President Trish welcomed us all to another cold and sunny day! She urged us to join Rotary beyond the Seacoast, learn new ideas and take action! Trish further reminded us that Saturday March 28 is the District Assembly. This gathering is a hands-on series of interactive sessions for all Rotarians. There are still spots for those who would like to attend and represent our club. 
Our 22nd annual Portsmouth Rotary Basic Needs Golf Tournament is June 19th at the Breakfast Hill Golf Course. Chair James Petersen is asking for volunteers. At least one position has been filled but more are still open. Reach out to James or any committee member and ensure that this year will be another success.  
Chief Dubois says the Citizens Police Academy starts its program on April 22, 2015.  If interested, please fill out an application right away.
President Elect Bill attended PETS training in Framingham. He comes back happy to announce how excited he is for his presidential year. Bill is proud that we are members of one of the world’s largest non-profit institutions. Of that list, Rotary ranks as the world’s 18th most effective charity.  
Jim Rini introduced our speaker, Marie Hall. Marie is Portsmouth Hospital’s Diabetes Educator. She said that diabetes is the nation’s "Silent Killer.” To combat it, Hall operates her own wellness business. It helps people make lifestyle changes and learn how to manage diabetes.
Marie shared some eye-opening facts about the disease. For example, there are 4,660 diabetes diagnoses in the U.S.A every day! That startling number brings the total to 86 million Americans who are affected by pre-diabetes. In fact, nearly 30 million Americans have full blown. diabetes. It cost patients $322 billion dollars a year for treatment.
There are two types of diabetes. Type One is insulin dependent. Type Two is nicknamed “Knife & Fork” disease.  Type Two can be treated with a proper diet, exercise and sometimes medicine.
Unless we act now, one in three American adults will have the disease by 2050. What can we do to prevent that? For more information go to and visit the American Diabetes Association. 
Today's log written by Cleo Villaflores.  Photos by Bob Loch.