President Dave began the meeting with the pledge, song and 4-way test and noted that he was delighted to be at Rotary.  A returning Reverend Allen offered a thoughtful invocation.   Guests were announced and the general meeting began following lunch.


President Dave offered recognition to all who contributed to the very successful Thunder Chicken road race, with special recognition to Justin Finn, Rick Page and Bob Davis who championed the effort.   The preliminary fundraising total was estimated to be approximately $13,000.00.


Next President Dave noted the following: 

  • That at all but 12 members had paid dues (and you 12 know who you are) which is great progress when compared with some past years
  • That the recent backstage and behind-the-scenes tour at Prescott Park was a wonderful event
  • That on Saturday, September 14th there would be a service (clean-up/gardening) day at Camp Sunshine in Casco, at which participants from up to 40 clubs may assist –  Camp Sunshine is a great camp for kids with life-threatening illness and their families, so stop by and help out if you can.
  • Get ready for the 22nd Annual CHALLENGER’S CUP REGATTA September 8, 2013. If you would like to participate or help with this event, call Jesse at 1-800-660-4103 or (603) 436-6111, or visit

Finally, President Dave noted that the Club goal for Every Rotarian Every Year is $6000, of which $2650 has been contributed already.   President Dave indicated that small contributions may be made in amounts determined by Rotarians by credit card when paying for lunch.    

General announcements were at a minimum today – although Rick Page and President Dave made it entertaining with some banter. 


Rick presented Morgan and Lilly McClure to the Club.  Morgan and Lilly are sisters, and Morgan was an outbound student a couple of years back, and Lilly will be outbound this year.  Both of the McClures choose Indonesia as their location.   We will be keeping touch with Lilly on her adventure.   It was noted that a student from Japan will be arriving on the 22nd as this year’s inbound exchange student.




Jim Rini then introduced our speakers, Dr. Kenneth Baldwin and Erin Bell P.E. who, together, offered an exciting and educational presentation by on the methods/innovations behind the an effort to develop a sustainable energy generation system at the site of the new Memorial Bridge.   The timing was perfect as the new bridge was opened today with a ribbon cutting celebration.


The speakers, both intelligent and motivated engineers informed the Club of their efforts, along with the efforts of other engineering professors and students at UNH, to create not only an electric generation system to perhaps light the bridge, but an entire educational system with nation-wide appeal focused on generation in the unique environment in which the bridge exists – which is why the refer to the project as The Living Bridge. 


The speakers noted that this effort is unique and differs from the handful of other projects existing around the country due to the fact that the bridge is on an estuary, within a city, located close to a major university,  is subject to a tide cycle (which requires a bi-directional turbine), is a pedestrian bridge and has an abundance of local interest.




Their efforts are focused on creating an education system through which students, as early as third grade, could interact with the bridge through technology, observation and interaction.  In their vision the bridge is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Walking Museum and Park, with the benefits gained from the interaction aimed at inspiring youth to pursue careers in the STEM fields.


More information on the project is and will be available at


The meeting closed with Walter claiming the raffle, but failing to secure the match jackpot.  Next week’s match jackpot will be $700.00.  


Departing Rotarians were greeted with a mildly muggy, warm August day. 


P.S. a couple of corrections from 2 weeks ago:


The club's total endowment funds, invested at NHCF, have now surpassed $2-million.   Included in these funds are the basic needs fund, the new Joseph J. Shanley scholarship fund, and ten other endowments set up over the years which support our club's charitable programs


The finance committee reviews the club's books and makes recommendations to the board about disbursing endowment and fundraising income.