Rotary Log for Meeting of July 9, 2015
by Doug MacDonald
Photos by Sara Treacy
Nervous at his first meeting? Not our new president! President Bill stepped right up to the podium and pretty much performed flawlessly. The general opening procedures just flowed along as if presided over by a veteran.
Several guests were announced, including John Pratt, Ben Wheeler’s guest and Joe Cunningham, a guest of Leonard Seagren.   Karen Pollard, a visiting Rotarian from Rochester, was also in attendance.
President Bill noted that three people are on Seven-Day Notice. They are Jamie DeStefano, John Pratt and Charlotte Hubbard.
Ellen and Jim Labrie were thanked for hosting yet another new member social. Several birthdays were also recognized. They included Jamie Thompson, Ed Mallon and Pat Barber.   
Tristen Shanley and Justin Finn both made announcements on the new and improved Thunder Chicken Road Race. It will now be known as the Thunder XC 5K  and becomes the seacoast’s only cross-country race.

Leonard Seagren tells us that on July 21 a group of Israeli kids will begin a visit. They will stay at his home and be here for 10 days.  He also encouraged us to get our boats out to Buoy 2KR by 4:00p on July 22.nd    That’s where boats will gather to welcome the Tall Ships and join their parade into Portsmouth Harbor.  
Steve DuBois announced that the Police Department needs volunteers for a simulated emergency training exercise.  Please see Steve if you’d like to participate.
Barb Miller announced that the William Cash Committee has funds for non-profit organization projects.  The application is online if you know of a worthy project that would be eligible for funding.
Andy Chase provided an update on another successful Golf Tournament.  This year the tournament had 108 golfers and raised $30,135.00. That total includes funds raised at lunch, as Walter sold off two unclaimed gift certificates. The veteran auctioneer amazingly sold a gift certificate to Mombo’s for more than face value. And Gene Doherty paid well over a $100 for a 15-minute helicopter ride. Go Gene!  Those funds helped push the Basic Needs endowment to approximately $140,000.00.  Very impressive! Andy thanked the sponsors and volunteers who helped make it happen. 
Following this, Dave (or is that David) Holden introduced our club’s own Robert Sheesley. Bob’s title is Executive Director, Legal Shield on Identity Theft. He overcame  initial technical difficulties with good humor, going on to tell us about identity theft.    Some of the figures are staggering.   For example, the financial loss attributable to ID Theft in a recent year was $24.7 Billion. There are about 13,000,000 victims a year.   ID Theft is the #1 complaint to the FTC with high levels of complaints coming from California and Florida.
Bob reviewed the various manners in which criminals perpetrate ID theft.  The thefts focus on a broad spectrum of information. This includes financial, medical and criminal records. Thieves will steal driver’s license and social security information, too. Minors are especially not immune to having their identity stolen. Younger Americans often don’t know it’s happened until they are applying for college!  Bob notes that should you ever fall victim, file a Fraud Alert with one of the three credit reporting agencies. 
Bob urged us to be aware of what we carry in our wallets. Be careful, too, of what you throw away, who visits your home and around places where personal information is accessible. 
A short question and answer period followed.  
Walter Liff was the raffle winner on behalf of his table.  They took home a $78.00 purse since there was no match.  
Rotarians left to a sunny and warm July day.   See you next week.
Respectfully submitted, Doug MacDonald