Portsmouth Rotarians pitched in on Saturday February 22 to gather food and money that replenishes the depleted food pantry at the Salvation Army.  

(With enthusiasm!)



Club members braved 45-degree sunshine and calm winds, a reminder of the balmier times spent in the same Lafayette Plaza selling Christmas Trees and wreaths in December.  Seen in the photo: Marcie Bergan and Bob Lewis, members of the Basic Needs Committee at Rotary.   Food drive organizer John St. Pierre thanked all the Rotarians and community members who pitched in, including Ron Currier's Hilltop Chevrolet, which donated use of a van for the day.

Portsmouth's efforts were part of a Rotary district 7780 "stuff the bus" event, which culminated in a Frugal Feast dinner for New Hampshire and Maine Rotary members.  That event included talks about the serious issue of senior citizen food insufficiency, as well as a presentation about a new private-public partnership company in the region, PS It Matters, which donates fifteen percent of its revenues to food pantries.

"Today's drive helps re-fill our empty shelves" said Capt. Deb Coolidge of the Salvation Army.   "We're all grateful for the support."   The Salvation Army serves clients daily at its soup kitchen, without means-testing and without any requirements for membership or participation in other Salvation Army initiatives.