Committee Members:

Bob Herold (co-chair)
Mort Schmidt (co-chair)
Janice Wood
Diane Foley
Maureen Sullivan
Ben Wheeler
Stephen Wood
Dave Contarino

The committee has been working on the following issues and opportunities:

1. District Foundation-Grant Management Seminar at Portsmouth Country Club on March 20th from 4-8 PM. Anyone interested in information about this please contact Bob Herold.

2. The club's participation in the Rotary Foundation's giving, EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year). Last year 60 members donated. This year there have been 26 to date, whom we thank. The lower participation has caused a budget DEFICIT of nearly $3000 dollars in the club's budget. The BOD and the Foundation Committee have been asked to participate in this program. A donation of ANY amount ($9 or $90 in honor of the anniversary, or $100 or more to become a sustaining member) will be gratefully received, and we need you to be a participant. Please join us in support of our Foundation and the EREY goals. What do you think- 90% participation for our 90th Anniversary?! Please contact Bob Herold to help, or simply give a check to Rotary marked "EREY" to Treasurer Joe Bove (it can be mailed to him at PO Box 905 Portsmouth 03802-0905).

3. We are trying to update our Paul Harris Fellow list. The last update was in 2010. If you have received a PHF from our club or any other club since 2010 could you contact Bob Herold please?

4. The club has matching funds for anyone wanting to be recognized, or honor someone, as a Paul Harris Fellow. If you donate $500 dollars, the club will match your $500 for eligibility. Anyone considering this can get in touch with any of the committee members. Recognizing a new Paul Harris Fellow shares the joy of Rotary, recognizes the recipient, and also helps with the deficit noted above.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with any of the committee members if you would like information on all the wonderful programs of OUR Foundation.