Our guest speaker was Wendy Thompson of Higher Education Admissions. She gave us an overview of the college admission process.
A former admissions officer at Bowdoin College, Wendy asked for volunteers to participate in an exercise. The exercise took us through the selection process of college admissions.  Each Rotarian held a card stating their “GPA” from 2.8-4.1.
Wendy gave examples of how a student could move up or down the ladder in the process. One example: an applicant has a 4.0 with all AP classes throughout high school. But the student forgets to change the name of the college on the cover letter. The student drops down one spot as a result.
A second example: a 2.9 GPA student is all-everything. The youngster leads the Gospel Choir, works part-time, and wants Greek Mythology as a major.  This student moves up three spots.
Finally, there’s the applicant with the lowest GPA of 2.8 but has the last name Trump. That kid moves to the head of the class!
There are two important questions that admissions offices asks themselves about a potential student  First, what would the student add to the school? The second, does this student have a passion for learning?
Wendy provided the club a very interactive and fun way to understand the overall admissions process.
Portsmouth Rotary inducted its newest member to the club, Dr. Albert Lantinen, proposed by Dave Holden.  Welcome Al !
President Trish announced that the next Board of Directors meeting is Wednesday, April 1st at the Service Credit Union. The meeting starts with lunch at 11:30. All are welcome.
Next week is Joke Day and Neal Ouellett is looking for volunteer jokesters. Budding comedians are reminded that material must be tasteful and appropriate for all audiences!
Barbara Miller announced that the William Cash Committee is looking for new members. Contact Barbara if you are interested.
Meme Wheeler, Executive Director of The Chase Home, informed the club of the organization’s purpose and mission. 
This week's Rotary Log by Tristan Shanley, Photos by Sara Treacy