Rotary Log for meeting of April 2nd, 2015 by Aileen N. Dugan
It was bound to be a funny lunch. For starters, President Trish asked me if I wanted to lead the song. Back when I was president, my attempts to lead the song were a source of amusement to many! I reluctantly agreed in honor of Joke Day. Trish started our meeting with a cute joke about two peanuts. And so began one of the funniest meetings I’ve attended as a Rotarian.  
Trish announced recent grants approved at the Board meeting on April 1st.  Some of the recipients included Family’s First Healthy Grins $1500, Community Toolbox for $2000, and Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program for $1500.
PP Tony Delyani reviewed the attendance policy to make sure everyone was aware of requirements.  We currently have 51 club members who can claim attendance exempt status.  To be exempt, your age plus years in Rotary must equal 85 or more.   Tony reminded those 51 members that they are not exempt from other club duties such as Christmas tree sales.
The rest of us must meet the 50% meeting and makeups attendance requirements in a six-month period.  Fail to do so and you will receive a warning letter from Tony.  If you fail again in the following six-month period, you will then receive a “death letter”.   Makeup credit requests for committee work or other shifts must be emailed to the Club Secretary, Deb Grabowski.   They will not happen automatically! 
Any questions, feel free to contact Tony Delyani.
Dave Underhill made a plug for the Stephen Arkell Memorial Road Race, taking place this weekend.  They already have over 1000 runners registered.  Our club will help administer the funds for a Memorial Scholarship in Officer Arkell’s name….James Petersen is still beating the bushes for Golf Tournament volunteers. Even so, he has done a remarkable job of recruiting so far.
Len Seagren just returned from the Niamey Rotary Club in Nigere, West Africa.  He briefly updated us on the construction of the women’s dormitory there.  Our club supported the project through a $5000 Cash Committee grant.  The only hiccup experienced was a three day water shortage. The shortage prevented the making of clay bricks until the water supply was restored.  This tied in nicely later with comedian Jim McCue’s joke about first and third world problems.  Glad to have Len back!
Charlie Bourdages is looking for a spot to store the newly refurbished Rotary trailer.  If you have room or know of anyone who might, please contact Charlie ASAP!  And please ignore the comedian’s jokes about having a trailer in your back yard.  Many people around here do not know what a meth lab looks like. Some folks might assume it’s just a very large bob house for ice fishing.  Or that your in-laws moved in.  
All Rotary business concluded, Neal Ouellett kicked off the Joke Day program with a joke of his own. He also made some cogent observations on the benefits of laughter. Then a line of Rotarians jumped up to share their best amateur performances.  Thanks to Dan Hoefle, Jon Flagg, Eric Weinrieb, Tube, Justin Finn, James Petersen, Barry McArdle, Ben Wheeler, Sandy Tucker and Nancy Clayburgh for making us all laugh.
We heard lots of lawyer jokes and golf jokes and a few wife jokes, too.  It’s hard to find a “clean” and funny joke.  Nancy Clayburgh gets the award for funniest lead up to a joke. I would repeat that line but I fear it might not clear my editorial board.

Every year, former Rotarian Cuzin Richard Smith of CREA helps Neal Ouellett with Joke Day. Richard recruits a professional comedian to entertain us.  Rick Page introduced Richard’s pick for this year, our guest Jim McCue.  Jim was kind enough to regale us for 15 minutes in exchange for lunch!   He began by observing that filming our jokes could mean job security for him.  I can’t disagree!  He had us all laughing non-stop for 15 minutes.  Those Rotarians who were singled out were game enough to play along. Our group certainly offers a lot of material for a professional!  By meeting’s end everyone had enjoyed a great time. What’s more, I think we all left feeling a little lighter than when we walked in.  
Respectfully Submitted, Aileen Dugan, Log writer.   
Photos by Jim Rini.  For more photo fun, click on the photo album link at the bottom of your eBulletin.