How is Rotary Helping in Ukraine?
Click on the link below to see how Rotary has been helping with the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Salvation Army Update
Judy Ringer and Sara Treacy served supper on Tuesday night 6/21, from the Salvation Army Food truck located in the parking lot of the Middle Street Baptist Church.  
Hours, number of volunteers and location have changed for Salvation Army food service.  Because there isn’t a kitchen in the new headquarters at 272 Rockland St, the Salvation Army serves food Monday through Friday from their food truck, which they drive to the parking lot behind the Middle Street Baptist Church.
When our Club volunteers, the food is generously donated by the Edgewood Centre, picked up there at 1:30pm by Al Lantinen and delivered to the SA headquarters to be warmed up.  At 4:30, the food is loaded onto the SA truck and driven to the parking lot, where only two volunteers are needed to prepare the serving of it.  Karen from the SA is always there to guide us.
Sara will be announcing dates each month for volunteers to sign up.
If interested in participating, please contact Sara Treacy at or call or text to: 603-661-8588.