Portsmouth Rotary is Hip!
The Log for our meeting of May 11...courtesy of log writer Al Lantinen
And the photogallery from photo-wizard Don Chick is here:
Portsmouth Rotary Log for May 11, 2023
            President Joanie opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, 4-way test, song, and invocation.  She also noted that as of today, 26 members have paid their dues, so get on board.
            Past president Dave Underhill thanked all the volunteers who helped at the “ Flight to End Polio” event this past Saturday.  He explained that Portsmouth was the first stop on a a trip around the world by two Rotarian pilots.   They are doing this on their own dime and raising donations for Polio Plus,  all will be matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  If you haven’t donated, please do.  So far at this stop $18,,000 has been raised.
            President Joanie then auctioned off a commemorative pin for this flight which was taken by John Lyons for $100.
            Aileen Dugan reported on Foundation giving and that our club is nearing a total of one million dollars over the years.  Please consider a donation to put us over the top in our 100th year of service.
            A Paul Harris Fellow recognition was earned by Frank Firicano who decided to award it to our own “Moe” Sullivan, her first.  This was in honor of her long and remarkable work in the interests of children and their welfare spanning all aspects.   Well deserved.
            Our usual fine-master was replaced by Don Chick who must have something against baseball.  Fines for Red Sox fans as well as Yankee fans.  We should protest.
            Priscilla then introduced our speaker, orthopedic surgeon, Dr Akhil Sastry.  Dr Sastry specializes in hip and knee joint replacement.  He proceeded with an interesting description of the first hip replacements and the problems associated with joint replacement.  The first hips were done with a teflon surface to the ball and socket joint of the hip.  It moved on to stainless steel after the problems were recognized, and now ceramic is used for the ball.  More advanced polyethylene surfaces have been developed..  Dr Sastry was the first to introduce the anterior approach to the hip in our area.  It results in less tissue and muscle damage and smoother recovery.
            The ball and socket hip joint is relatively simple compared to the knee joint.  The knee joint has six different degrees of motion and acts less like a hinge than we think.  This presents problems in judging how to apply the replacement surfaces to allow best results.  After careful study of the radiologic picture and using the robotic equipment, the decisions are based more on data than  personal judgement.  This is done by placing markers on the joint surfaces that the robotic equipment perceives, and determines the geometry with more precision.   The technologic changes and advances have moved us in remarkable ways.  A fascinating talk!
            Raffle was for $29 won by Ramona Dow. No match.
Albert Lantinen