Cathy Nickerson recently announced our Basic Needs Committee's 2018-2019 Annual Partnership.  The local non-profit selected: Cross Roads House.  Visit their website at
This Annual Partnership, a new model of support, includes on-going support for a chosen non-profit over the course of a year. 
Non-profits meeting basic needs (food, health, shelter and clothing) are eligible for consideration. The goal of this relationship is multi-pronged:
1. To gain a deeper insight into the work and needs of the non-profit organization for the Basic Needs Committee as well as the Portsmouth Club membership.
2. To align the support of Rotary with an organization in a meaningful way for a full year: taking advantage of the varied skills among the membership.  For example, a member may contribute life skills such as financial planning, painting a space or provide a cooked meal.
3. To assist in fundraising with and for the non-profit, allowing for a larger impact in critical community needs.