We have a Hands on Project coming up August 19, 2017.  This day will be the 1st part of our Hands on Project at White Island Lighthouse.
It will be a half day project from 8:00 AM to around noon
We'll leave Rye Harbor at 8:00 AM.





We need to empty out the old generator room in order for Envirovantage to arrive the following week and remove the asbestos.
Our bigger project will come in September (Date TBD) when we'll do a clean up of the Island, build a small deck and pull up old carpet in the house.  The Lighthouse Kids, who are caretakers for the Island, and the state are working on getting a barge towed in to handle the old lobster traps, washed up debris etc. the day in September.  Both of them are still working on a date.  This 1st part will prep for the larger day on the island.
If there's a problem with the weather on Saturday the 19th of August, and Friday the 18th looks better, we'll need to do the project on Friday.  It will be a back up only if bad weather is predicted for Saturday. I hope that makes sense. The issue is that there is no dock on the island and I will need to drop volunteers off by small boat. 
Ted Alex
For more information or to sign up contact Ted Alex, Basil Richardson or Mark Lorusso.