Thanksgiving Dinner Service Needs Volunteers
Dear Rotarians
Thanksgiving is right around the corner on Thursday, November 24th.  Because covid is still spreading, we will continue to provide boxed meals, which will be delivered to families at their homes.  The sign up sheet is available on line and can be found below.
We need:  4 people to help us set up tables for our assembly line event .  We will meet at the Greek Orthodox Church at noon until about 1:00 to set up tables and do whatever prep is necessary for getting the assembly line tables ready for assembling the meals.
We need 25 assembly line workers to arrive around 8:30.  We expect we will be done as we did last year around noon or 12:30.  We hope we can streamline the process and have meals and bags ready for delivery starting at 10:00.  
We are asking that everyone be vaccinated/boosted for covid…if you are working with food, you will need to be masked and we will provide food service gloves while you are working with the food.  
Masks are optional during the day before set up.
Portsmouth Hospital continues to generously provide all the food, Greenland elementary is providing the beautifully decorated bags for our guests and Rotary provides the  many hands to help Seacoast families have a lovely holiday meal.
We will also need 25 drivers to volunteer for delivery.  You will be assigned a route along with phone numbers of recipients so you can call them in advance and let them know that their meal is on the way. Señor Rice continues to be  our Driving Route Coordinator and he will have cards with names, addresses, and phone numbers.  Volunteers will bring the bags to you cars.  You can drive to the back of the church to receive your bags and directions.   The meals can be left on front steps, in lobbies of buildings, or another convenient spot so that you can deliver with no contact.  If you must go into a home or apt. building we recommend you wear a mask.
Here is the sign up link.  Thank you in advance for adding your hands to this wonderful volunteer project.  This is our 51st year.  That is quite an amazing accomplishment for our club.
Ann Bliss & Betsy Scott
Salvation Army Food Service
Sara Treacy along with her husband Joe served food out of the Salvation Army food truck on a chilly Wednesday night.  Rotary has signed up for the third Wed of the next 11 months. This changed from Tuesday nights because more people are available on Weds. 
If you would like to help, contact Sara at or call or text to: 603-661-8588.