Ode to the Tree Unloaders

Tree unloading is backbreaking, usually early in the morning, complicated, unpredictable, subject to the whims of the weather, dangerous and dirty. But for some reason, the same Rotarians have been doing it for years and years. We are a select group who are willing to show up at 8am the day after Thanksgiving only to be told the truck is broken down and will not be there until the afternoon. Every one of us come back because we know what it would be like for the rest to do it without a full contingent. We do it in the rain, in the snow, in the cold wind and with trees frozen together nearly requiring jackhammers to dislodge them. The younger tough guys (and guys who THINK they are still young) climb on top of the tractor trailer and proceed to hurl large trees down in rapid fire and the men and women on the ground try to dodge the trees raining down. The person with the counter tries to funnel the team through one spot so all the trees will be counted. 906 trees in one unload is exhausting to even think about, but it gets done somehow. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, take a tour of a typical unload, and note all the kids who volunteer to help Rotary help others:

Alex Roth came all the way from Minnesota to see what all the unloading excitement was all about


 Backbreaking agony


 Half way there



This is a 3 person tree


 first unloading team


team from the second unload


the finemaster made your editor put this one in, although it was the only tree he touched all day



Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Rotoplast

Portsmouth Rotary's past president Ted Alex just returned from a Rotaplast mission in India, and his participation has been partially paid for by our club's William Cash fund.   Rotaplast is a program, started by Rotarians, that offers plastic surgery to children and adults who have cleft palates and other impairments.  This article includes photographs of that plastic surgery: if you're not interested in seeing surgical photographs, please stop here.


For more information on Rotaplast, you can visit www.rotaplast.org


Rotaplast International is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization providing free reconstructive operations and treatment for children in need worldwide. They provide long-term solutions by funding and mentoring local physicians; launching public education projects; and advancing research. Through collaborative programs throughout the world, Rotaplast efforts expand far beyond surgical intervention and help foster international goodwill, peace and understanding.





The goal of Rotaplast International is to eliminate the incidence of untreated cleft lips and palates in children worldwide by the year 2025. 

ROTARY  -  Photo Contest

Dear Rotarian,

2014 is starting across Rotary Zones 24-32 with a little fun - the first ever Zone 24-32 Avenues of Service - Zone Photo Contest.  Your club is part of this Rotary zone.

This is an opportunity for Rotarians to share photos about the service projects and fellowship events your club has held or will hold this Rotary year.

The prizes are simple, boasting rights as the best Rotary photographer, a certificate and the winning photos in each of the Avenues of Service posted on this website and hopefully district websites. Winners will be announced in mid- April.  So get out your SLR, point and shoot or phone camera and click away.

I need your help to share this email with your club members - particularly the members that like to take photos. 

The most important rule of the contest is “have fun”.

  • The photographer must be a member of a Rotary, Rotaract or Interact club in Zone 24 or Zone 32 (your club is in Zone 24-32).
  • Photos submitted must be in JPEG file format with a maximum size of 3 MB and be submitted on or before March 31 2014.
  • Each photographer may submit up to 3 photos that were taken between July 1 2013 and March 31 2014.
  • Each photo will be submitted in one of the 5 Avenues of Service that the photo best illustrates.
Here are the links you need:

1.       The enter the contest and upload a photo, copy this link: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=VUjmXc0G-I0Ulj8SM2852g#  

2.       Rotary Zone 24-32 website - www.RotaryZones24-32.org

Good luck and looking forward to seeing your photos,

Chris Offer, PDG
Zone Photo Contest Grand Poobah

Rotary Club of Ladner – District 5040
Phone 604-940-9365  Cell 604-897-8758

Twitter @Chris_Offer
FaceBook Chris.Offer1