The unsung heros of the tree sales - the linemen if you will - are the set up and unloading teams. They have literally been teams in every sense of the word for years and years. They don't get glitzy sales jobs or the smart cashier jobs or the respected managment jobs or the powerful Captain jobs. Instead, early mornings, doing it for as many as 27 years or longer, lifting, backbreaking, rain, sleet, snow. So here are a few pictures of the set up teams and the unloading teams and many thanks to all the sons and their friends who helped their old Dads who just don't know when to retire from unloading...

Fathers and Sons...

Your editor recieved the following from Mark Sullivan regarding our Veterans:

As a follow-up to our wonderful Veterans Day celebration, could you please include a friendly reminder in the log about my request for prospective members of the Advisory Board of the new Seacoast Chapter of the Veterans Count Club. Our mission is to provide critical and timely funds and services not being met by other sources to veterans and their families. Having never served, I felt it was my duty to help those who answered our country’s call and their families, and hope there are other non-veterans who feel the same way and may now be willing to throw their hats into the ring in order to contribute one of the three T’s: Time, Talent or Treasure. 

Thank you and God Bless America.

Mark Sullivan, Chair, NH Veterans Count Club- Seacoast Chapter


Mistletoe Missive

Portsmouth Rotary, Volume 1 Number 11

Believe me when I say that excitement is mounting in our household!  Christmas lists have been written and are ready to mail to the North Pole.  My favorite request -  “World Peace.”  If only this could fit down chimneys across the globe!   On the other hand, Santa works in mysterious ways – With our club raising over $30,000 to give back to the community with this one fundraiser, maybe world peace – or at least a little more peace – isn’t that far of a stretch….

Lot Set Up Underway!

Santa’s helpers are busy at work setting up the tree lot for our first delivery of trees the day after Thanksgiving.  Come on Down and see the new look! 

Trees are en route!

Our first tree delivery is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving!   The unloading crew is set to go with the delivery from Snokist on the way and remember, this year we will have trees grown right here in NH!  So feel free to say – “Yes, we have some trees from New Hampshire this year.”

Calling all Day Captains and Cashiers:

Thanks to your input, we have new guidelines for the Day Captain and Cashier positions.  These will be posted in the trailer and will help answer all of those last minute questions equipped with names and phone numbers for support if needed.

New Signs and Flyers:

If you are like me, you drive by the Philbrick’s lot at least 25 times in a week.  While passing, take a look at our new signage – we’d love your feedback regarding the visibility and look with the goal of attracting even more customers to our tree lot!

The Flyers are done (thank you Bill Hurley and crew) and are available for Rotarians to post in places of prominence.  Please let me know if you’d like some.

Pre-order Cards:

As I’ve said, Santa’s helpers have been quite busy and it’s never too early to look forward to Christmas NEXT year!  We will be trialing a system of obtaining pre-orders for trees for our 2013 sales (my official year!) while collecting e-mail addresses of our customers for future use.  Look for the cards at the check-out!  

Yours in Rotary,

Patricia Cummings, vice-president and tree committee chair understudy




“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation.”― George Washington