the Exeter High School.  The new fund will underwrite a scholarship for Exeter High students.
Funding of the scholarship will begin with the net proceeds after designated donations and expenses of the April 4th,  5k run/walk race in Brentwood, which was organized by community members to honor the slain officer.
“We are honored to have the opportunity to create this new scholarship ” stated Rotary President Patricia Cummings.  “Our club has a strong history of managing and granting scholarship funds, and this past year we gave $35,000 to area students.”
Race organizers Curtis Grace, Ptl. Joshua Turner and Sgt. Denny Wood have worked for months to bring the community together for next month’s race event.   As of this week, over 700 runners have registered and community business sponsors are helping to build the scholarship fund.  “We’re going to have a great day April 4,” said Grace.  “We still have openings for anyone who would like to take part.”  Race registration is online at www.officerarkell5k.org.
The administration of the new memorial fund will be guided by an advisory committee consisting of Brentwood area residents and members of the Portsmouth Rotary Club.
The Charitable Division of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth is an accredited 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.  Donations may be made through the race website or by check to Treasurer, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, PO Box 905, Portsmouth NH 03801.   For more information, www.portsmouthrotary.org
Rotary Establishes Arkell Scholarship Fund Dave Underhill 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for February 26, 2015

Posted by Dick Seery on Mar 02, 2015
Portsmouth Rotary Log for meeting of Thursday, February 26, 2015 by Richard Seery.
Photos by Leo Gagnon
President Trish presided over the meetingShe had some 10 birthday announcements with the most impressive being Hank Downey: 50 years in Rotary! 
Guests this week included “Dan Hopefull,” a “guest” of Neal Ouellett; Pack Knowles, guest of Tony Delyani; Al Lantinen, guest of Dave Holden; and Sara Treacy’s daughter Vivian.       
Finemaster Neal Ouellett was his usual outrageous self.
June Golf Tournament Chair James Petersen reported corporate sponsorships are rolling along.  Since inception, the Tournament has raised $122,000 for the club's Basic Needs Endowment.
The program for the day was “International Service Committee Making A Difference” The Club’s International Service Committee involvement in a variety of global, hands-on missions is extensive. And all that reflects the passion of its chair Bob Herold. A 35-year Rotarian and retired family dentist, Bob shared pictures and life changing stories from international trips. His extensive jaunts to different parts of Africa include Ethiopia and Uganda. He articulated that there were two important extra components adding to the excitement of international travel. Those components are the host club’s hospitality and the warm reception of the communities being helped.
Joining Bob in sharing stories about their international service trips were Leonard Seagren and Ted Alex.  Leonard talked of his passion for international service and his planned travels this year to Belize and Niger.   Bob explained how Rotarians engaged in raising honey bees in Uganda.  This effort became quite a success story. The business endeavor expanded marketing and distribution of honey throughout the region
Ted traveled with Rotaplast on two separate occasions.  He assisted with sterilizing operating equipment before surgery for many affected children. Their problems included cleft lip and palate surgery along with treating hands of burn victims. Most of the burns resulted from numerous, open fire cooking accidents.  Ted recently returned from Bangladesh.
There have been many other International Service projects. To name just a few, Rotarians constructed a mobile food kitchen and dental clinic. They equipped a cancer hospital ward. And they furnished books and toys for after school programs. Rotarians also built a library (named after PP Diane Foley) These projects became reality with funding from the Rotary International Foundation and Portsmouth’s Wm. Cash Committee.
A recent $45,000 Foundation Global Grant will be used to partner with Friends Forever.  The mission replicates a youth leadership model in Kampala, Uganda.  The funding provides staff and living quarters to train young leaders in Conflict Resolution & Life Skills.  Friends Forever[i] arranges a two-week trip for motivated, ethnic minority students. They will visit New England Rotary Clubs and learn methods of coping with dysfunctional cultural behavior.  The curriculum addresses understanding and implementing solutions to violent social, religious and political differences. It also helps participants build community. There is more about how you can help the Rotary Foundation elsewhere in this week’s eBulletin.  
John Bohenko won the 50/50 raffle and donated his $66 prize to the Foundation.  There was no match for the $125 pot.  

Friends Forever was founded in 1986 by Portsmouth Rotarian and YMCA director, Bob Raiche.  The MISSION is to promote trust, empathy and friendships among cultures in conflict.  For more details visit:  http://www.friendsforeverusa.org/

Respectfully submitted, Richard Seery.
DID YOU GET the new District 7780 Newsletter this weekend?
DID YOU read it?
Rotary Log for February 26, 2015 Dick Seery 2015-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Supports Rotary Foundation with EREY pledges

Posted on Feb 26, 2015
Portsmouth Rotarians Pledge to Rotary Foundation
Annual EREY Pledge Drive Kicks off
Portsmouth Rotary’s many international service projects took center stage this week as club Foundation co-chair and international service director Bob Herold, joined by Leonard Seagren and Ted Alex, shared the work they, along with many others, have been doing beyond the Seacoast.   A full summary of their program can be found in the weekly meeting Log.
The club then kicked off its annual “EREY” pledge drive, in which all Rotarians are asked to make a donation in any amount to the Rotary Foundation’s annual SHARE fund.  
Because Rotary’s fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30, many members had already made a donation before this drive: if you gave an EREY amount along with your club dues in July, you’re already among the 55 members previously credited as Foundation supporters this year.  Another 22 pledges were received on Thursday, including three that qualify for Paul Harris Fellowship matches from the club (donations of $500 or more).  
This impressive response is a “Happy Birthday Rotary” message from Portsmouth Rotarians.   As Rotary International celebrates its 110th birthday, eleven club members pledged $110 each to the annual fund – as a “birthday card” to the foundation.
Did you miss the meeting?  You can be counted too!  We can get you a pledge card, or you can simply email a pledge to either Dave Underhill (dave@underhilladvisors.com) or to Bob Herold (bobherold00@yahoo.com). 
If you're not sure whether you've given this fiscal year, send an email to Dave or Bob and we'll check for you.
Here’s a summary of the pledge drive as presented to the Rotary meeting on Thursday, February 26 by foundation co-chair Dave:
All these things need to be paid for!
The way we do that is by making a donation to the Rotary Foundation.
The program is called EREY, “Every Rotarian Every Year”. 
It’s simple.  We ask every Rotary member to give SOMETHING to the Foundation’s annual fund.  Three years later, half that money is distributed for worldwide projects and the other half comes back to our district for local projects like the ones you just saw.
Last year our EREY program sent about  $12,000 to the RI annual fund…this year, a $45,000 grant came back to our Uganda/Friends Forever project.  Pretty good return!
Our club has a unique program.  You can give $500 and the club will match it with another $500, sending one thousand dollars to the Foundation, and giving you the right to name a Paul Harris Fellow.
That’s more than many of us can afford, so here’s a simple ask:
It’s Rotary’s 110th Birthday.   Send Rotary a birthday card!  
There are pledge cards on your table.  If you can, give $110.    If you can’t do that, please do what you can --- maybe the cost of a lunch, $17, or $25 or $50.   What matters is that you said  “I remember you, Rotary, thank you and Happy Birthday! ”   You’re saying you think the work Leonard and Bob and Ted are doing is important.
We have 161 club members.   As of this week, 55 of us have already made a donation or pledge.  That includes 18 board members and all those who added a Foundation gift to their dues invoice back in July.  If you’re not sure whether you’ve already given this year, see me right after the meeting and I’ll check for you.
Will you join with us in sending a birthday card to Rotary?  The birthday cards (pledge cards) are on your table.  Please give them to Bob or to me and pay the pledge by June.   You can also make an ongoing annual pledge if you’d like, and cancel it anytime in the future. 
The folks in this room know that I believe in Rotary --- I give it my time, energy and money.   When I read the news about terrorism or hatred or violence around our world, I know that I’m doing something to counter it. 
I’m investing in Peace, Understanding, kids in Columbia and Uganda and Bangladesh, teachers in Guatemala and clean water in El Salvador.  I’m proud of Rotary, and I hope you are too.   If so, please join me: send Rotary a birthday card by making a pledge to the Foundation.
Thank you!
Portsmouth Supports Rotary Foundation with EREY pledges Dave Underhill 2015-02-27 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary and Mr./Ms. Peanut Deliver!

Posted by Creamy Crunchy Goober on Feb 22, 2015
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Above: Salvation Army.   In this photo is Marion Harris, Case Worker who oversees the Army's food pantry.  .

Below: Cross Roads House.  Jessica Parker, Marketing and Development Coordinator, with Basic Needs Co-chairs Ramona Dow and Bob Lewis.  The folks at CRH were really excited about the peanut butter, the perfect high protein staple.  

You helped Rotary's "Spread the Love" team to deliver over 110 jars of PB and $2,000 to area food programs.  A great combination!
Rotary and Mr./Ms. Peanut Deliver! Creamy Crunchy Goober 2015-02-23 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary Celebrates Puddledock Pond

Posted by David Underhill on Feb 21, 2015
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Rotarians Celebrate Puddledock Pond
Social Skating Night, Sunday February 22, 2015
Rotary donated hundreds of hands-on hours, $30,000 to build the rink
...a great time was had by all!
Click on album at bottom of your eBulletin for more photos!
Portsmouth Rotary Celebrates Puddledock Pond David Underhill 2015-02-22 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for February 19, 2015

Rotary Log for Meeting of February 19, 2015
Reporter: Doug Macdonald
Photographer: Bob Loch
The meeting commenced with President-Elect Bill, unplugged, taking the reins for President Tricia. Trish was out on the slopes enjoying this winter day. Following Bill’s brief introductory comments, Tristan and Cyndi Shanley led us in God Bless America. This instead of the threatened Let it Snow.
Our guests included Joe Bove’s wife, Suzanne; Basil Richardson’s wife, Louise; James Petersen’s daughter, Olivia and Dave Holden’s guest, Dr. Al Lantinen. 
Bill reminded us that Rotary would have full access to the Puddle Duck Pond Skating Rink this Sunday from 4:30-6:30. Participants should bring a snack, crock-pot dish, or other food item for a pot-luck style dinner.
A call for happy dollars drew silence. Maybe that’s a sign that the constant snow and cold is taking its toll on Seacoast residents.
Jim Rini introduced our guest speakers Keryn Bernard-Kriegel and Diane Hastings. Keryn is the Executive Director of NH Children’s Trust. Diane is the Communications Director.  NHCT’s mission focuses on the elimination of child abuse and neglect. Its efforts include educating and assisting families, especially early on in the parenting process. They help build social and emotional skills. And the organization helps families develop coping and problem solving skills. Finally, NHCT fosters a supportive local community. 
By developing “Protective Factors” within families, NHCT leaves its members better equipped to navigate stressful periods. This becomes a key factor in reducing abuse and neglect.
The presentation highlighted high stress situations that lead to abuse and maltreatment. It presented some alarming statistics. Last year, for example, there were 140 cases of infant abuse in New Hampshire. Children under the age of one. Unfortunately, that number is likely low. It only represents cases where a parent or primary care giver was the abuser. It doesn’t account for abusers such as a relative, coach, family friend or other third party. Also alarming was the fact that 35 percent of victims are under the age of four. Further, for 80 percent of those victims, the result of the abuse is death.
Finally, the program highlighted the Purple Prevention Program. This initiative is being implemented in hospitals throughout the state, as well as through partner non-profits. It seeks to supply parents of young children with coping strategies. Central to this is eliminating the devastating damage associated with shaking babies due to their crying. In 30 percent of reported cases a death occurs. But at least in 50 percent of the cases brain damage results. 
A short question and answer period followed.   NHCT welcomes the support of the community. To learn more about NHCT, or opportunities to support its programs, please visit:  www.nhchildrenstrust.org
Bill then recognized that the meeting was ending early, an event that he had never witnessed. That prompted one Rotarian to shout, “Long live the king!”
Walter’s raffle table, represented by Jay Gibson won the raffle, but there was no match.
Sunshine ushered in the Rotarians today, but as they left the skies again were overcast. The cooling temperature was the harbinger of snow arriving later in the day.  
See you next week.
Respectfully submitted, Doug Macdonald
Rotary Log for February 19, 2015 2015-02-22 00:00:00Z 0

Basic Needs Team Spreads the Love

Rotarians Bob Lewis and Cathy Edison present a $500 check, and a LOT of peanut butter, to Margie Parker at the Seacoast Family Food Pantry.
Byron Grant, executive director of Operation Blessing, said his team was grateful for the Rotary contributions.  Our Basic Needs committee and the club's board approved a total of $2,000 in recent cash donations to four area food pantries, and we're spreading the love with high-protein peanut and soy butter too.
There is still time to bring in peanut or soy butter!  If you forgot, don't Skippy out on this last chance....we'll see it gets delivered in a Jif. Over 110 jars have been received, and our team has two more deliveries to make, so please bring your PB to Thursday's Rotary lunch.  Thank you from Bob, Ramona, Cathy and the entire Basic Needs team at Portsmouth Rotary.
Basic Needs Team Spreads the Love Bob Lewis 2015-02-17 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log, February 5, 2015: Matt Simon

Posted by Cleo Villaflores on Feb 09, 2015
Rotary Log for Meeting of February 5, 2015
Article by Cleo Villaflores, Photos by Jim Rini
President Trish started the meeting with her trademark warm welcome. She reminded the club to complete the District Membership survey.
There were several other important announcements. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Basic Needs committee would like to help spread a little love to area food pantries. Please don't forget to bring a jar of peanut butter to our next lunch meeting. We also want to thank everyone who remembered and brought their jar last week.  We collected more than 45 jars!

Joanie Dickinson talked about the Interact Program and asked for members to buy Crush cans for their "crushes!" She then introduced Ava Rohacek and Julia Luff from Portsmouth High School Interact and junior class council. To make Junior Prom Night truly memorable, they are planning a responsible post dance party. It will be a safe, fun, drug-free evening.  Our club has donated $250 towards transportation to the junior prom. After speaking with the girls, I learned they are very close to their goal!
Jim Rini introduced our speaker, Matt Simon, New England Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project.  Matt has lobbied for decriminalization of marijuana in New Hampshire. This is a very controversial and multi-faceted issue.  According to Matt, in the 80's, the so-called “War on Drugs” made the idea of legalizing marijuana seem obsolete.  Since then, the numbers tell a different story. The popular preference on marijuana in New Hampshire now is 52% to legalize and tax. 
The Marijuana Policy Project claims that opinions have changed. They say that there are benefits to medical marijuana for patients who are in constant pain. They further maintain that marijuana’s harms are exaggerated and that it’s less harmful than alcohol. Simon pointed to the writings of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a former legalization opponent.  In an article on CNN.com entitled "Why I changed my mind on marijuana," Gupta changes his tune.
Simon gave a brief history on how we got to this point. Originally, the American Medical Association was vigorously opposed to the use of marijuana. Then a DEA administrative judge ruled that, "marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest drugs.”  But that finding was later refuted.
New Hampshire is the only New England state where it's criminal to possess any amount of marijuana. Conviction carries with it a fine and up to one year in jail. In closing, Simon claims patients want a safe and legal way to use medical marijuana. He says indications are that there will be four dispensaries open in N.H. by year’s end.  There are still many issues surrounding the legalization of pot, not the least of which is how it will affect our youth. This was also a concern, expressed during Q&A, especially by Rotarian parents.
The central question remains...does it make sense to make marijuana legal?

Respectfully submitted, Cleo Villaflores
Rotary Log, February 5, 2015: Matt Simon Cleo Villaflores 2015-02-10 00:00:00Z 0

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Service Project

Posted by Sara Treacy on Feb 09, 2015

Rotary returns to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen this month

New schedule of service

We still have openings for you in March and beyond!

Feb 24, Tuesday- (Schedule is full for this date) - Jay Gibson, David Holden, Sara Treacy (shift leader), Dave Underhill, Luis Melchor

Mar 31, Tuesday - Aileen Dugan and Cleo Villaflores (shift leaders), Jerry and Alyson Gray NEED one more person.

April 28- Tuesday - Ramona and Jerry Dow NEED 3 more people including shift leader

June 16- Tuesday

Sept 15- Tuesday

October 27- Tuesday

Procedure:  Volunteers arrive at the Salvation Army on Middle St, behind the John Paul Jones House, at 4:15 P.M.  The Rotarian shift leader will have already picked up the food from Edgewood Centre and delivered it to the SA kitchen.

Volunteers set up the dining room: chairs, trays, silverware, desserts, coffee, beverages, arrange serving tables under the direction of the shift leader. Dining room opens at 5pm and closes at 6pm. Rotarians serve food and drinks to diners. One Rotarian stays in kitchen and washes trays. At 6pm all diners are gone and tables are wiped down, food put away, kitchen wiped down and we are finished by 6:15.  


Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Service Project Sara Treacy 2015-02-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for January 29, 2015

Rotary Log  for Meeting of January 29, 2015 By Richard Greulich
President Trish began the meeting with her usual warm welcoming comments. She noted three birthdays: Dana Levinson, Barry McArdle and Gene Bailey with 17, eight and 32 years in Rotary, respectively.
Francoise Meissner was inducted as a new member. Bill Hurley sponsored her and delivered a brief bio. Francoise was born in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. She worked in advertising in London for 10 years then at the United Nations for 10 more. She is married, raised two children and lived in Durham for the past 17 years.  She is now a Portsmouth REALTOR. With her international background and husband’s German native tongue, Bill seemed close to calling Francoise a true polyglot. Apparently he thought better of it. He simply ended his intro by pronouncing her “a perfect fit” for Rotary.
With the bar thus raised sufficiently high, Francoise proceeded to vault over it with aplomb. She summed up her take on Rotary as “People Who Like People.” With that, she is happy to cast her lot with those People. She ended by drawing laughs demonstrating her newly found knowledge of the two ways to pronounce “Rotary.” There’s the  British way: “Ro-Ta-Ry. ”  And the American way:  “Rotery.” This written report cannot do her verbal performance justice. We will leave it with “Welcome, Francoise!”
General Announcements.
  1. President Trish emphasized the importance of responding to the Member Satisfaction Survey.  By now each Rotarian should have received it by email. It only takes a few minutes to complete and will be helpful to our incoming President. If you need help in accessing or completing the survey please contact Trish 
  2. Dan Marsten (a newbie this year) described the Portsmouth Interact Club’s efforts to deliver “Crushes” for their Valentine’s Day fundraiser. For $2 a piece, a can of Orange Crush can be sent with a personalized message to one’s Valentine...see Dan or Joanie Dickenson for details. Dan also solicited suggestions for involving the Interact Club with other activities.
  3. Ramona Dow (co-chair of Basic Needs Committee) announced a drive to donate peanut butter. She asked each Rotarian to bring a jar or two to the next two meetings.
Guest Speaker
Leanne Spees introduced Dr. Ross Gittell.  He is well-credentialed (B.A. Univ. of Chicago, M.B.A. UC-Berkeley, Ph.D. Harvard, Econ Professor at UNH for 20 years.)  Dr. Gittell has in the past focused on economic and community development issues in New Hampshire. Now, as Chancellor of the Community College System of N. H., he has a new focus. He spoke about what the System is, its goals and the rationale for those goals. He further explained the steps the System is taking to accomplish them.
The System consists of seven local colleges and three academic centers. It offers academic degrees and certificates. It serves 27,000 students annually, 93% from New Hampshire. Of this group, more than 40% are adults over the age of 24. The System is self-governing and not a state agency. The Governor appoints its BOD.  The schools are accredited and provide quality academics. It’s an education that produces transferable credits (one third of students transfer to a four-year college). A key objective is to provide education that will meet the needs of employers in Granite State communities. Dr. Gittell spends one third of his time meeting with local businesses. From these meetings he develops programs to meet their employee training needs.
The System has several goals. One is to be accessible and affordable. Another is to allow for open access. A High School diploma is all that is required for admission. “Running Start” programs allow students to take courses for college credit in high school. “Dual Enrollment” lets students have access to resources at both the community college and UNH. Tuition (low already at $6,000 per year) has actually been cut this year (unheard of).
There are important reasons to have a strong Community College system. It creates appropriate higher education for New Hampshire residents. Education that results in better economics for Granite Staters. Right now, New Hampshire ranks well in that regard. However, much of that prosperity is due to immigrants from other states. New Hampshire is starting to slip from its lofty rankings. All the more reason for higher education that is relevant to employers and students’ needs alike.
Overall, Dr. Gittell delivered a good description of the Community College System. He gave us  a cogent discussion of how the System  needs to and is fulfilling its service to Granite Staters. Best wishes to his efforts as we will all benefit!
Oh yes, Dr. Gittell pulled out the winning ticket for Ben Wheeler. The rumor that Ben had arranged for a chauffeured limousine to transport Dr. Gittell has not yet been confirmed. Fortunately for next week’s winner, Ben’s luck ran out and the match was unmet.
Respectfully submitted, Richard Greulich
Rotary Log for January 29, 2015 Richard Greulich 2015-01-29 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for January 15, 2015

Rotary Log for Meeting of January 15, 2015 by Robert B. Field, Jr.
Hola! It just sticks like Super Glue when one toils under the supervision of Senor Rice, master writer, editor, and songsmith of our Club. In fact, if one has scribe duty, just sitting in his company can be threatening. Rules! Rules! Rules! In by Monday; no more than 18 words to a sentence; and, a minimum of 500 words. He’d go broke in my business where fees are allegedly determined by weight of paper and word count. Not true, but good lore, nevertheless. I’ll probably flunk those standards, but let’s try not.
The Meeting focus was ‘teased’ last week by President Tricia as a Fellowship Meeting, ugh, more Tree Hugging in this time of international terror stress. Tricia was right in being concerned and sleepless about attendance. But I had no option. Duty called, along with many other members were happy it did. Why?
Rotary work is often accomplished with little fanfare, by many people choosing to accomplish great things in obscurity. For others, public recognition, visibility and acclaim come and are accepted more easily. And, it occurred to me during the meeting, both views are accommodated by Rotary, and, perhaps that is Rotary’s raison d’etre and foundation for domestic and international longevity, purpose and greatness.
Fellowship Meeting was our opportunity to grade ourselves for President Tricia’s First Semester. Christmas Tree sales were complete along with a myriad of other projects, and it was time to celebrate.
Arriving to a choice of select Market Basket candy, and those with like taste were assembled for seating, we found Tables jumbled with new faces. It’s all okay, and, recalcitrants were duly fined by our Fine Masters Nancy and Neil in due time. Food was as usual well prepared (the lemon cake was exceptional) and John Rice’s bold baritone voice synchronized us with a hearty “choral” rendition of “God Bless America”. He left the Marseillaise for another day. Hopefully, if we do, we will avoid the precipitating events of terror. Betsy Scott introduced her guest, Betty Edgar, our only guest, and Tricia went through a large number of birthdays. It turns out that seven Rotarians share a birthdate in January, with three on each of January 9 and 17. Even John Rice was fined by Neil when entrapped into answering a trick question in Spanish.
Following a short but informative Rotary Knowledge update by President Tricia on the Seven Steps to Rotary membership, similar to, but not to be confused with, an honorable Twelve Step program in another context.  There was no mercy shown by the Fine Masters as they assessed fines on notables for errant behaviors and being ‘too notable’. Fines reached $20.00 in some instances. That hurts! One Rotarian who in a moment of confusion claimed to favor Indianapolis against the New England Patriots was mercilessly fined.
Tricia then bared her soul with some disclosers about several charitable and semi-charitable gifts approved by the Directors upon the recommendation of The Cash Fund Committee, Basic Needs, Jeremy Alex Fund, and general Budgeted Club giving. It is really astounding that as a Club we do so much. There is good reason and Bill Hurley’s report on the Christmas Tree, Commercial Wreath, and Ornament success guided by James Peterson, Janice Wood, and Janet Cassidy, respectively, generated $46,300 in net profits, when $39,000 had been forecast. The Club sold nearly $1,600 trees and all but 14 of 400 wreaths. The unsold were bundled and given to needy recipients who often regifted to those in even greater need.
Sara Tracey invited those with a Soup Kitchen bend to join her in the annual Salvation Army project. Sara must harbor a resident angel on her shoulder, for soon thereafter, her ticket was drawn as the winning raffle. Not only that, she had had a correct match. A quick $120.00 was delivered to Sara; well deserved.
Moral of the story; Fellowship Meetings can be, and are often, fun and lively, and where you find surprises about quiet, unassuming friends, who are community heroes in our midst. You know one!
Respectfully submitted by Bob Field
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
January 15, 2015
Rotary Log for January 15, 2015 Robert Field Jr. 2015-01-19 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary & Friends Forever Receive $45,000 Grant

Portsmouth (NH) Rotary and Friends Forever receive $45,000 Grant
Launching Uganda Conflict Resolution and  Leadership Training
Rotary International’s District 7780 has received a $45,000 Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation to advance a new program in conflict resolution.
Portsmouth Rotary’s international service chair, Bob Herold, and Friends Forever executive director, Steve Martineau, made the joint announcement this week.  The program will bring young Uganda leaders to the United States for a “train the trainer” educational program, aimed at mediation and peace building in Uganda. 
The program is a partnership among the two Seacoast organizations, the Rotary Club of Kajjansi Uganda, and a non-governmental agency in Uganda, Youth Passionate Organization (YPO).  Friends Forever, based in Durham NH, has been an international leader in community reconciliation programs since 1986.
Members of YPO, a non-governmental organization in Uganda whose youth leaders will be trained under the new Rotary District Grant program in partnership with Friends Forever
The year-long effort will focus on a slum area of Kampala, Uganda, where youth from different tribes and regions migrate to avoid conflict and try to find peace.  The future trainers will learn, strengthen and then replicate the Friends Forever model, building relationships to further efforts of conflict resolution and peace building in Uganda.    The program is built upon Friends Forever’s successful work in Northern Ireland and in the Middle East.
“Youth leaders, accompanied by a representative from the Kajjansi Rotary Club, will spend three weeks in New Hampshire and Maine developing specific skills in community organizing, leadership and conflict resolution” said Martineau.  “They will then return to Uganda and work with Rotarians there to implement the program and train others to advance it.”
“Rotary will be partnered with YPO, and will be a catalyst for growing the program in Uganda” said Herold, who recently returned from meetings in Kampala.  “The program includes multiple community service projects, along with music and dance that will attract citizens and deliver messages of sustainable peace.”  
Literacy, health issues and tribal differences have been major stresses in Uganda, where nearly two million people have been displaced and tens of thousands of citizens have been killed over the last twenty years.  Programming to re-integrate youth into their communities is scarce. The trainings provided by Friends Forever are designed to lead to community strength and leadership to address local issues without dictating a specific outcome.
The partnership ensures fiscal accountability.   Rotary International administers its grants very strictly, and the Rotary Clubs involved assure financial stewardship.  The Rotary Foundation’s District Global Grant allocates resources given by local Rotary members and clubs, and gives YPO and Friends Forever the money they need to train some of Uganda’s future leaders.
“We’re excited to begin!” said Martineau, who added that the trainings in New Hampshire and Maine could get underway as soon as this May. 
Rotary’s District 7780 Foundation Chair Peter Johnson praised the cooperation of clubs within the district and the partnership with Friends Forever.   “This grant shows how magical Rotary is: great things happen when we work together” noted Johnson.   The District Designated funds within the grant, $15,000, were supplemented by a $5,000 lead donation from the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, along with supporting funds from the clubs of Bath Sunrise, Brunswick Coastal, Freeport, Portland and Sanford-Springvale.  Rotary District 6490 (Eastern Illinois) added funding, and the Rotary Foundation’s World Fund doubled the total to bring the grant amount to $45,250.
“Local Rotarians should be proud that their donations to the RI Annual Fund come back into New Hampshire and Maine to do world-wide good in such a powerful way,” said Johnson.  “This project is particularly gratifying, since Portsmouth Rotary was one of the founding organizations in the creation of Friends Forever, nearly thirty years ago.  Rotarians really do make a difference, one person at a time, and service creates new service when we partner with Clubs and NGO’s around the world.”
For further information:
Portsmouth Rotary Club, Bob Herold, International Chair
Friends Forever, Steve Martineau, Executive Director, smartineau@friendsforeverusa.org
Here is a link to the complete grant document on our website:
Portsmouth Rotary & Friends Forever Receive $45,000 Grant Dave Underhill 2015-01-13 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Funds to Birchtree Center

Basic Needs Chair Bob Lewis and Vice-Chair Ramona Dow, with School Nurse Kimberly Mihelich accepting a $2,000 check from the Portsmouth Rotary Club.   Our grant will allow Birchtree to purchase essential life-saving equipment for their day school; help underwrite the cost of first aid and CPR training for Birchtree staff; and allow them to refresh their stock of over-the-counter medications, hygiene supplies, and first-aid supplies at the day school.  
Rotary Funds to Birchtree Center Bob Lewis 2015-01-13 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for January 8, 2015

Posted by Tristan Shanley

Rotary Log for meeting of January 8, 2015  by Tristan Shanley


President Tricia welcomed the club to our first meeting of 2015. She announced there would be no general announcements this week to allow for additional time for our guest speaker. The club did unanimously vote to nominate Dave Underhill as a candidate for 2017 Rotary District Governor.Tricia further announced she will be hosting a fundraising committee meeting Friday, January 16th at 8am at The Edgewood Center. The purpose of the meeting will be to review the fundraising focus of 2015.  


Bob Field introduced our guest speaker, Dudley Dudley, a former New Hampshire State Legislator. Dudley spear-headed the Save Our Shores movement of 1974. This was an initiative created to stop Aristotle Onassis from building the world’s largest oil refinery on Durham Point. Onassis had already made himself world famous by marrying the widowed Jackie Kennedy. But his refinery project would have a devastating impact on our environment, not to mention quality of life.



The scheme came in the midst of high inflation, a faltering economy and a severe shortage of gas and oil. The gas shortage created long lines at the pump as consumers could only purchase gas on odd or even dates. The richest man of his day, Onassis claimed his refinery would bring jobs to our state. As Dudley explained, however, few workers in New Hampshire possessed the specific skills a refinery requires. The coveted jobs would be outsourced. That was only one of a series of distortions and half-truths put out by Olympic, Ari’s company, according to Dudley. 


Dudley was a rookie, first term legislator but had friends and a plan.  She created House Bill 18 which stated that proposals like building an oil refinery constitute a state of emergency. As such, the legislature would have to act on it immediately and not wait until it was in session.


The oil refinery would require blasting in Rye and Hampton. A pipe connecting Durham Point to a terminal at the Isles of Shoals would run through much of the Seacoast’s pristine marsh lands. Dudley worked hard to obtain 4,000 signatures to stop it. When taped together, the petitions lined the length of Main Street in Durham. She then presented the papers to Governor Mel Thompson, who supported the refinery. Thompson basically threw her out of his office. 


A Durham town meeting followed. The vote was nine to one in opposition to the refinery.  On the day of legislation in Concord, the billionaire’s proposal was denied due to a zoning issue in the town of Durham.  Dudley made mention of the small publication, Publik Occurrences, which first introduced her to the oil refinery proposal. She also gave nod to Nancy Sandberg and Phyllis Bennett for their contributions to the cause. The three influential women have a bench dedicated to them in Wagon Hill Park for all to admire.



Editor's note: Here is the link to a video about this controversy, if you are interested in learning more:



Log submitted by Tristan Shanley

Club photos by Sara Treacy




Rotary Log for January 8, 2015 Tristan Shanley 2015-01-12 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for December 18, 2014

Posted by Jon Flagg on Jan 04, 2015
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Log by Jon Flagg, Photos by Bob Loch
You are reading a log that took 2 years to develop. Well, not exactly, but the notes were taken at our last meeting of 2014 and the log appeared in 2015. Happy New Year!!!
Our song, led by John Rice in keeping with the fun of the Christmas season, was Jingle Bells. With her signature good will, President Trish said of our less than perfect rendition, “Not bad!”
That understatement was met with laughter and comments in the crowd. “Well, better than usual,” said one Rotarian.
“Not as bad as it could be,” added another.
“We’ve done worse,” proclaimed still another.
Birthdays included Bob Loch with 29 years in Rotary and Peter Beck with a whopping 59 years in Rotary!!...President Trish presented Kevin and his staff with our annual tip and thanked them for their wonderful service.
Past President Cliff presented a Paul Harris Fellow to our own Nancy Notis, drawing “opa” cheers (and a few "ompa" cheers as well), and a standing ovation. Nancy’s contributions to the club are legendary. It was wonderful to share this enormous honor with her husband, daughter and uncle. As Cliff said, Nancy’s actions and service have been “tangible contributions to better understandings among the peoples of the world.” Congratulations, Nancy!
We also welcomed new member Sara Smith, sponsored by Lynn McLaren. Sara is a CPA who practices with her brother and father. She lives in Kingston with her husband and two daughters. It is nice to hear that Sara felt immediately welcomed from her very first visit to our club. Welcome Sara!  (And here is a free tip: if you want real power and the love and adoration of your subjects, join the Log Staff!) President Trish also recognized members who have proposed new members this past year. Good job everyone!
Former President Ray Jones came up with the idea of a Rotary ornament in 1994 as a fund raiser. As a kicker, he auctioned off the #1 ornament and out-bid everyone to get it each year! Since his death, the auction has continued and Mort has been the successful bidder each year. He then traditionally presents his purchase to Mrs. Ray Jones privately This year was different.  Mrs. Jones joined us for lunch and Mort presented the ornament to her at our meeting.
Mrs. Jones recalled that the first ornament was a rendition of the John Paul Jones house (Ray’s relative?)
“Ray always said,” she told us, “‘If you want to get anything done, ask a Rotarian.’”  By the way, she has kept the entire set in pristine condition. She plans to return them to the club “when I slow down”.
Newest PH Fellow Nancy was Finemaster for a day. Stella got fined for having a wreath made entirely of…wine bottle corks; former President Dave got fined for making Bill feel like “gotta keep up with Dave on the tree sales”; city manager John (who just got a $10,000 bonus from the city) was fined $5 for cancelling the Christmas parade, prompting a comment from Tony,“that’s how the city saved $10,000”. Happy Dollars were nearly the last event of the day. They included thanks for Portsmouth Hospital’s help to Rotary, a car dent fixed free and flawlessly by Bill Hurley and for all the tree shifts being over!
Donna thanked the club for buying 72 coats this year to keep kids warm through the winter! Well done all! Let’s make 2015 the best Rotary year ever! (James ended 2014 on a high note by not only winning the raffle but by winning the bonus too!!)
Respectfully submitted, Jon M. Flagg, log writer
Photographer Bob Loch from the Strawbery Banke Museum's PuddleDock Rink.  Be sure to take note of the full "slide show" album link at the end of this eBulletin, a regular new feature of our updated website.
Rotary Log for December 18, 2014 Jon Flagg 2015-01-05 00:00:00Z 0

Website Update

Posted by David Underhill on Jan 04, 2015
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Welcome to Portsmouthrotary.org 3.0, as we update the Portsmouth Rotary website.  

Our club website has been converted to a new cloud server platform on Clubrunner 3.0.  There's a whole new navigational look and feel, which includes new mobile displays.  Most of these changes are meant to make our site friendlier to the members of our general community (as but one illustration, a pathway that explains how an organization might request funds from our club (Get Involved > Request Funds > General Information, followed by specific funds and grant commitee pages).  We will be adding a lot more information about the many areas of Rotary service, to better explain "What is Rotary" to members of the public.  We don't want to be the best-kept secret on the Seacoast!

If you're a member of Portsmouth Rotary, everything you used to have is here (somewhere).  Please explore the new simple navigation and give us feedback.   There are still articles that need to be written or updated, but for the most part the initial conversion is complete.   Club documents and directories require you to log in.

There is a new "member login" button on the home page, and your user name and password are unchanged.   Most club management functions are unchanged; there are, however, a few new tricks for posting articles and photos on the site which we will review with the bulletin and log editors and photographers.     Speaking of which...we need volunteer writers to complete new pages for the website, so please raise your hand by contacting Rich Ryzman, John Rice or Dave Underhill.   Thanks!

Mobile devices: if you view our site on a smartphone, try entering this URL and bookmarking it as your Rotary home-page, it is a mobile-friendly display.   You can discontinue use of the old Clubrunner "app" which is not being supported in the future.   Log in to: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/6644 and then use your sign-in credentials to access the member directory and other club informaiton.

If you have ongoing problems with the website, please email me: dave@underhilladvisors.com.  Thank you for your patience and feedback!  

Dave Underhill/Portsmouth Rotary Webmaster


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Sweeping up the Pine Needles

Posted by Dave Underhill on Jan 03, 2015
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Happy New Year!  As we close the book on 2014, let's take a moment to thank every Rotarian who served the community this year (that would be every Rotarian in our club). Your work and fellowship are cherished by all.   Service is rewarding and Rotary service is fun too!
Here's a jingling sing-out to the members who rang Salvation Army bells in December -- hope we got them all, but if not, know your efforts are still appreciated.
Walter Liff
Bill Powers
Steve Wood
Janice Cassidy
Cindi Shanley
John Flagg
Aileen Dugan
Judy Ringer
Diane Foley
Tricia Cummings
Butch Ricci
Andy Chase
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Notes from the webmasters

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 31, 2014
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Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Box 905, Portsmouth NH 03801.  Content on this site is copyright 2015 by Rotary Club of Portsmouth, or is copyright to individual content authors and used by permission.  Banner photograph courtesy Fred Pettigrew. 

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Message from President Tricia

Posted by Patricia Cummings on Dec 21, 2014


Rotary Photo: After Rink, Ringer-Cummings and Ringer-Ringer Ring in the Christmas Season

Thanks to each and every one of you, Portsmouth Rotary's  2014 Annual Christmas Tree Sale has concluded with over 1500 trees sold to community members near and far.  This project takes many hands and I thank you all for contributing your time, effort and energy during this busy holiday season.  How lucky are we to have the opportunity to so richly serve the community and raise nearly $40,000 for our scholarship programs, local non-profit funding and other worthwhile community projects?  It truly is better to give than to receive.

Special thanks to our community partners such as the Interact Club, the Seacoast Mavericks as well as many friends and neighbors who joined our club in staffing many shifts this selling season!  We literally could not have pulled this off without these inspiring youth leaders and community members.  Our future is in very good hands!

If I could give you each something this Holiday Season, it would be the gift of knowing that your efforts, large or small, tangible, or simply in thought, really do make a difference.  As for me, I'll be ending 2014 with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.

In gratitude and with heartfelt appreciation, 


Happy Holidays!


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FREE trees while they last

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 21, 2014

Portsmouth Rotary has concluded its annual tree sale at Lafayette Plaza (Philbricks/Planet Fitness plaza) and invites the public and club members to visit, take one or more of any remaining trees, and deliver it to someone who could use a happy gift this holiday season.  


The trees, and a small number of wreaths, are available until the supply runs out. 


Rotary thanks everyone on the Seacoast for making this year’s tree sale such a great success.   Club volunteer workers sold over fifteen hundred trees, along with hundreds of wreaths and ornaments.    All net fundraising proceeds are returned to the Seacoast community through scholarships and grants to other non-profit organizations.


Happy holidays to all, with gratitude from the 160 members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

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Website Changes

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 18, 2014

First, a reminder that our club will not meet on Christmas Day nor on New Year's Day, so our next weekly lunch meeting is January 8, 2015.  The board meeting will be the day before, Wednesday January 7.

Please excuse our electronic dust during the weeks after Christmas and New Year's.  We will be constructing our new website, and there may be times the site looks "less than tidy" during the conversion process.   While this change should not affect email, attendance or other functionality for our members and directors, there's a small possibility of some disruptions in these areas, so if something doesn't work for you, try again in a few hours.  If there's an outage that interferes with your Rotary work (particularly the secretary), call Dave.

Once the new site is up and running, we'll be looking for committee chairs and volunteers to write fresh articles about their areas of interest.   This is being coordinated by Rich Ryzman.  



Webmaster/PP and former captain Dave 

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Nancy Notis Receives Paul Harris Fellowship, December 18 at Portsmouth Rotary David Underhill 2014-12-19 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for December 11, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 15, 2014

Story by Mark Lorusso and photos by Leo Gagnon

Complete slideshow here:


As we head into the holiday season, Christmas tree sales are surging. The Puddle Dock ice rink is now operational, as well. All thanks in large part to generous donations of time and effort by several Rotarians.  Not to forget the key donation made by our Club—more on that later.  Ted Alex merits a special note of thanks for spearheading the project.  Many thanks, Ted.


We began our meeting with a moment of silence for the Club’s recent losses of member Otto Grote and Dave Holden’s beloved wife, Rinda Hill.  Otto may be remembered best as the Rotarian who set the record for the longest introductory speech. He began with his birth.  Twenty minutes into his speech, then head of Rotary Information, John Hebert, stood up and paid a hefty fine. The levy covered Otto’s supposedly brief introduction. Just another one of those countless precious Rotary Club memories.

Guests and visiting Rotarians were introduced. They included Louise Richardson, Melanie Samson, Joan Rice and Eric Wells.

Janice Wood then proposed a list of officers and directors for the upcoming 2015-2016 club year.  Following Mort Schmidt’s seconded motion to approve the proposal with a single voice vote, the motion and proposal carried unanimously.  Congratulations to our incoming officers and board members!



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Countdown To Christmas/Chanukah/and tree sellout too!

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 15, 2014


Tree sales reaching the goal!  As of Wednesday morning we have about 250 trees and under 50 wreaths left on our lot!  Great quality and still good inventory, but please get there soon because we want to sell-out and enjoy the holidays.   We need some additional club member help for the weekend, please call or email James Petersen if you can pitch in.  We're heading to a great fundraising conclusion, with a lot of fun and fellowship mixed in.  Thank you for all your work to make it happen.

Facebook: are you on the Portsmouth Rotary Club Facebook page yet?  Check it out.   If you are, be sure to "like" the page, and "share" posts that interest you with your own Facebook friends.  We used this page over the weekend to reach over three thousand people in 24 hours...it can be a powerful tool, and you are the engine to make it work.



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Officers and Directors for Rotary Year 2015-2016

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 14, 2014

At our lunch meeting last week, as required by the bylaws, the membership approved the slate of officers and directors as presented by the nominating committee.   This board will take office July 1, 2015.  

Past President                       Tricia Cummings

President                               William Hurley                                                                        

President Elect                      James Petersen 

Vice President                       Ben Wheeler

Secretary                               Deb Grabowski

Assistant Sec                        Marci Bergan

Sergeant at Arms                  Justin Finn           

Asst: Sergeant at Arms         Cleo Villaflores                               

Treasurer                               Joe Bove

Asst: Treasurer                      Steve Wood      

Director                                  Aileen Dugan

Director                                  Barbara Miller                   

Club Service director             John Bohenko

Vocational Service director   John Rice

Community Service director  Diane Lavigne

International Service director Bob Herold

New Generations director      Andy Chace

Senior Dir.                              Nancy Notis

Senior Dir.                              Dave Underhill

Senior Dir.                              Neal Ouellett


Officers and Directors for Rotary Year 2015-2016 David Underhill 2014-12-15 00:00:00Z 0

Opening Night at Puddledock Pond, Strawbery Banke

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 11, 2014



Friday December 12: the rink is open!  Portsmouth Rotary Club donated over 250 person-hours to the construction project, and the club has contributed a total of $30,000 toward the cost of this wonderful new resource.   Join us every Saturday afternoon for the Portsmouth Rotary Club FREE Public Skate, at 3:15 PM.  Congratulations to Strawbery Banke Museum on the launch of this community facility.  

Opening Night at Puddledock Pond, Strawbery Banke David Underhill 2014-12-12 00:00:00Z 0

Email and Website Alert

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 10, 2014



Please put mailservice@clubrunner.ca in your contact file and in your “safe senders file” in your email client(s), computers and mobile devices.


Please check your spam filters (junk filters) to see if Rotary emails may have gone there in the last two weeks or so. 


Emails you should have received this week include the weekly club eBulletin at about 8:00 AM on Tuesday December 9, and various notes about tree schedules, the meeting reminder and the services for Rinda Hill and Otto Grotte.


There have been server changes at Clubrunner, our web/mail provider, which may have caused these messages to “go to spam” for some recipients.


Note from the Communications Team:


We will be converting our Rotary website to a new cloud-based server platform within Clubrunner beginning after Christmas, and continuing into January.   You may experience short-term interruptions to portsmouthrotary.org because of this process, and you will see changes to the website.


If you have any questions, please email dave@underhilladvisors.com or call Dave at 603-706-3143.  We expect disruptions to be minimal and we will have a new web look with more mobile features and public-facing information about Portsmouth Rotary during January.   Thanks, and happy holidays to all!

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Portsmouth Rotary 2014 Holiday Ornament

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 09, 2014


The Rotary Club of Portsmouth is excited to announce the arrival of its 2014 Holiday Ornament. 21st in its series featuring historic Portsmouth landmarks, this year’s 24 carat gold-plated ornament features a lovely rendition of the new Puddle Dock Pond at Strawbery Banke. Only 850 of these limited edition ornaments have been produced. Each is numbered and presented in a felt case embossed with the Rotary emblem and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


 Many people banded together to build an ice skating venue that fit the museum’s historical surroundings and brought people of all ages together to enjoy this traditional New England sport. It’s truly a wonderful addition to the city of Portsmouth.


Since last year’s New Memorial Bridge ornament was a complete sell out, we were able to commission a second special edition and it will be available along with this year’s ornament. The ornaments are $17 and are available at Piscataqua Bank, Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, Optima Bank at Harbor Place and Pease Tradeport.  

Portsmouth Rotary 2014 Holiday Ornament David Underhill 2014-12-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log: Senior Holiday Party, Dec 4, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 07, 2014

Slideshow and photographs by Jim Rini, article by Cleo Villaflores.


The Rotary meeting was jam packed for our annual Senior Luncheon.
Rotarians Cindy Shanley and Cindy Boyd started off with “Deck the Halls” to get the festivities started.  
The Portsmouth Holiday Ensemble was visiting again this year led by Steve Cirilo.  The band played beautiful songs for our luncheon.
Following the band, the Seacoast Community School brought the children to sing for us some of the season’s favorites.  All the kids were so adorable singing for the crowd.
A special Thank you to the Portsmouth Country Club for the amazing turkey dinner they served us and dessert.  As always they did a great job!
The caroling began with “Jingle Bells” and ended with “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”  
We also want to thank the Salvation Army  for the wonderful gifts we gave out to our seniors.
We wish everyone a Happy Holiday! 



Rotary Log: Senior Holiday Party, Dec 4, 2014 David Underhill 2014-12-08 00:00:00Z 0

Top of the Week Rotary Reminders 11/6/14

Posted by John Rice on Nov 10, 2014

Just a reminder from Priscilla MacInnis that if you are interesting in helping with Rotary's annual Thanksgiving event cooking, serving, or delivering turkeys, please sign up next Thursday, or let her know.  Remember that Thanksgiving is ONLY two weeks away!

Our next meeting's speaker will be Valerie Rochon from the Chamber.  Her topic will be "Maintaining Portsmouth as a Tourist Attraction".

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Rotary Log 11/6/14

Posted by John Rice on Nov 05, 2014


The November 6th meeting began with an invocation by Reverend Gordon Allen. And we were honored with District Area Governor Midge Nelson's presence today.

Paper ballots were distributed to members to elect four past presidents to the Nominating Committee.  Elected were Janice Wood, Ted Alex and Tony Delyani. 

David "Lou" Ferland announced that "Behind the Business" would be held at Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC) on the 19th.

Priscilla MacInnis urged anyone interested to sign up for cooking turkeys, delivering turkeys, and helping to serve the turkey on Thanksgiving at the Jarvis Center. 


James Petersen announced that  "Christmas tree sign-ups were wrapping up and that the next phase of sign-ups was the 'enforcement phase'. James claimed that he had full authorization from President Tricia to use whatever resources are necessary to carry out the enforcement phase. Enforcement will begin with home visits to Rotarians who have neglected to sign up for the mandatory three shifts. Unbeknownst to Basil Richardson, James said that Basil and he would be carrying out the home visits." oooooohhhh.....editor's note

Nancy Notis who, acting as Finemaster, had fun issuing fines to the unexpecting:


Nancy thanked Tony Delyani for his good work with the candidates, but wondered why there were no democrats!  She asked about Ben Wheeler's wearing Size 14 red stilettos, and charged him $5; Bob Davis was congratulated for his recent promotion and Nancy recognized Portsmouth Police Chief Steve DuBois for his appearing on NH Chronicle~charging both $5 apiece. 


Shari Donnermeyer introduced our guest, Greg Kretschmar, of "Greg and The Morning Buzz" on WHEB-FM 100.3 and WGIR-FM 101.1.  As part of her introduction, Shari shared that Greg was the third person she met when she came to Portsmouth, after Nancy Clayburgh and Nancy Notis, two other notable rotarians.




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Top of the Week: Rotary Election Day Special Edition, 11-4-2014

Posted by David Underhill on Nov 03, 2014

Rotary votes, today and every day, for a strong Seacoast!  

In this photo, basic needs committee chair Bob Lewis presents a $1,500 check to
Charlotte Duquette, Executive Director, of Seacoast 
Consumer Alliance Peer Support Center. Our check
will help fund their lunch program and food pantry.   We're Rotarians and we approved this message.



While we have your attention....don't miss this Thursday's Rotary lunch meeting....our guest speaker is Greg of the Morning Buzz!!!!

REMINDER~ Wreath orders are due no later than Thursday's meeting. 

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Puddledock Progress Posting

Posted by David Underhill on Nov 03, 2014



With the institution of a new dress code for construction workers, Rotary Club Service Director Ben Wheeler was part of a grueling weekend of construction as Rotary helps Strawbery Banke to prepare and launch the Puddledock Pond Skating Rink.  A photo Caption contest is underway for this and other pictures that follow... (is Ben's necktie caught in the nail gun?  Is that Basil or is he over at the bank approving loan applications?  Is Mark laughing or just horrified?  ).

For a slideshow of our Rotary teams at work, click here:



Puddledock Progress Posting David Underhill 2014-11-04 00:00:00Z 0

Top of the Week and Puddledock Rink Update

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 27, 2014

Top of the week: for this week's meeting, we invited Governor Maggie Hassan and challenger Walt Havenstein to a forum at Rotary.   As of this writing, Mr. Havenstein has accepted and the Governor's schedule will not permit her to attend.

Puddledock Rink update:

Rotarians led by Rotary's hands-on committee chair Ted Alex have been hard at work assembling the chiller enclosure that will soon move to Strawbery Banke and be part of the Puddledock Skating rink. 



Top of the Week and Puddledock Rink Update David Underhill 2014-10-28 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log for October 23, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 27, 2014

Rotary Log for Meeting of October 23 by Ben Babcock


President Tricia Cummings presided over the meeting on a rainy and blustery day.  John Rice led the club in singing “Oh Canada.” It was a touching nod to our neighbors from the north in the wake of the terror attack in Ottawa earlier this week.  Past President Dave Underhill led the group in the 4 Way Test and Reverend Allen provided the invocation.


The meeting began with a humorous anecdote from President Tricia on the importance of name badges.  There were two visiting Rotarians in attendance; Col. Leslie Smith of Concord and Paul West of Knoxville, TN.  There were many guests as well, and not an empty seat in the house.  Several birthdays were announced and prospective member David Andreesen was put on seven day notice.


Past President Diane Foley introduced the club’s newest member, Miranda Butson.  Miranda has recently returned to the seacoast area after a career in the United States Air Force and Department of Defense in Washington, DC.  She currently works for Cornerstone Title in Portsmouth, NH and also has a small private law practice.  She looks forward to contributing to the club.


General announcements followed.  There was a reminder about the walk across Memorial Bridge on Saturday the 25th.  A call was put out for additional Turkey Cookers, Pie Bakers, and volunteers for Thanksgiving.   Volunteers were also requested for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen on Wednesday October 29th and for the Christmas Tree sales in November and December.


Rotary Log for October 23, 2014 David Underhill 2014-10-28 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary PolioPlus Bridge Walk

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 26, 2014


Photo courtesy David Murray, ClearEyePhoto.com.   Thank you for contributing your talent and services to this event!

An amazing Saturday this past weekend (October 25) as Rotarians from throughout district 7780, including many members of our club, turned out to bridge the polio gap.   We marked World Polio Day by spanning the Memorial Bridge from Portsmouth to Kittery to raise money and awareness for Rotary's PolioPlus campaign.  Three countries remain with endemic polio: Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.   When we eliminate polio there, we have done it, and we are this close!



Rotary PolioPlus Bridge Walk David Underhill 2014-10-27 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin October 21, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 20, 2014

Top of the week: have you signed up for your three tree-sales shifts yet?  (Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.)


These Rotarians are strung out because they forgot to sign up for shifts! 

Coming Thursday: This week's program is our U.S.Senate Race political forum, Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Senator Scott Brown are the scheduled guests.

There is still time to join the PolioPlus Bridge Walk this Saturday, sign up at lunch or directly on rotary7780.org.

Construction's underway on our Strawbery Banke Puddledock project.   If you want to get involved please contact Hands-on Project Chair Ted Alex.

Slide show and meeting photos in this week's eBulletin by Bob Loch, full slideshow at this link:


What happens when you turn a musician into a writer?  Continue to read as we present this week's Rotary Log meeting summary from October 16...




Rotary eBulletin October 21, 2014 David Underhill 2014-10-21 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin October 14, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 13, 2014


Members last week approved the board recommendation to allocate up to $20,000 from the Ray P. Jones Fund to the Strawbery Banke Museum Puddledock Pond hands-on project.  Work gets underway this week!  Check in with Ted Alex if you'd like to join the team.  


Strawbery Banke's Rodney Rowland and Lawrence Yerdon, thanking the club for its long-running support of the museum.  

Strawbery Banke was first envisioned in a presentation to Portsmouth Rotary by Dorothy Vaughan.


Walk the Memorial Bridge October 25 to End Polio Now!  Sign up this week at our meeting.  For more info contact Susan Gold, visit rotary7780.org and check out this article in Monday's Seacoast Online/Portsmouth Herald:



Good news from Seacoast Pathways, your Rotary dollars at work.  This new organization will open its doors next week, supported in part by a $1,000 William Cash Fund donation last year and a $3,500 Basic Needs Fund donation this year.  Sara Treacy is on their board of directors:    

Sara writes:

Seacoast Pathways is OPENING on Oct. 20th.   SP will be open then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 am. to 2 p.m. including holidays. The first day will be an introduction for prospective members to the program, letting them know what to expect. For the first week or so we'll have some members of Granite Pathways, the clubhouse program in Manchester, present to share their experiences and to help our new prospective members. 

The program is free to members. There is a charge of $1.50 for lunch. (For those unable to pay we have a grant that will allow us to provide a voucher for the lunch).

Prospective members have to apply for membership. The primary requirements are to have a diagnosed mental illness, be under the care of a clinician, and to agree to abide by clubhouse rules. 

Prospective members and their families are invited to come Monday -- or any M-W-F after that. Visitors and members can come at whatever time they want to, stay as long or short as they want. Monday we'll have a sandwich lunch and a snack bar will be open. 

We're located in the North Church Parish House at 355 Spinney Road, Portsmouth. Spinney Road parallels the Rt. 1 Bypass and runs from Islington Street to Middle Road. There is a large parking lot behind the building with an entrance off of Middle Road. We meet in the Scout Room with a door from the lower parking lot leading indirectly into our room.



This week at Rotary: the Children's Museum!  If you missed the meeting last Thursday, you missed our fellowship with 97 active members present, so please enjoy the Rotary Log as written by Dick Seery, with photographs by Sara Treacy.  


Slideshow at this link:


Rotary eBulletin October 14, 2014 David Underhill 2014-10-14 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin , October 7, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 06, 2014

Top of the week:

Club vote on board of directors' resolution to approve up to $20,000 from Ray P. Jones fund to be used on the Strawbery Banke/Puddledock Rink project.  

This vote will be conducted by paper ballot this Thursday at Rotary after a quorum has been affirmed, with the results announced before the end of the meeting.   Because our meeting time is extremely limited, if you have questions that were not answered last week please phone or send an email to President Tricia or any member of the board of directors.  For further information on this vote please see the article in last week's eBulletin, which remains on the home page of portsmouthrotary.org (you don't even have to log in to find it, just scroll down on the home page), and refer to the supplemental information sent by email to all members last Thursday.



PolioPlus End Polio Now BridgeWalk

by Susan M. Gold


Polio is personal, particularly to Ann Lee Hussey. Many New England Rotarians are familiar with Ann Lee’s story, but for those who are new to Rotary, it’s a story that is personal to all of us. She was diagnosed with Polio when she was a toddler in 1955, a few months after the polio vaccine was distributed. Thankfully, she’s recovered since then.

Ann Lee has committed to do everything possible to eradicate Polio, and with Rotary International’s decades long mission to do the same, we can all work together to Close the Gap. Only 3 countries are polio-endemic: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. These hardest-to-reach areas make up the final 1%. We must eradicate this debilitating disease because if polio rebounds, more than 200,000 children worldwide could be paralyzed every year within a decade.

Here’s where you come in: Saturday, October 25th, join us for a symbolic walk across our new Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth. Donate $30 and you be a part of BridgeWalk and proudly wear your End Polio Now t-shirt. Bring your family, your neighbors and friends. And here’s the best part: for every $25 donation contributed through Rotary, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will DOUBLE it by contributing an additional $50 donation for a total of $75!

Let’s all walk the bridge to keep children walking around the world. Let’s eradicate Polio in our lifetime!

Event details: Arrive at 8:30 A.M. on October 25th at Memorial Bridge; BridgeWalk at 9 A.M. 

To make an online donation: please go to rotary7780.org

To join us for the walk: register at our weekly lunch meeting; we're taking pledges and payments and signing up a team of participants.   The board of directors has already signed up, and we've raised over $2,000 to-date, which will qualify for an additional Gates Foundation match of over $4,000.   Last year, our club members donated over ten thousand dollars to PolioPlus, so your pledge in any amount will make a huge difference.

Preview the event with this video:


For more information: contact Susan Gold or Dave Underhill at Portsmouth Rotary, or event chair Susan von Hemert, Seacoast Rotary Club of Portsmouth via email at susanvonhemert@gmail.com


Tree Project Sign-Up Time!

Since there's not enough going on at our club yet, here's another sign of fall: sign-up for your Christmas Tree shift, beginning this Thursday at Rotary.   VP James Petersen's the king of scheduling this year, and he'll have sign-up sheets and procedures in the back of our meeting room.  All Rotarians are required to work three shifts on this project.   It's part of the three-way test of a good Portsmouth Rotary Club member: pay your dues, make your attendance, and sell trees.   Thank you!


Last week's Rotary meeting log follows, as reported by Dick Seery.

​Photographs by Jim Rini. Full slideshow here: http://www.clubrunner.ca/portal/Journals/JournalDetails.aspx?accountid=6644&jid=61304




Rotary eBulletin , October 7, 2014 David Underhill 2014-10-07 00:00:00Z 0

Perspective: The Ray Jones fund and the Rink Project

Posted by David Underhill on Sep 29, 2014

(Article by Nancy Notis and Dave Underhill, past presidents and board members)

What is the Ray Jones fund?  Who was Ray, and how does the fund that bears his name relate to our skating rink project at Strawbery Banke?   Let’s begin with some historical context.


Remembering Ray Jones


The late Ray Jones was an amazing man who died way too young at the age of 69 after a valiant battle with cancer.  A member of the Portsmouth Rotary Club, he served as President (1983-84) and was also a Paul Harris Fellow.  He was well known, outspoken, boisterous and a truly beloved member of our club.

 A retired United States Navy Captain, he led a very satisfying 30 year military career which included tours of duty: on a destroyer off Korea; as commanding officer of the Submarine USS Blueback; time at the Pentagon; time at the headquarters of the US European Command in Germany; and finally in 1977 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.   

After his retirement, he went into business at his home in Rye as “The Clock Doctor” doing repair and renovation of antique clocks. He was a member of the Portsmouth Propeller Club and their Lobster Bake Team.  He was a family man who loved music, reading and working on his computer.  He was an avid fisherman who kept the freezer stocked with salmon, halibut, and bluefish, with plenty to share with friends.

He loved his Portsmouth Rotary, and if you ever have wondered who inspired the tradition of selling Christmas ornaments with Rotary Christmas trees, it was Ray Jones.  Then for many years, instead of taking the #1 ornament himself he would have Walter Liff auction off the special decoration.   Of course Ray would always out bid others in support of the club’s coffers and his own ornament collection.  To this day PP Mort Schmidt continues the tradition of bidding on the prized ornament and then presenting it to Ray’s widow Marlene, who lives in Rye.

Shortly after Ray’s untimely death in 1999, the Portsmouth Rotary created an endowment to honor his memory with the establishment of a fund that ironically was not something Ray would have embraced in his lifetime. He didn’t like endowments that prevented use of principal dollars.  Even with this, the Ray Jones Endowment Fund has generously and successfully supported community capital projects at the Seacoast Y and at Crossroads House.

On October 9th Portsmouth Rotarians will be asked to vote on monies from the Ray Jones Endowment being directed to support the hands on project at Puddle Dock Pond.


Ted Alex briefed our club on the scope of the hands-on project at the September 18 meeting.  He’s already hard at work putting his teams together, and will begin to fabricate and pre-assemble three buildings that are the heart of the project during the month of October.   In November, we will come together and finish the job in time for the skating season.


Why do we need the money, and where will it come from?


Portsmouth Rotary’s board of directors endorsed the project in concept, and has already allocated $10,000 firm dollars toward it.   That money came from last year’s President’s Project as well as a fund-raising surplus at the end of the 2013-2014 fiscal year. 


The total materials to complete the work will cost approximately $30,000.    The board agreed that was a “not to exceed cap” and on September 10 the board endorsed the idea that the remaining $20,000 could come from the Ray Jones fund we maintain with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, where Rotary’s endowments are invested.


As of September, that specific fund’s balance is $88,634.40.   Of this amount, $30,000 may not be touched: the remaining $58,634.40 is available for projects deemed appropriate by our Club.   The board of directors unanimously approved funding up to $20,000 from this balance, and recommended it to the membership.   This now requires your approval (as indicated by ¾ of the club members present at our October 9 meeting) before it could be disbursed.   As a note, the fund balance increased by over $11,000 last fiscal year due to strong performance of our NHCF portfolio.


The club vote will be Thursday October 9. 

Thank you for your consideration.





Perspective: The Ray Jones fund and the Rink Project David Underhill 2014-09-30 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for the week of September 29, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Sep 28, 2014

Top of the week:

Save the date! Saturday October 25 at 9AM, for the PolioPlus walk across Living Memorial Bridge, a partnership event with Seacoast Rotary and other District 7780 clubs.   We will have full details at this Thursday's meeting.


Christmas Tree Sales – Sign Ups will begin on Thursday October 9that our weekly meeting. Paper sign-up sheets will be posted on the wall in the back of the room. Each Rotarian is required to complete three shifts.  Thank you!


Rotary Meeting of 09-25-14 

Reported by Douglas Macdonald

Photographer Leo Gagnon

​Slide show at this link:




With a commanding ring of the bell, President Tricia began the meeting.  Reverend Allen provided an insightful invocation, and the meeting began with another delicious lunch.

Details follow...

Rotary eBulletin for the week of September 29, 2014 David Underhill 2014-09-29 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for September 23, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Sep 22, 2014


Rotary eBulletin, September 23, 2014


Last call for vision surveys!  Final deadline is a week from today.   If you’re putting it off, please fill it out and return to Aileen Dugan.   A weblink was sent (twice) to all members who did not attend the September 4 meeting.   We need your participation…thank you.


Candidate forum this week: Representative Carol Shea-Porter and GOP candidate Frank Guinta will be our Club’s guests Thursday at Rotary.   The meeting will extend to 1:30: if you must leave early, please sit in the back of the room.  Come with your questions for the candidates, and please keep them short and focused.   We expect a number of outside media outlets will record this forum.  You can find the guidelines for this candidate forum at this link (look for the candidate forum download on the left side of the page):


Reminder: be vigilant about "phishing" attempts.  Several of us received "Rotary" emails this past week that included files which, if opened, could have caused havoc on our computers.  When in doubt--do not open an attachment!  Make a note of how you received this eBulletin, it uses the mail system we use to communicate with club members.   The source is Clubrunner, our website/support firm.   The actual URL for the sender is mailservice@clubrunner.ca, and the reply path for club emails will be the sender (an address you should recognize from our club membership).   If you ever wonder about an email being legit, please alert me to the issue by emailing dave@underhilladvisors.com or messaging me on my mobile number which you'll find in the club directory.  Also, as a general practice we don't mass-mail attachments to our members, but instead provide website links or directions so that you may log in and download or read the file in question.   

Coming soon for PolioPlus: the Rotary Clubs of our district come together to walk across Living Memorial Bridge for PolioPlus on October 25.   Here's a preview of this initiative:


Next: our comprehensive recap of last Thursday's meeting!

Rotary eBulletin for September 23, 2014 David Underhill 2014-09-23 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for the week of September 16, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Sep 15, 2014

Top of the week:

This Thursday's speaker will be David Murray.   The topic: Drones.  On the heels of last Thursday's program about Snowden and the NSA, we're sweeping the horizon for thought-provoking topics.   A reminder that the following week's meeting (September 25) will be the first of our three scheduled political forums to give Rotarians a chance to learn from the Congressional candidates (and in later meetings, the candidates for Governor and Senate).


Please note that we have not redesigned our front page, changed our typeface nor sought feedback about our eBulletin's new look....yet!  But we're working on it :)    If you're interested in Club Communication, there's a meeting on Friday -- email PP Dave for further info.    In the meantime, our team of reporters and photojournalists is hard at work to capture the essence of each week's meeting for those who are not able to be there.   

Rotary eBulletin for the week of September 16, 2014 David Underhill 2014-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary eBulletin for the week of September 2, 2014 Jonathan Flagg 2014-09-03 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 25, 2014

Posted by Mark Lorusso on Aug 24, 2014

Rotary Log Meeting of August 21, 2014

By Mark Lorusso

​Photos by Bob Loch: see full slideshow here:


What do you get when you cross an Athenian messenger who hailed victory over Persia with his last breath and a waffle iron?  Answer—an iconic running shoe.  Today, we learned about running and the birth of the running shoe.  What was victory to the Athenians became the brand we know as Nike today.Image

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 25, 2014 Mark Lorusso 2014-08-25 00:00:00Z 0

Successful 22nd Annual Thunder Chicken Race in Portsmouth

Posted by Cleo Villaflores on Aug 23, 2014

Portsmouth Thunder Chicken Race

Complete race results at this link, look for your favorite Rotarian!



Photos by Jim Rini, don't miss the extensive slide show at:



The Portsmouth Rotary Club's 22nd annual 5K Thunder Chicken Road Race, held on Saturday, August 23, 2014, was a part of the “Run Portsmouth Road Race" series.  The race is held in memory of its founders, Rotarian George Pierce and in the memory of Anna M. & Erminio A. Ricci.


The Thunder Chicken 5K road race has made history, part of the local running scene for over two decades.  It has become a way to generate charitable dollars and also promote the Rotary Club of Portsmouth in the Seacoast community. 


Rotary 7780 District Governor Lawrence Furbish visited the club on August 14th, where he told members that he likes to run, bicycle and travel overseas.   DG Lawrence signed up for the road race and ran the course to support the club and the community. 

Successful 22nd Annual Thunder Chicken Race in Portsmouth Cleo Villaflores 2014-08-24 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 18, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Aug 18, 2014

Top of the week: Thunder Chicken blasts off at 9 am Saturday

The 22d Thunder Chicken Road Race is this Saturday August 23rd . Registration is 7:30 A.M. at Strawbery Banke/Peirce Island. The race starts at 9 A.M.


Race Director Justin Finn says we still need volunteers for water stations, pre-race registration and clean-up. According to Finn, we are on pace for reaching a goal of 300 runners.


For more information, go to https://www.millenniumreg.com/thunder-chicken-5k-2014 to sign-up and tell family, friends to run and like us on Facebook.


There will be all kinds of cool prizes, Finn says. In addition runners will receive gifts and a swag bag, Special guest stars Shrek and of course the one and only Thunder Chicken will be there.


Basic Needs Update:

Our Portsmouth Rotary granted over $30,000 in Basic Needs funding during the last Rotary year.  These donations are evidence of our Club’s continuing commitment to community service and to improving the lives of all people in our community.  The recipients range from those who help feed the hungry, to a facility that helps shelter the homeless to providing services of a recently formed non-profit that helps those suffering from mental illness.  To find a complete list of the funds approved and donated click here:  http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/SitePages/SitePage.aspx?accountid=6644&pid=55823&sid=130882

Here are the notes from our Rotary meeting of August 14, as reported by Cleo Villaflores.   Photographs by Jim Rini.

Full slide show here: http://www.clubrunner.ca/portal/Journals/JournalDetails.aspx?accountid=6644&jid=60905

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 18, 2014 David Underhill 2014-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Advertise with Portsmouth Rotary! Cleo Villaflores 2014-08-13 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 11, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Aug 10, 2014

Top of the week:


This Thursday at Rotary: it’s a big day, with the visit of District Governor Lawrence Furbish.   Please be sure join us as we give him a rousing Portsmouth welcome!


John Rice has agreed to take over log-editing duties for a while, as Jon Flagg takes a rest from the weekly grind to focus on … the weekly grind.   So, John is looking for writers: if you are interested in reporting from Rotary meetings, please reach out to him: jrice@tateandfoss.com.  Thank you.


Justin Finn is still looking for race-day volunteers Saturday morning, August 23.  The fundraising portion has been very successful (see below)…but we need to execute, and that requires your help.     Justinf@secureplanninginc.com


Summary of the Thursday, August 7, 2014 meeting as reported by Stan Cross.


President Tricia thanked Bill Hurley for filling in as acting President in her absence the prior week.  Guest were introduced.  We saluted Rotary Birthdays, including: Mike Asselin 32 yrs, Tiffany McKenna 1yr, and Dave Underhill 20 years in Rotary.   Trish gave a shout out, for all the incoming thank you cards, from the various organizations that Rotary has helped.


Peter George, was introduced as a new Rotarian by Beth Tuttle, because sponsor Dan Hoefle wasn’t in attendance.  Peter is a local CPA, with a wife and 6-year-old daughter, and grew up in Merrimack, NH.  He was happy to no longer be coming as a guest.


Butch Ricci gave ten happy dollars, because of riding in the Pan Mass Challenge, along with 2 other Rotarians.




Justin Finn reminded everyone, while wearing his “Thunder Chicken shirt, that the race is on 8/23, 9am at Strawbery Banke.  The sponsorship goal of 10k has been exceeded: total is up to $13,375 which is outstanding!   We still need runners though.  Justin gave a set of 4 Patriots tickets to Walter Liff to auction off, and they went to Marie Brownell.  Hope she enjoys the game!


Cleo Villaflores -asked for volunteers for the many positions along the route of the race – Please Help! 


Rick Page introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Jonathan Bridges, an interventional cardiologist, who recently treated him.  Rick talked about what happened - On 4/13 while driving home he had a heart attack.  He thought it was just that he wasn’t feeling well, so continued to drive home, there took some water and a couple of aspirins, and went to Google to look up the symptoms of a heart attack.  “Are you a man suffering from a heart attack”?  popped up on his screen, and he saw the symptoms and read “don’t be the typical male by not calling 911!” 


Dr Bridges started with a slide show of “what is coronary artery disease?”  He talked about the functionality of the heart and how it has 3 coronary arteries on it.  He talked about the causes of plaque buildup which cause the artery to burst; tobacco, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, lack of activity, stress, and even SEX!   Plaque formation – once an artery is damaged through one or more of these causes, it allows plaque to build until it bursts open.  He said that “malpractice attorneys don’t have to worry about this because they have no hearts!”  which sent a roar of laughter from the group.  Clots occur after the burst, one has only 90 min before heart cells die.  Treatments include catheterization, stents, and some require surgery.  Surgery is by-pass, which actually by-passes the damaged artery, restoring blood flow.   He also mentioned heart attacks are much easier to detect in men than in women. 


50/50 raffle, for $74 dollars, was won by Neil Ouellett, and no -- he didn’t have a match!  See you next week!

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Rotary eBulletin week of August 4, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Aug 04, 2014

Rotary eBulletin for the week of August 4, 2014


Great pictures from the Thursday (July 31) meeting, shot by photo editor Jim Rini, and they clearly are worth thousands of words.


Few actual words, however.   President Tricia was on vacation.   Past President Dave continues his mysterious exile on an island in the Northumberland Strait.  Writers seem to be in short supply.   President-Elect Bill took charge of the meeting, the Club, and the reporting of the meeting, and apparently quashed any effort to allow Rotary’s free press to function.  By all reports he did a fabulous job and a great time was had by all.


There's more!   Please keep reading....


Rotary eBulletin week of August 4, 2014 David Underhill 2014-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

Top of the Week

Posted by Sara Treacy on Aug 04, 2014
story thumbnail

TOP of the WEEK ANNOUNCES your Rotary committee NEEDS and calls to action!

To be included contact Sara Treacy: saratreacy@comcast.net or 603-661-85

Thunder Chicken Road Race coming up on August 23rd.  Contact Justin Finn for details. We need volunteers!!!

The Basic Needs Committee is seeking donation requests from local non profit charities in the categories of food, clothing, shelter and health. Contact Chairman Bob Lewis: Bob.Lewis46@comcast.net for an application.

SALVATION ARMY Soup Kitchen DATES FOR 2014:  Oct 29,  John Raughtigan has volunteered to be Capt on 10/29.  It's FUN & easy to serve!

Are you on Facebook?  Click below to visit our Portsmouth Rotary Club page.  "Like" us to stay up to date on club activities, events, weekly meeting photos and more!

Top of the Week Sara Treacy 2014-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Log: Meeting of July 24, 2014

Posted by Mark Lorusso on Jul 30, 2014

It was an action- packed meeting last week!  Rotary Reporter Mark Lorusso has the details, which follow.  Hope to see you at noon today for our end-July sendoff.

Rotary Log: Meeting of July 24, 2014 Mark Lorusso 2014-07-31 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary Digest for the week of July 21, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Jul 21, 2014

(Portsmouth Rotary News Center Anchor Dude with big voice): For decades, newspapers assigned reporters to cover the news.  Recently there’s a new internet trend, “aggregation”, which (allegedly) involves laying off all the reporters and instead compiling tweets, posts, administration spin and internet rumors to approximate the actual reporting of the event.  We take you now to our reporter-aggregator-editor in an undisclosed international bureau, who was not at last Thursday’s meeting and therefore can report on it with both fake authority and true ambiguity.


(Editor): President Tricia opened the meeting, probably by ringing the bell.  John Rice led us in song, greeter Bob Sheesley proved a quick study by kicking off the four-way test, and the Rev. Gordon provided the invocation.   Lunch followed.  Folks ate and enjoyed it.  That’s why we call this a digest.


(News Center): Isn’t this reporting crisp and compelling?


(Editor): You’ve got that right, NC.  How about a check on the weather?


(NC): Sorry, that’s not in the database. It might have been nice, or might have rained.   Back to you.


(Editor): Dues are due, said President Tricia.  EREY donations would be greatly appreciated.    Cleo Villaflores has agreed to develop website sales, much to the delight of the board, which counts on these advertising dollars to keep the dues at their amazingly low level of $125/year (with a $25 late fee if you don’t get them in by August 1, friendly reminder!)


(NC:) Have we heard anything final about the golf tourney?


(Editor): The board report last week gave tentative numbers, and tournament director Andy Chace is expected to appear this Thursday with a final report.  It was a huge success.


(NC:) You know, this second hand news thing is bizarre.  I wish our club would go back to a roster of real reporters writing a weekly log.


(Editor:) Put it in the upcoming survey.  PP Aileen and the Vision Committee are planning a survey of members, another way to add your voice to the club’s direction.   We’re also collecting volunteers to work on the log, so talk with P-Tricia if you’d like to raise your hand and be a reporter/editor. 


(NC:) You seem to be weaving factoids about the meeting into a fabric built on administration spin.


(Editor): You can find more on Twitter @PortsmouthRotary.   Or maybe not, I think we lost the password to that.  Maybe Facebook.


(NC:) Any more about the meeting?


(Editor): Of course.  Rick Page is collecting sign-ups for the August 23 Road Race, we need a lot of volunteer support to make this a great success.  




Leonard Seagren announced that Friends Forever visitors are on the Seacoast this week, and also told the club we expect to welcome a Maine Doctor next Thursday.  She is kayaking to Guatemala, and will stop in Portsmouth. 




(NC:) And now, for the program summary.


(Editor):  Jim Rini introduced the speaker – Marilyn Kelley, wife of Jack Kelley, who   became an author later in life after reading a Danielle Steele novel and thinking “I can do that.”  She ended up writing a non-fiction account of the family’s move to Brazil, and Jack’s involvement with a very shady international character. 


Since I wasn’t at the meeting I have poached the following Amazon synopsis of the book:


In the early '70's, Jack and Marilyn Kelley move with their four teenage daughters from Greenwich, Connecticut to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, desperate to save their marriage and escape the toxic corporate culture of New York. They become partners with a charming international entrepreneur/US undercover agent. When the seemingly lucrative businesses fail to produce income, the Kelleys discover their partner has another side he has neglected to reveal, and they are thrust into a life they couldn't have imagined. A group of colorful characters fueled by greed, corruption and cafezinho befriend the Kelleys, and Jack finds himself in Belem, a border town on the Amazon River, banding with thieves and murderers to pursue his partner and retrieve his plane and his investment.




… it sounded fascinating and in a nutshell  - we are lucky the family made it out alive and that Jack is here in Portsmouth.  The other good news is that the family needed the bonding experience and got all of that.  She was completely lovely and the story is quite remarkable.


(NC:) What is “cafezinho”?

(E:) Might be an internet typo for espresso with whipped milk added.


(NC:) How can we top such a wonderful program?


(Editor:) Glad you asked!  This Thursday’s speaker will be Carly Fiorina, former head of HP, who will speak on the topic “Unlocking Potential”.  


(NC:) Wow, this new club President is really off to a great start with wonderful programs!  She must be a true wizard, a leader in the tradition of Carly Fiorina.


(Editor:) Crank down the administration spin, there, news-meister, or the members may revolt and demand a free and uncensored press.   That could make the board meetings a lot longer too.


(NC:) Ten-four, internet aggregator.   Maybe this week we’ll have a real reporter at the meeting and you can just link to their coverage.   Who knows, we might start a trend.   Anything else we need to mention?


(Editor:) Ramona won the raffle – the amount was either $65 or $55 or something like that, I can’t make out whether that’s the money she won or my score for the first nine holes that day.     Pretty sure there was no bonus, so that number must be going up fast.  If we had real facts, I’d give them to you.




(NC:) See you Thursday!  

(Editor:) Well, maybe not.  Depends on whether I can break free from this rigorous schedule in exile.  Since the Red Sox beat the Jays last night 14-1, I've been able to relax just a little.   Always wondered what past presidents do....now I'm beginning to develop a sense of it.

(All photos in this digest by Bob Loch except for the following).




Portsmouth Rotary Digest for the week of July 21, 2014 David Underhill 2014-07-22 00:00:00Z 0

Portsmouth Rotary "New Year" Board Update

Posted by Patricia Cummings on Jul 14, 2014

We’re off and running in our new Rotary year!  Your board met on July 9, to act on a lot of good news.   Most impressively, the club raised nearly $26,000 in the Endowment Golf Tournament, thanks to the extraordinary work of Andy Chace and his great committee.   That money, when the final tally is complete, will be sent to our club’s NHCF Basic Needs Endowment, boosting the capital in that fund from $95,000 to over $120,000.   Nice job!


In related news, the board approved two basic-needs committee recommendations: we sent $3,500 to Seacoast Pathways, a new mental health “clubhouse format” support organization, and we granted $1,000 to the Seacoast Community School.


Justin Finn and the Thunder Chicken team are getting close to the starting line of our first big event in this new Rotary Year – that race kicks off at 9:00 AM Saturday, August 23.   We’ll need many of you to turn out and help with race logistics, and we’re counting on great participation from club members and community volunteers to make it a success.


Thanks for all your hard work and service to Portsmouth Rotary,


President Tricia


Portsmouth Rotary "New Year" Board Update Patricia Cummings 2014-07-15 00:00:00Z 0

Seacoast Mavericks help Rotary end the year in style!

Posted by David Underhill on Jul 07, 2014

(June 25, 2014):  Members of three Rotary Clubs from District 7780 ended their Rotary year with shared fellowship, fun- and fund-raising at Portsmouth’s Leary Field as the Seacoast Mavericks posted a 9-2 victory over the Old Orchard Beach Raging Tide in the FCBL independent baseball League.

Seacoast Mavericks help Rotary end the year in style! David Underhill 2014-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

As President Dave Underhill passes the gavel, 4 local charities receive funds.

Posted by Sara Treacy on Jun 25, 2014

ImageIt’s never too late in the year for the Portsmouth Rotary Club to make donations! Just as President Dave Underhill’s term is ending, four local organizations have received funds for their special projects. Catholic Share assists individuals and families, without regard to race or religious affiliation, with payments for housing, utilities, vehicle repairs, medical expenses and clothing; Common Table is another recipient and they provide a free lunch every Thursday, to whomever shows up at St. John’s Parish Hall on Bow St; the Portsmouth High School will now have First Aid/Trauma Bags for the classrooms, a campaign led by nurse Barbara. Lastly, Families First “Healthy Grins” program is using their Rotary grant to support oral health education and dental care for children.  The children look forward to the visit of dental hygienist Cynthia Bishop to their classrooms each year, in part because they know they will receive a bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or flosser and a pencil.

The Portsmouth Rotary Club continues its “Service Above Self” mission with 100% of net funds raised going back to local charities. The Portsmouth Rotary Club was chartered in 1923 and leads fundraisers throughout the year to support worthwhile charities that make a positive difference in people’s lives.  For more information about Portsmouth Rotary visit www.portsmouthrotary.org


As President Dave Underhill passes the gavel, 4 local charities receive funds. Sara Treacy 2014-06-26 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: June 5 and 19, 2014 (the past, the future...and Shakespeare Cleo Villaflores 2014-06-25 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Honors Paul Harris Fellows

Posted by David Underhill on Jun 05, 2014

On June 5, the Club honored the work of Sara Treacy by making her a Paul Harris Fellow.  Sara heads our public relations committee, she is a past board member, organizes the Salvation Army Soup kitchen service projects and is one of our club photographers.   And that's just the beginning: she's highly respected as a local Realtor and has been spearheading efforts to increase public awareness and resources in the field of mental health.   As Past President Diane Foley said when presenting the award on behalf of the Foundation Committee, Sara "does all this with a smile, dignity and grace."  We salute her and honor her Rotary Service Above Self.

The Paul Harris Fellowship is like love -- it grows when it is shared.  

The club also recognized four members who have attained new Paul Harris Fellow status by virtue of their club service and their contributions to the Rotary Foundation: Leo St. Martin, Richard Seery, Stella Scamman and James Petersen.  Many of our members donate to the Foundation at a $100/year "EREY-sustaining member" rate, and over time these contributions add up to make a real difference in the world!  On behalf of the Rotary Foundation, thank you for your support.  A reminder to our members that there's still time to make an EREY or PHF contribution this Rotary year -- just get a check to treasurer Joe Bove or to foundation chair Bob Herold.   As a reminder, any donation turned in with your dues invoice will be credited to the next Rotary year (2014-15) which begins on July 1.

Rotary Honors Paul Harris Fellows David Underhill 2014-06-06 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Goals 2013-14 presentation

Posted by David Underhill on Jun 04, 2014

Fellow Rotarians, here is the presentation that Tricia and I made about our Club's goal-setting process and achievements during the 2013-2014 Rotary year.   Unfortunately, ClubRunner does not allow a file this large to be uploaded, so I have posted the file on my own website at this link: after you click the link and it goes to the site page, click on the PDF file to open.


Thaks for all you've done to make these things happen!


Rotary Goals 2013-14 presentation David Underhill 2014-06-05 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: May 15, 2014 (foreign exchange students) Mark Lorusso 2014-06-05 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary donates over $11,000 to eight organizations

Posted by David Underhill on Jun 03, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014:  The board of directors approved the following donations from Portsmouth Rotary.

Basic Needs Funds:

$3,500 to Seacoast Family Food Pantry, support for Summer Meals 4 Kids Program (formerly known as Operation Bag Lunch)

$1,280 to Families First Health and Support Center, for dental clinics

$1,000 to Fair Tide (Kittery) to support their transitional housing program.

$1,500 to Seacoast Mental Health Center, to support emergency mental health services for walk-in patients.

$1,000 to the Portsmouth School Nursing department, to purchase tote bags for first aid and trauma supplies for each classroom in the school system.

Jeremy Alex Fund:

$1,724 for music scholarship at the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC)

Additional grants:

$775 to the Student2Student Mentor program at Portsmouth High School

$500 to the scholarship program of Leadership Seacoast

Total funding approved: $11,279

Big thanks to the hard work of Rotarians this year, and those who have come before us to create endowments to serve our community.

Rotary donates over $11,000 to eight organizations David Underhill 2014-06-04 00:00:00Z 0

Bylaws amendment approved May 29, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on May 30, 2014

The comprehensive amendment to the bylaws was approved by vote of the membership on May 29, 2014.  A final dated copy is now in the documents section of the website in a folder labeled "bylaws".  Log into the club website and select "view club documents".  

Bylaws amendment approved May 29, 2014 David Underhill 2014-05-31 00:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Home restoration project

Posted by David Underhill on May 07, 2014

A group of Rotarians is working to restore Paul Harris' historic home on the south side of Chicago, and has established a foundation to preserve this piece of Rotary's history.   If you would like to learn more about this project, please visit their website and consider a personal contribution to help.

Paul Harris Home restoration project David Underhill 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: May 1, 2014 (the Waldorf School) Douglas MacDonald 2014-05-08 00:00:00Z 0
Portsmouth Rotary Board Update, May 7, 2014 David Underhill 2014-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: April 17, 2014 (Olympian) Richard Seery 2014-04-22 00:00:00Z 0
Hands-on project at Pease Softball fields David Underhill 2014-04-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Logs: April 3, 2014 (starting a business) and April 10, 2014 (opera) Joanie Dickinson 2014-04-16 00:00:00Z 0

Where does our money go?

Posted by David Underhill on Apr 06, 2014

This Rotary year, our Club has already raised over $150,000 for non-profit projects and causes, and we're not done yet!  Here's how this money is allocated by your board of directors.


Want to know more?  Ask a director, come to a board meeting, sit on one of our funding committees -- engage Rotary, we change lives!

Where does our money go? David Underhill 2014-04-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: March 27, 2014 (Rotary Foundation) Mark Lorusso 2014-04-03 00:00:00Z 0

Updates from the board of directors meeting April 2

Posted by David Underhill on Apr 01, 2014

Your club's board made a number of key funding commitments at its meeting on April 2.   The club directors also voted agreement in principle and substance with pending bylaws revisions, and adopted a political program policy for 2014.   Details follow.

Updates from the board of directors meeting April 2 David Underhill 2014-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: March 20, 2014 (Interact) Douglas MacDonald 2014-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log (Friends Forever-amazing) Richard Seery 2014-03-11 00:00:00Z 0
Jeremy Alex fund at work! David Underhill 2014-03-09 00:00:00Z 0

Notes from the Board of Directors, March 5, 2014

Posted by David Underhill on Mar 05, 2014
Here’s a summary of key actions by your club’s board of directors on March 5, 2014:

The board approved a William Cash Fund recommendation to grant $5,301.72 for the materials costs to create new dugouts at the Pease softball fields. This is a club hands-on project under Ted Alex and Basil Richardson’s direction, and contributes to an effort of the Portsmouth Girls Softball league and Eagle Scout candidate Hayden Diemer. The new dugouts will honor long-time coach Tony Rahn, who passed away last July after decades of service as a phys-ed teacher in Portsmouth and Newington. Portsmouth Rotary also acknowledges the generous contribution of Ricci Lumber, which is giving us their actual cost price for all materials. The hands-on project date is Saturday April 26, and we hope for and expect a great turnout for club members to support this Rotary effort.

We approved a $1,200 request from the basic needs committee to fund the egg and cheese program at the Seacoast Family Food Pantry.

We also donated $250 toward a district Interact and New Generations conference on March 29. On March 20, our meeting topic will be youth programs in Rotary, and our guest will be district-governor-nominee Sheila Rollins who chairs that committee for district 7780.

The board and past presidents have received a draft of the proposed bylaws revisions, and will hold a meeting on March 18 at 7:30 at the Community Campus. If any member of our club wants a copy or wishes to attend the meeting, please see President Dave.

The board updated and confirmed a guidelines document for the Finance Committee. The updated guidelines may be found in the “Finance Committee” folder of club documents, accessible by member log-in on our website.

Notes from the Board of Directors, March 5, 2014 David Underhill 2014-03-06 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: February 27, 2014 (social media) Cleo Villaflores 2014-03-04 00:00:00Z 0

Basic Needs Food Drive, It Matters

Posted by David Underhill on Feb 22, 2014

Portsmouth Rotarians pitched in on Saturday February 22 to gather food and money that replenishes the depleted food pantry at the Salvation Army.  

(With enthusiasm!)


Basic Needs Food Drive, It Matters David Underhill 2014-02-23 00:00:00Z 0

Auction success

Posted by David Underhill on Feb 21, 2014

Congratulations and special thanks to our auction committee for a successful night February 20!

Great party, clearly the prime social event of our winter season, and delicious!  Preliminary numbers indicate we should exceed our budget goal for fundraising, and we owe that to the hard work of Joanie Dickinson, Janis Reams, Karen McCormack, Deb Rourke, Susan LaBrie and many other committee members and helpers, including volunteers from our Interact Club.   Thank you all!


Auction success David Underhill 2014-02-22 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: February 13, 2014 (Magic!) Jonathan Flagg 2014-02-18 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: February 6, 2014 Mark Lorusso 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z 0

Paralympic Sled Hockey, sneak preview

Posted by C. Stanford Cross on Feb 13, 2014

Rotarians: coming up on April 17, Taylor Chace will be our speaker at Rotary.   But there's a great opportunity to preview his journey, coming up on February 24, 10PM on NHPTV (PBS).   They have a special about the U.S. Sled Hockey team at the Paralympic Games, and Taylor is featured in the program.   Plan ahead!  Watch the show, and get ready to meet Taylor at our club when the snow (it is rumored) will have melted.


Video preview here as well:

PBS Sled Hockey video preview

Paralympic Sled Hockey, sneak preview C. Stanford Cross 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: January 23, 2014 (Membership) Jonathan Flagg 2014-02-01 00:00:00Z 0
Where does our Rotary money come from? Where does it go? A mid-year snapshot. David Underhill 2014-01-22 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: January 16, 2014 (A Day in the Life of a Newspaper Editor) Jonathan Flagg 2014-01-21 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: January 9, 2014 (Rye Public Library) Cleo Villaflores 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: 2013 leftovers and wrap up Jonathan Flagg 2014-01-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: December 19, 2013 (Merry Christmas) Richard Seery 2013-12-26 00:00:00Z 0

Officers and Directors 2014-2015

Posted by David Underhill on Dec 18, 2013

At the annual meeting of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth December 12, 2013, the club duly elected next year's slate of officers and directors for the Rotary year July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Click here for President-Elect Tricia's complete board: when the screen comes up with the current board, click the "next year" button to the right of date at the top of the page.


2014-2015 Directors

Officers and Directors 2014-2015 David Underhill 2013-12-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: December 12, 2013 (Health Care) Jonathan Flagg 2013-12-18 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: Special Double Issue of Comets, Thanksgiving 2013 and Christmas Mark Lorusso 2013-12-05 00:00:00Z 0

"Thanksgiving Comes Before Christmas!"

Posted by David Underhill on Nov 28, 2013

“Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.”   (Priscilla MacInnis).


You bet it did!  Dozens and dozens of Rotarians baked, roasted, carved, cooked, conveyed, cajoled and collaborated to serve over three hundred turkey dinners to the Seacoast Thanksgiving Day.   


The Portsmouth Rotary Club’s annual feast warmed over twice as many homes and hearts this year, thanks to our volunteers.   From the early organizational planning by Priscilla and her team, including the marketing energies of Leo Gagnon and Bob Lewis, it was clear we’d be seeing a significant increase in the requests for turkey dinners.   But the finale was a delightful surprise, even to those who thought they knew how great the interest would be.


It’s always a guess at the end: how many folks would show up at the Jarvis Center?  The delivery count, meals requested, had gone over two hundred meals.   Would that signal a similar increase in the Thanksgiving day turnout, or was it a shift from the gathering to the individual homes?

"Thanksgiving Comes Before Christmas!" David Underhill 2013-11-29 00:00:00Z 0

Philippines Typhoon Relief Update 11-18-2014

Posted by David Underhill on Nov 17, 2013

Since I reported to you on this issue last week, we've learned of a great initiative that is now being coordinated through our Rotary District 7780.

This effort is pooling funds from Rotarians and clubs around the district to send ShelterBoxes directly to the Philippines.   You can find more information about ShelterBox in the article that follows.   But here's the simple headline:

Portsmouth Rotary's directors have approved sending $3,000 to this fund immediately, from our International Service budget.   This will provide three ShelterBox units immediately, where they are sorely needed.

Individual Rotarians can help too.   You don't need to fund a whole ShelterBox: just send your contribution in any amount made payable to Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club Foundation.  Mark "ShelterBox Philippines in the comment line of the check, and mail your check to:

Past District Governor Marty Helman, 88 Appalachee Road, Boothbay Harbor ME 04538.  

Thank you!  For more info, please keep reading…..



Philippines Typhoon Relief Update 11-18-2014 David Underhill 2013-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: November 7, 2013 (Archeology Matters) Richard Seery 2013-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 31, 2013 (Great Bay) Douglas MacDonald 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 24, 2013 (FDR's final journey) Jonathan Flagg 2013-10-29 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 17, 2013 (Polio Plus) Jonathan Flagg 2013-10-24 00:00:00Z 0

Join Us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on October 16th

Posted by David Ferland on Oct 10, 2013
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Our Vocational Service Committee is pleased to announce our next "BEHIND the BUSINESS" event to our membership.

Stella Scamman is welcoming us to Scamman Farm on Wednesday, October 16th @ 5:00pm.

69 Portsmouth Ave ~ Route 108
Stratham NH. 03885

The NH Commissioner of Agriculture will be joining us. Her name is Lorraine Stuart Merrill.

Please RSVP by e-mail at DavidFerlandK9@gmail.com or call 603-765-0571 to let Lou know you are attending and with how many.

"BEHIND the BUSINESS" serves as a means for members to strengthen professional relationships and to better know our capabilities for individual and community problem solving.

Additional Goals:

Promote vocation in a fun and social way.
Opportunity for Rotarians to learn about each other’s professions and businesses.
Increase fellowship and social networking.
Provide an opportunity to members for a ‘make-up’ meeting.
Join Us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on October 16th David Ferland 2013-10-11 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 1, 2013 (Discover Portsmouth) Mark Lorusso 2013-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 12, 2013 (nobody does anything about it...) Andy Chace 2013-09-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 5, 2013 (Master Storyteller) Aileen Dugan 2013-09-10 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: August 29, 2013 (Survey says...) Jonathan Flagg 2013-09-03 00:00:00Z 0

International Service Travel Opportunity

Posted by Jamie DeStefano on Aug 27, 2013
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The Rotary Club of Saco Bay has received a district grant to explore the possibility of implementing a literacy project similar to the Guatemala Literacy Project to encourage children to improve their literacy skills in Sauka, Nigeria.  Kerstin Kirchner, member of the Rotary Club of Saco Bay, will lead a team of 5-7 Rotarians of the District 7780 from  November 6 to November 18, 2013 to Nigeria.


Saco Bay is looking for other interested Rotarians to join us on the trip.  During the stay, the Rotarians will meet with Rotarians of the Rotary Club Abuja Metro, local community leaders, and teachers to determine the interest of the community of implementing a literacy project and building the essential foundation for applying for a Global Grant.


Three components will make your trip worthwhile:

o   Literacy activities

o   Rotary activities with local clubs

o   Cultural immersion

We sincerely hope that you decide to join in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Rotary Club of Saco Bay.

If you like to be part of the team or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact kerstinkrchnr@gmail.com or (207)807-0367.

International Service Travel Opportunity Jamie DeStefano 2013-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: August 22, 2013 (Portsmouth Zoning) Douglas MacDonald 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: August 15, 2013 (China) Richard Seery 2013-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: August 8, 2013 (Bridge Lights) Douglas MacDonald 2013-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: July 25, 2013 (Our Rotary Club) Andy Chace 2013-08-01 00:00:00Z 0

Join us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on August 4th

Posted by David Ferland on Jul 30, 2013
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Our Vocational Service Committee is pleased to announce our third "BEHIND the BUSINESS" event to our membership.

Several of our Portsmouth Rotarians serve on the Board of Prescott Park Arts Festival and are welcoming us for a special evening at the park.

Special Instructions - RSVP Please

Rotarians: a reminder that you need to sign up Thursday for Beyond the Business at Prescott Park this weekend.....Rotarians and their families can visit behind the scenes, meet the actors and theater team, and then enjoy the performance of Annie at the park Sunday, August 4, starting at 5:30 PM.  Please bring a $10 per person donation to Prescott Park to cover the performance and a chair that will be reserved for you.   For further information, see Vocational Service chair Lou Ferland or email him (davidferlandk9@gmail.com).

"BEHIND the BUSINESS" serves as a means for members to strengthen professional relationships and to better know our capabilities for individual and community problem solving.

Additional Goals:

Promote vocation in a fun and social way.
Opportunity for Rotarians to learn about each other’s professions and businesses.
Increase fellowship and social networking.
Provide an opportunity to members for a ‘make-up’ meeting.

Join us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on August 4th David Ferland 2013-07-31 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: July 17, 2013 (Film Festival) Aileen Dugan 2013-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: July 11, 2013 (Play Ball!) Mark Lorusso 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Committee News: Five Year Plan/Visioning

Posted by Diane Lavigne on Jul 16, 2013
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Our Five Year Plan/Visioning process began in January 2011 when a group of Portsmouth Rotarians met to take part in a “Club Visioning” event facilitated by our District. 


CLICK HERE for information on the District website.


Our Five Year Plan/Visioning Committee meets once a month to review the goals of our club and evaluate our progress in meeting those goals.


CLICK HERE for information on our Portsmouth Rotary website.  (You must log into ClubRunner)


Next Meeting:


Friday, July 19th @ 7:30am

The Edgewood Center

928 South Street


New members are welcome!




Diane Lavigne


Committee News: Five Year Plan/Visioning Diane Lavigne 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Committee News: William Cash

Posted by Neal Ouellett on Jul 16, 2013
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Do you have a local non-profit you are passionate about?  Is there an opportunity for hands on service by a group of Rotarians?  Submit an application to the William Cash Committee for review!


The Committee met on June 20th and considered three requests.  Two went to the Board of Directors for funding and were approved.  (See Below)


New Committee members always welcome.  We meet the third Thursday of the month at 8 AM at the Community Campus, but only when there are requests to consider.




Neal Ouellett



Committee News: William Cash Neal Ouellett 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: June 26, 2013 (Changing of the Guard) Jonathan Flagg 2013-07-11 00:00:00Z 0

Thursday is Baseball Day at Portsmouth Rotary

Posted by David Underhill on Jul 09, 2013
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Our guest this week is Mike Daboul, President of Seacoast Mavericks.  Portsmouth is fortunate to now have its own Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) team playing at Leary Field. We'll learn how the community supports its baseball.

Wear a baseball cap and win a swell prize.  Any team, any league, any vintage, from your own vintage PHS cap to a Cooperstown original. Bonus prizes for Boston Braves or any other no-longer-team caps.

There will be ballpark-food (adjusted of course to the high quality of PCC), appropriate music and costumes. If you wear a full baseball uniform you will get a special presidential exemption from being fined for the entire meeting….and if you don't have a cap or a uniform, bring some dollars for Butch or Neal to collect. Our special greeter will arbitrate any disputes about winning or losing caps, uniforms or memorabilia.

Don't balk…walk, run, slide and pitch in! Please come prepared to "play ball" at our first meeting of the new Rotary year!

Thursday is Baseball Day at Portsmouth Rotary David Underhill 2013-07-10 00:00:00Z 0

Thunder Chicken Road Race Volunteers Needed

Posted by Rick Page on Jul 09, 2013
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The upcoming Annual Thunder Chicken 5K Road Race will take place on August 1, 2013 at Strawbery Banke.  For our next meeting on July 11th we will have sign-up sheets present for the following:

- Road Race Registration Tent for road race participants to sign-up for race registration from 3:30PM to 5:30PM

- Road Race Course Safety Monitors to sign-up and meet at Strawbery Banke at 5:00PM (entails standing on a corner course with flag directing runners and traffic)

- Road Race Water Stations - 2 Water Stations Captains for 2 locations and volunteers to fill water cups at 5:PM

- Road Race Finish Line Volunteers to meet at Strawberry Banke at 5:00PM

We would like to see as many Rotarians volunteer as possible to make this year's event a huge success!

I know members have e-mailed me in the past for sign-up!  I will sign you up prior to our meeting this week.  Please provide your contact phone information and what sign-up sheet you would like to participate as a volunteer. 

Thank you for all you do for Rotary!

Thunder Chicken Road Race Volunteers Needed Rick Page 2013-07-10 00:00:00Z 0

Changing of the Guard

Posted by Jamie DeStefano on Jul 02, 2013
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A good time was had by all at last week's Changing of the Guard as we celebrated our newest Past President.

Thank you Past President Nancy Notis for a great Rotary year!

CLICK HERE for Seacoastonline.com article

CLICK HERE for Seacoastonline.com photo gallery


Changing of the Guard Jamie DeStefano 2013-07-03 00:00:00Z 0
District Co-Sponsored Rotaplast Mission to Retalheleu, Guatemala Jamie DeStefano 2013-07-03 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: June 20, 2013 (Uganda and bees) Jonathan Flagg 2013-06-27 00:00:00Z 0

2013 Club Photo

Posted by Jamie DeStefano on Jun 24, 2013
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    Photo Credit:  Deb Cram

   CLICK HERE for Seacoastonline.com article


2013 Club Photo Jamie DeStefano 2013-06-25 00:00:00Z 0

Soup Kitchen Volunteers Needed

Posted by Sara Treacy on Jun 24, 2013
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Servers Needed:

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen needs people to serve on the following nights.  No food prep needed.  Please let Jayne Ferguson at SA know if you're interested: jayne.ferguson@use.salvationarmy.org.

July 31

Aug 6, 7, 16, 29, 30

Sept 3, 4, 30

Portsmouth Rotary Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Dates:

Our next scheduled Rotary Salvation Army Soup Kitchen dates are:  Sept 17th (need a team leader) and Oct 22nd w/Aileen Dugan as team leader.  See the events set up for the September and October Salvation Army Soup Kitchen dates and 'Register' to volunteer. 

Soup Kitchen Volunteers Needed Sara Treacy 2013-06-25 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: June 13, 2013 Joanie Dickinson 2013-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: June 6, 2013 (Vocational Awards) Douglas MacDonald 2013-06-13 00:00:00Z 0

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients

Posted by Steve Mailhot on Jun 03, 2013
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Congratulations to our 2013 award recipients!


CLICK HERE for the Seacoastonline.com article about this annual program.



Erin Lent (University of South Carolina)

Chloe Lesieur (Northeastern University)

Ethan Pirie (University of New Hampshire)

Graham Pirie (University of New Hampshire)

Emily Fregeau (Quinnipiac University)

Eliza McLeod (University of Missouri)

Alison Hiatt (Boston College)

Amanda Spiller (Bowdoin College)

Hillary Bui (Simmons College)

Conor Wood (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Sam Lichenstein (American University)


Shanley Scholarship:  Lauren Larson (Colby Sawyer College)

Genimatas Scholarship: Christoper Beauchemin (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)


2013 Scholarship Award Recipients Steve Mailhot 2013-06-04 00:00:00Z 0

Foundation Committee Report

Posted by Robert Herold on Jun 03, 2013
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Congratulations to the club for reaching our Foundation giving goal in our budget this year of $13,000!


The Foundation Committee along with the Board of Directors has budgeted an increase of $2,000 to next year's giving to the Foundation.  These increases include $1,000 additional for our club program of using matching money for Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition, $500 increased funding for PolioPlus (we are this close!), and $500 in additional budgeted Every Rotary Every Year (EREY) giving.  Please consider making a donation (see dues invoices) to this program.


The Foundation Committee is in the process of drawing up a policy to submit to the Board of Directors on the use of Recognition Points for PHFs and how our club recognizes the different ways PHF are obtained.  If you have an opinion or ideas on these subjects please get in touch with a member of your Foundation Committee.


Bob Herold, Foundation Chair

Foundation Committee Report Robert Herold 2013-06-04 00:00:00Z 0

Join us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on June 19th

Posted by David Ferland on Jun 03, 2013
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Our Vocational Service Committee is pleased to announce our second "BEHIND the BUSINESS" event to our membership.

Portsmouth Rotarian, Bill Hurley, is welcoming us to Infinite Imaging on Wednesday, June 19th @ 5:30pm.

"BEHIND the BUSINESS" serves as a means for members to strengthen professional relationships and to better know our capabilities for individual and community problem solving.

Additional Goals:

Promote vocation in a fun and social way.
Opportunity for Rotarians to learn about each other’s professions and businesses.
Increase fellowship and social networking.
Provide an opportunity to members for a ‘make-up’ meeting.
Join us for BEHIND the BUSINESS on June 19th David Ferland 2013-06-04 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: May 16, 2013 (Bob Herold) Andy Chace 2013-05-22 00:00:00Z 0

Cathy Herold Named District 7780 Spouse of the Year

Posted by David Underhill on May 20, 2013
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Congratulations to Cathy Herold!  Cathy was awarded District Spouse of the Year at the District Conference in Boothbay Harbor this past weekend.  Cathy was recognized for her international service in Uganda and Ethiopia.


Cathy Herold Named District 7780 Spouse of the Year David Underhill 2013-05-21 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: May 9, 2013 (cyber security) Aileen Dugan 2013-05-14 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: Bonus Issue from Celts to Health Care Richard Seery 2013-05-09 00:00:00Z 0

New Rotary Year budgets, goals, committees approved by board of directors

Posted by David Underhill on May 08, 2013

The board of directors for the new Rotary year (2013-2014) has reviewed and adopted the finance committee's recommended operating and charitable division budgets.  These documents can be found by logging into the website and clicking "view club documents", then looking in the folder named "Rotary Year 2013-2014".   The board also approved goals and committee assignments for the new year, which you can also find in that folder.  Please see me, or any board member, with questions or comments about our ambitious plans for the new Rotary year.

Thanks for your efforts to support our Club! 

PE Dave, May 9, 2013

New Rotary Year budgets, goals, committees approved by board of directors David Underhill 2013-05-09 00:00:00Z 0

Respond Now! Rotary Vocational Awards …. Call for Nominations!

Posted by David Ferland on May 06, 2013
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Do you know someone who is worthy of a Rotary Vocational Award?


CLICK HERE for an application.


These annual awards are given to recognize FOUR individuals who practice high ethical standards in the workplace and exhibit vocational excellence, contributing to the quality of life here in the seacoast area. 

Respond Now! Rotary Vocational Awards …. Call for Nominations! David Ferland 2013-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
Golf Tournament - Last Call for Early Bird Pricing Benjamin Wheeler 2013-04-30 00:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Log: March 28, 2013 (Project Search and Happy Birthday) Joanie Dickinson 2013-04-01 00:00:00Z 0

Five Honored as Paul Harris Fellows

Posted by David Underhill on Mar 30, 2013

Portsmouth Rotary Club honored five of its finest by designating them to be Paul Harris Fellows during its ninetieth anniversary Gala Saturday night, March 30.

The club recognized the outstanding contributions to Portsmouth made by City Manager John Bohenko, the club service contributions of Marie Brownell and Linda Browning, and the leadership in recent years of past presidents Tony Delyani and Diane Foley.  They were saluted by the membership,  and congratulated by family and friends, many of whose attendance was a surprise to the honorees.

Five Honored as Paul Harris Fellows David Underhill 2013-03-31 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: March 27, 2013 (annual poetry hoot) Beth Wheland 2013-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: March 14, 2013 (Peter's big adventure) Mark Lorusso 2013-03-20 00:00:00Z 0
90th Anniversary Celebration - Last Call for RSVPs Janice Wood 2013-03-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: March 7, 2013 (Dick Holt and the River) Andy Chace 2013-03-10 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: February 28,2013 (Brian Gottlieb) Aileen Dugan 2013-03-05 00:00:00Z 0
Portsmouth Rotary Marks Rotary's 108th Anniversary with Food Drive Jamie DeStefano 2013-02-26 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: February 14, 2013 (Lindt Chocolate and Valentine's Day) Jonathan Flagg 2013-02-19 00:00:00Z 0
OUR Foundation Committee Robert Herold 2013-02-19 00:00:00Z 0

Thank you Friends of Rotary!

Posted by Nancy Notis on Jan 24, 2013

Rotary Club of Portsmouth

PO Box 905

Portsmouth, NH 03802-0905

January 25, 2013


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth I would like to publicly thank our generous Seacoast community for supporting us in our recent fundraiser. Our club’s annual Christmas tree sale was a huge success, raising over $36,000 for Rotary initiatives.  More trees, wreathes, and ornaments were sold during the month of December 2012, than in recent years.  Your ongoing patronage of our fundraisers makes it possible for The Rotary Club of Portsmouth to donate, to many non-profits and to fund scholarships for deserving youth.

This past holiday season marked the 40th year Rotarians, their families and friends provided volunteer help for this effort. Rotarian Art Cole led the charge that first year and now president-elect and tree committee chair, Dave Underhill and his team are credited with the continued success of this fundraiser.

Thank you Friends of Rotary we truly could not have done it without you.


Nancy E. Notis


Rotary Club of Portsmouth, NH

Thank you Friends of Rotary! Nancy Notis 2013-01-25 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: January 10, 2013 (private eye) Jonathan Flagg 2013-01-24 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: December 20.2012 (Portsmouth Police History) Richard Seery 2013-01-10 00:00:00Z 0

Trees in the rear-view mirror

Posted by David Underhill on Jan 05, 2013

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

But now our trees are out of reach...it may be time to seek a beach.

Trees in the rear-view mirror David Underhill 2013-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: November 29, 2012 (Rotaplast) Douglas MacDonald 2012-12-20 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log November 2012 (Oh Christmas Tree) Jonathan Flagg 2012-11-26 00:00:00Z 0
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Thanksgiving Dinner is just around the corner! David Underhill 2012-11-06 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 25, 2012 (Congressional Candidate 2) Andy Chace 2012-10-29 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 18, 2012 (Governor Candidate 2) Aileen Dugan 2012-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 11, 2012 (Medicaid) Jonathan Flagg 2012-10-16 00:00:00Z 0

Chief Maloney Room Dedicated at Greenland PD

Posted by David Underhill on Oct 12, 2012
Portsmouth Rotary members, supported by club fundraising, helped to lead the completion of the officers' patrol room at the Greenland Police Department which was dedicated on Friday October 12 by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

Nancy Notis, president of the Rotary Club, said the club decided to assist in creating the new patrol room because of the group’s long-lasting belief in “service above self.” Notis said that belief went along with Maloney’s legacy, something she said should be known as the “ultimate service above self.”

For full coverage of the dedication event:


Courtesy: Rich Beachesne photo, Seacoast Online/Portsmouth Herald

Further coverage:
Chief Maloney Room Dedicated at Greenland PD David Underhill 2012-10-13 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: October 4, 2012 (Congress Candidate) Jonathan Flagg 2012-10-10 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 27, 2012 (Governor candidate) Richard Seery 2012-10-01 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 20, 2012 (Wentworths in Portsmouth) Jonathan Flagg 2012-09-24 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 13, 2012 (the Arts) Joan Dickinson 2012-09-18 00:00:00Z 0

Mistletoe Missive #2, September 17

Posted by David Underhill on Sep 16, 2012
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They're on the way!

Our primary orders for trees, wreaths and ornaments have all been placed.   In addition to working with the suppliers who have served us well for decades, this year we have placed an additional order and are pleased to report we will have some New Hampshire-grown trees on our lot this December!  New, fancier ribbons have been ordered for our wreaths as well, and the publicity team's at work finalizing plans for our public launch of the project.

(Photo: some of "our" trees on the farm during the summer)

Mistletoe Missive #2, September 17 David Underhill 2012-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: September 6, 2012 (District Governor) Jonathan Flagg 2012-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Log: August 30, 2012 (YMCA) Jonathan Flagg 2012-09-11 00:00:00Z 0
Mistletoe Missive -- September 10, 2012 David Underhill 2012-09-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Program Speakers, Free Speech and Mutual Respect

Posted by Nancy Notis on Aug 28, 2012

Dear Fellow Rotarians,


Portsmouth Rotary has a proud tradition of showcasing speakers who expand our understanding of literature, public service, non-profits, history, and political viewpoints, authors, activists and philosophers. As we welcome guest speakers in the coming weeks, our presenters will include candidates for Governor and Congress. I feel a reminder about our weekly programing is important. We do not “embrace” any political philosophy. We welcome respectful debate and contrasting points of view.

Recently a local columnist, who had not heard a speech, chastised our club for allowing a speaker (who some may consider controversial) to present a program at our weekly meeting.  For those who might disagree with the choice of a particular speaker a quote from Evelyn Beatrice Hall, sums it up nicely: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” We are blessed to live in a nation where the freedom to express our views extends to Rotary speakers and local columnists alike.

Rotary has 1.2 million members world-wide, including hundreds of us here on the Seacoast.  Our members come from all walks of life. We work hard to improve our community, including the broader international community, through peace and understanding, constructive dialogue and community service projects.

Thank you to our Rotary Program Committee for selecting a variety of weekly speakers that broaden our horizons and engage our membership.