Rotary Log for Meeting of February 19, 2015
Reporter: Doug Macdonald
Photographer: Bob Loch
The meeting commenced with President-Elect Bill, unplugged, taking the reins for President Tricia. Trish was out on the slopes enjoying this winter day. Following Bill’s brief introductory comments, Tristan and Cyndi Shanley led us in God Bless America. This instead of the threatened Let it Snow.
Our guests included Joe Bove’s wife, Suzanne; Basil Richardson’s wife, Louise; James Petersen’s daughter, Olivia and Dave Holden’s guest, Dr. Al Lantinen. 
Bill reminded us that Rotary would have full access to the Puddle Duck Pond Skating Rink this Sunday from 4:30-6:30. Participants should bring a snack, crock-pot dish, or other food item for a pot-luck style dinner.
A call for happy dollars drew silence. Maybe that’s a sign that the constant snow and cold is taking its toll on Seacoast residents.
Jim Rini introduced our guest speakers Keryn Bernard-Kriegel and Diane Hastings. Keryn is the Executive Director of NH Children’s Trust. Diane is the Communications Director.  NHCT’s mission focuses on the elimination of child abuse and neglect. Its efforts include educating and assisting families, especially early on in the parenting process. They help build social and emotional skills. And the organization helps families develop coping and problem solving skills. Finally, NHCT fosters a supportive local community. 
By developing “Protective Factors” within families, NHCT leaves its members better equipped to navigate stressful periods. This becomes a key factor in reducing abuse and neglect.
The presentation highlighted high stress situations that lead to abuse and maltreatment. It presented some alarming statistics. Last year, for example, there were 140 cases of infant abuse in New Hampshire. Children under the age of one. Unfortunately, that number is likely low. It only represents cases where a parent or primary care giver was the abuser. It doesn’t account for abusers such as a relative, coach, family friend or other third party. Also alarming was the fact that 35 percent of victims are under the age of four. Further, for 80 percent of those victims, the result of the abuse is death.
Finally, the program highlighted the Purple Prevention Program. This initiative is being implemented in hospitals throughout the state, as well as through partner non-profits. It seeks to supply parents of young children with coping strategies. Central to this is eliminating the devastating damage associated with shaking babies due to their crying. In 30 percent of reported cases a death occurs. But at least in 50 percent of the cases brain damage results. 
A short question and answer period followed.   NHCT welcomes the support of the community. To learn more about NHCT, or opportunities to support its programs, please visit:
Bill then recognized that the meeting was ending early, an event that he had never witnessed. That prompted one Rotarian to shout, “Long live the king!”
Walter’s raffle table, represented by Jay Gibson won the raffle, but there was no match.
Sunshine ushered in the Rotarians today, but as they left the skies again were overcast. The cooling temperature was the harbinger of snow arriving later in the day.  
See you next week.
Respectfully submitted, Doug Macdonald