The meeting was called to order after Rotarians arrived at the Portsmouth Country Club on a beautiful cloudless 70 degree day.


Dave Underhill announced the following guests and visiting Rotarians: John McGungle (Bill Powers), Mary Turmelle (Joe Bove), Mylene Hollick (Dick Kaiser), Kristin McGrath (Frank Nappo), Lisa Gainth (Shari Donnemeyer) and Sunny-Lee Bloowroth-Botop (Dick Ober – today’s speaker).


Following the introductions there was applause for the announcement of 17 birthdays.  As is tradition, as each Rotarian’s name was read it was matched with each person’s number years in Rotary – which this month ranged from 2 years to an impressive 46 years in Rotary.


Happy dollars flowed freely ranged from praises for the beautiful weather to becoming a grandparent, to graduating seniors, to good health (Mort’s collar is gone), to an Irish-clad Tricia Cummings celebrating National Nursing Home week. 


After Tricia paid her happy dollar she indicated that she had a joke that she had saved since April’s Joke Day.  She received a healthy reception to her dog and ice cube joke. 


Perhaps timely due to Tricia’s delivery of a joke 5 meetings late (kidding), President Tony then reminded the group of the attendance policy and the Board of Director’s effort to increase attendance at meetings.  President Tony relayed that for the current six month period, Rotarians need to attend 13 of the 26 meetings (can be done with make-ups), with at least 8 of the meetings being actual physical presence at the meeting.   Given that there are numerous meetings left in the current 6-month period, President Tony reminded all that it’s not too late for most Rotarians struggling with attendance to rehabilitate themselves.  Rotarians unsure of their standing were urged to check online or with Tony, because he does not want to send you a letter regarding your lack of attendance and attendant consequences at the end of his term.


Announcements were brief but important.   John Pappas reminded all of the upcoming deadline for the vocational awards.  Then Leonard introduced past Friends Forever participant Louise Madden, an impressive young woman from Ireland who was visiting the Seacoast to attend the District Conference as a Key Note Speaker.  Ms. Madden praised the Friends Forever program, noted the impact the program had on her life and stated how close she was with the group of friends she met through the program.   She closed by thanking everyone for the opportunity to participate in Friends Forever.


President Tony next introduced the guest speaker, Dick Ober, President & CEO of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF).   Dick has been involved with the Non-profit sector for over 25 years and is a recognized leader, publisher, lecturer and journalist.  The NHCF is a community foundation that allows local donors to take an organized approach to giving, and to better understand the needs in their region. Of the more than 700 community foundations nationwide, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is among the oldest and largest.

Dick’s talk focused on addressing charitable needs in today’s economy, amidst reduced public capacity and government funding.   Dick noted that in such an environment community philanthropy and the efforts of the nonprofit sector will be needed, and challenged, as never before.

Dick then spoke of the significant scope of NHCF’s funding efforts and abilities, as well as the overall organization of the foundation, which manages approximately $5 Million dollars amassed by about 1700 charitable foundations and endeavors.   Dick noted the partnership that NHCF has with the club in that the clubs funds, such as the Basic Needs Fund (currently being funded by proceeds of the golf tournaments), are managed by NHCF. 

NHCF itself is a well organized and locally focused entity.  NHCF has 45 staff members, an estimated budget of $6 Million dollars, and operates under direction of a Board of Directors with input from 8 regional advisory boards.

At the core of NHCF’s mission is a long range view of how to ensure funds and best serve the community for future decades and generations.   Viewing itself as a catalyst for change, NHCF engages in public policy efforts and works with collations and other groups to address important issues, such as education, the environment and civic action.  Notably, NHCF’s focus includes reviewing trends and impacts resulting from loss of youth population in the state, competitive income levels,  drops in educational attainment, growth of poverty and preservation of health – and if and how those trends and impacts can be effectively addressed by the non-profit sector in the future.

Following the presentation questions were asked regarding disposable income, general record-keeping and audits (transparency) at the NHCF, management fees, and how the NHCF manages the payment of managed Rotary funds.

At the close of the meeting, Dr. Larry won the Clipper Lounge Gift Certificate raffle.  Jamie Thompson won the $88.00 raffle, but missed the $1025 bonus for no match.  The bonus will be $1050 next week –  so don’t miss you’re chance to boost your attendance and win a cool $1050.  See you next week.