Congratulations to the club for reaching our Foundation giving goal in our budget this year of $13,000!


The Foundation Committee along with the Board of Directors has budgeted an increase of $2,000 to next year's giving to the Foundation.  These increases include $1,000 additional for our club program of using matching money for Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition, $500 increased funding for PolioPlus (we are this close!), and $500 in additional budgeted Every Rotary Every Year (EREY) giving.  Please consider making a donation (see dues invoices) to this program.


The Foundation Committee is in the process of drawing up a policy to submit to the Board of Directors on the use of Recognition Points for PHFs and how our club recognizes the different ways PHF are obtained.  If you have an opinion or ideas on these subjects please get in touch with a member of your Foundation Committee.


Bob Herold, Foundation Chair