President Dave Underhill alerted members that fines were a high priority in his administration and promptly called Finemaster Butch Ricci to play catch up.  John Lyons topped the list for not wearing customary suits of his legal profession while Larry Gray was targeted for his 2 for 1 “Summer Special” – not sure what qualified except for a face lift and   Botox application.  More group fines ($2 each) for those who crossed the new Memorial Bridge paid off well.  Butch also cuffed Police Captain Steve Dubois for $2 as a courtesy.


District Clean Up Outing at Camp Sunshine:  on Saturday, September 14th there would be a service (clean-up/gardening) day at Camp Sunshine in Casco, at which participants from up to 40 clubs may assist –  Camp Sunshine is a great camp for kids with life-threatening illness and their families, so stop by and help out if you can.


Sept. 8th Seacoast Regatta for Disabled Sailors – Get ready for the 22nd Annual CHALLENGER’S CUP REGATTA September 8, 2013. If you would like to participate or help with this event, call Jesse at 1-800-660-4103 or (603) 436-6111, or visit


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Guest Speaker: 

Cody Feldman, American University Senior, majoring in International Relations addressed the gathering with slides and his reflections on:  China – A Two Faced Nation, Rural v. Urban.

Cody Feldman is a 20year old, confident and experienced world traveler.  Growing up in New Castle, NH, he learned to speak French at home, Italian through an AFS high school program, and more recently, Mandarin and Chinese having just returned from a 7 month study/group tour in China.  Cody shared pictures and observations from his travel to China, giving attendees a quick glimpse of China’s interior conflict of living lifestyles.    

By 2025, the Chinese Government plans to move 250 million residents from the rural countryside to city metropolises.  Permanent residences, social benefits and educational opportunities await their arrival.  The great challenge will be to re-locate a very simple populous into complex communities.  The rural agrarian populous produces 48% of the country’s GDP so plans are necessary to adopt, develop and expand agricultural methods to replace family farms and the use of water buffalo. 

China’s two faced nation led to the recent slowdown in GDP growth.  Human rights, social services and benefits differ significantly between the two separate cultures.   The implications and problems that arise can affect their domestic economic picture and foreign relations.  For example, pollution, being the major problem in urban areas, is a severe constraint on the Chinese economy to attain the current 7% annualized growth (down from over 10%) propelling the economy where a communist government controls and limits the “public’s sphere.”         

After graduation next spring, Cody is not sure of his future plans although he expects to pursue International Relations.  Feel free to contact him ( with questions.

Weekly Raffle:  Winner – Bob Smith!  Unfortunately, there was no bonus match, so the pot grows…