Club members are always welcome at our board meetings, we publish the minutes in the member section of the website, and these minutes include our monthly financial statements.   Here's a summary of our Club’s charitable-division finances at the middle of this Rotary year in plain English. 



As of December 31, 2013:


Gross fundraising income year-to-date was $111,516.  Endowment income was $29,139, and other income totaled $15,103.   Added together, we show a gross income of $155,759.  


Subtracting fundraising expenses of 63,776 (including event costs, tree and wreath costs) we have a gross “profit” at mid-year of 91,983.   This represents the money we have actually raised that can be returned to our community.


As of the same date, we have disbursed nearly $54,000 of this money in these broad categories and to these causes: (sorry about the wavy line of numbers).


William Cash projects          21,883*

RI PolioPlus                        10,405


Basic Needs:                        5,032

International projects:           4,000

My Breast Cancer Support:    1,000

Jeremy Alex projects             1,138

RI Share Fund (EREY)           2,885

RI Paul Harris Fellowship       1,000

Holiday Seniors lunch            1,814

Youth Exchange                    1,575

Thanksgiving dinner              1,063

Paul Harris Fellowship            1,000

Portsmouth  Rec                      375

Daniel Webster BSA                 500


(*Recipients of money so far this year from the William Cash Fund include Girl’s Inc, Jimmy Fund, Relay for Life, A Safe Place, Pro Musica, Project Safety, Krempels Center, Salvation Army, SASS, Seacoast Pathways and funding for a member’s Rotaplast trip).


The balance is earmarked for scholarships, for basic needs and other budgeted donations during the second half-year.


With the hard work of our Club’s members, we are on-budget for the year both in terms of total fund-raising and planned disbursements.   As we move forward, we anticipate two more successful fundraisers: February’s Club Auction,  and June’s Golf Tournament.   We expect to be distributing close to $30,000 in scholarships, and we look forward to increasing our basic needs endowment. 


By the end of June, your board expects we will have returned over $150,000 to our greater community…thanks to you.