Log by Jon Flagg, Photos by Bob Loch
You are reading a log that took 2 years to develop. Well, not exactly, but the notes were taken at our last meeting of 2014 and the log appeared in 2015. Happy New Year!!!
Our song, led by John Rice in keeping with the fun of the Christmas season, was Jingle Bells. With her signature good will, President Trish said of our less than perfect rendition, “Not bad!”
That understatement was met with laughter and comments in the crowd. “Well, better than usual,” said one Rotarian.
“Not as bad as it could be,” added another.
“We’ve done worse,” proclaimed still another.
Birthdays included Bob Loch with 29 years in Rotary and Peter Beck with a whopping 59 years in Rotary!!...President Trish presented Kevin and his staff with our annual tip and thanked them for their wonderful service.
Past President Cliff presented a Paul Harris Fellow to our own Nancy Notis, drawing “opa” cheers (and a few "ompa" cheers as well), and a standing ovation. Nancy’s contributions to the club are legendary. It was wonderful to share this enormous honor with her husband, daughter and uncle. As Cliff said, Nancy’s actions and service have been “tangible contributions to better understandings among the peoples of the world.” Congratulations, Nancy!
We also welcomed new member Sara Smith, sponsored by Lynn McLaren. Sara is a CPA who practices with her brother and father. She lives in Kingston with her husband and two daughters. It is nice to hear that Sara felt immediately welcomed from her very first visit to our club. Welcome Sara!  (And here is a free tip: if you want real power and the love and adoration of your subjects, join the Log Staff!) President Trish also recognized members who have proposed new members this past year. Good job everyone!
Former President Ray Jones came up with the idea of a Rotary ornament in 1994 as a fund raiser. As a kicker, he auctioned off the #1 ornament and out-bid everyone to get it each year! Since his death, the auction has continued and Mort has been the successful bidder each year. He then traditionally presents his purchase to Mrs. Ray Jones privately This year was different.  Mrs. Jones joined us for lunch and Mort presented the ornament to her at our meeting.
Mrs. Jones recalled that the first ornament was a rendition of the John Paul Jones house (Ray’s relative?)
“Ray always said,” she told us, “‘If you want to get anything done, ask a Rotarian.’”  By the way, she has kept the entire set in pristine condition. She plans to return them to the club “when I slow down”.
Newest PH Fellow Nancy was Finemaster for a day. Stella got fined for having a wreath made entirely of…wine bottle corks; former President Dave got fined for making Bill feel like “gotta keep up with Dave on the tree sales”; city manager John (who just got a $10,000 bonus from the city) was fined $5 for cancelling the Christmas parade, prompting a comment from Tony,“that’s how the city saved $10,000”. Happy Dollars were nearly the last event of the day. They included thanks for Portsmouth Hospital’s help to Rotary, a car dent fixed free and flawlessly by Bill Hurley and for all the tree shifts being over!
Donna thanked the club for buying 72 coats this year to keep kids warm through the winter! Well done all! Let’s make 2015 the best Rotary year ever! (James ended 2014 on a high note by not only winning the raffle but by winning the bonus too!!)
Respectfully submitted, Jon M. Flagg, log writer
Photographer Bob Loch from the Strawbery Banke Museum's PuddleDock Rink.  Be sure to take note of the full "slide show" album link at the end of this eBulletin, a regular new feature of our updated website.