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Club vote on board of directors' resolution to approve up to $20,000 from Ray P. Jones fund to be used on the Strawbery Banke/Puddledock Rink project.  

This vote will be conducted by paper ballot this Thursday at Rotary after a quorum has been affirmed, with the results announced before the end of the meeting.   Because our meeting time is extremely limited, if you have questions that were not answered last week please phone or send an email to President Tricia or any member of the board of directors.  For further information on this vote please see the article in last week's eBulletin, which remains on the home page of (you don't even have to log in to find it, just scroll down on the home page), and refer to the supplemental information sent by email to all members last Thursday.



PolioPlus End Polio Now BridgeWalk

by Susan M. Gold


Polio is personal, particularly to Ann Lee Hussey. Many New England Rotarians are familiar with Ann Lee’s story, but for those who are new to Rotary, it’s a story that is personal to all of us. She was diagnosed with Polio when she was a toddler in 1955, a few months after the polio vaccine was distributed. Thankfully, she’s recovered since then.

Ann Lee has committed to do everything possible to eradicate Polio, and with Rotary International’s decades long mission to do the same, we can all work together to Close the Gap. Only 3 countries are polio-endemic: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. These hardest-to-reach areas make up the final 1%. We must eradicate this debilitating disease because if polio rebounds, more than 200,000 children worldwide could be paralyzed every year within a decade.

Here’s where you come in: Saturday, October 25th, join us for a symbolic walk across our new Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth. Donate $30 and you be a part of BridgeWalk and proudly wear your End Polio Now t-shirt. Bring your family, your neighbors and friends. And here’s the best part: for every $25 donation contributed through Rotary, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will DOUBLE it by contributing an additional $50 donation for a total of $75!

Let’s all walk the bridge to keep children walking around the world. Let’s eradicate Polio in our lifetime!

Event details: Arrive at 8:30 A.M. on October 25th at Memorial Bridge; BridgeWalk at 9 A.M. 

To make an online donation: please go to

To join us for the walk: register at our weekly lunch meeting; we're taking pledges and payments and signing up a team of participants.   The board of directors has already signed up, and we've raised over $2,000 to-date, which will qualify for an additional Gates Foundation match of over $4,000.   Last year, our club members donated over ten thousand dollars to PolioPlus, so your pledge in any amount will make a huge difference.

Preview the event with this video:

For more information: contact Susan Gold or Dave Underhill at Portsmouth Rotary, or event chair Susan von Hemert, Seacoast Rotary Club of Portsmouth via email at


Tree Project Sign-Up Time!

Since there's not enough going on at our club yet, here's another sign of fall: sign-up for your Christmas Tree shift, beginning this Thursday at Rotary.   VP James Petersen's the king of scheduling this year, and he'll have sign-up sheets and procedures in the back of our meeting room.  All Rotarians are required to work three shifts on this project.   It's part of the three-way test of a good Portsmouth Rotary Club member: pay your dues, make your attendance, and sell trees.   Thank you!


Last week's Rotary meeting log follows, as reported by Dick Seery.

​Photographs by Jim Rini. Full slideshow here:





Portsmouth Rotary Log -  Thursday, October 2 – Portsmouth CC

by Richard Seery

iRAQ: Past and Present

Rotarian Donna Lewallen introduced our guest speaker, Yasmin Alani, a captivating person and excellent story-teller. She shared her tale of growing up inside and outside of Iraq while being raised in a privileged family.  Her story took us through 1990’s Desert Storm, before it was 1:15 and time to leave. Yasmin was invited on-the-spot to return and finish her chronicle of the ensuing 20 years.  



Yasmin explains her youth growing up in Bagdad, Iraq, as “pampered.” She was the third of four girls. Her father was a urologist, distinguished for completing the first ever kidney transplant in Iraq. Yasmin’s family enjoyed prosperity and personal freedoms from 1970 through 2000.  During the 70’s and 80’s, Iraq experienced a “golden age,” according to Yasmin.  Although the country was considered poor, a solid middle class prospered.  Iraq benefitted from having the second largest oil reserve in the world, yet foreign companies produced it. 

The family traveled worldwide during the hottest months of summer, June to October, when temperatures reached more than 100 degrees.  By 1972, the government nationalized oil production and spread wealth as a socialist country.  Saddam Hussein would rise to power in the late 70’s, at times limiting Iraq’s citizens to foreign travel only to Arab countries.  The Iraq - Iran War started in 1980 and no foreign travel was allowed by 1982.  The war lasted eight years until August 8th, 1988 (8/8/88).  In 1989, Yasmin, a professional engineer, married her husband, a PhD. in engineering, and moved to England for further studies.  After she had returned home for a month’s visit in August 1990, Saddam Hussein chose to invade Kuwait to gain more resources and deep water ports. Once again he closed all borders. 

Humor and empathy characterized her brief commentary on Iraq: Past. During her next visit, the time frame begins with the US response to the Kuwait invasion and follows her experiences - Iraq: Present.


BIRTHDAYS!  None were recognized as the list was caught up in cyberspace!

GUESTS…Rotarian Hosts

Suzie & Edward Green … Peter Beck

Dave Andreesen … Leonard Seagren

Pack Knowles … Barb Miller

Joan Rice … John Rice

Sarah Smith … Lynn McLaren




  • PUDDLE DOCK ICE RINK DONATION:  Attendees at next week’s meeting will be asked to approve up to a $20,000 donation from the Ray Jones Endowment per Club By-laws.  See E-Bulletin for details.


Hands-on committee chair Ted Alex is finalizing the work schedule for the Puddledock Project, construction is set to begin this month.

  • END POLIO NOW WALK-A-THON:  Walk Memorial Bridge, with over 300 Rotarians expected to raise awareness and funds to eradicate polio in the last 3 African countries where it exists. This is a Multi-Club endeavor.

$25 DONATIONS Matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 

                              SATURDAY, October 25, 2014  9 AM          


                                    CONTACT: Susan Von Hemert, Seacoast Rotary Club:  For more information in our club, please see Susan Gold or Dave Underhill.



Club member Susan Gold works with treasurer Joe Bove and assistant treasurer Steve Wood to tally up the pledges for the PolioPlus  BridgeWalk.