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Salvation Army Food Service
The nightly Salvation Army soup kitchen sets up in this Emergency Disaster Services truck and parks under the lights at the back of the Middle Street Baptist Church at 18 Court St, Portsmouth. Two volunteers arrive at 4:50 pm and work inside the truck (with heaters) to put the hot food into containers to give out to diners through the window.  Dinner starts at 5:00 pm and is over at 6:00 pm. We clean up and are finished by 6:15 pm. Our Club has signed up to serve every third Wednesday of the month for the next 11 months. Please text me, Sara Treacy, at 603-661-8588 if you can sign up.  
May 17, - Janice Cassidy and Cathy Nickerson
June 21, - Judy Ringer and Sara Treacy
July 19, - John Rice and Al Lantinen
Aug 15 - April Torreiro and Cathy Nickerson
Sept 20 -  Kristin Peterson and Priscilla MacInnis
Oct 18, - Doug MacDonald and Ben Wheeler
Nov. 15 - Chad and Darleen Chadwick
Rotary Log for June 23, 2023
Rotary Log for June 22, 2023
The annual Changing of the Guard is guaranteed to produce an enthusiastic crowd! What surprises might be in store on this day?
President Joanie led with the Pledge, followed by a robust Leonard with the Four-Way Test. Francoise’s invocation was from the creator of Peter Pan, JM Barrie.  He posed the question, “Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary?”
Dressed stylishly in formal wear, the Rotations offered a rousing Star-Spangled Banner.
As is customary on such an occasion, there were too many illustrious guests to mention here. The outgoing Prez had her husband, Mr. John Dickinson, their son Drew, daughter Georgia and bff Julie Hitchcock.
Steve Wood next offered a very nice testimonial for one of our club’s great exemplars of Service above Self, Joe Bove. Joe retires after decades in the club, having served as our Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer for nearly all those years. He did so to support a long line of Past-Presidents. All enjoyed working with Joe for his patience and kind demeanor.
 “I noticed there is a scratch on this mike,” Joe cracked following a standing ovation.  “Someone must have been trying to pull it away from James.”
Joe humbly thanked everybody for the opportunity to serve an organization he truly loves. It will take two Assistant Treasurers to replace him going forward. Steven P. will handle the operational side and Katie the charitable.
Changing of the Guard
Joanie began formalities with a well-crafted speech thanking many folks for a rewarding and successful year. The list included a supportive father and sisters, husband and children for taking the journey with her.
Joanie praised Prez-elect Yvonne and next-in-line, Midge for their collaboration. What a powerhouse leadership triumvirate!
Also recognized were the several Past-Presidents who ably substituted for Joanie on different occasions. Thanks also went to her Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, tech team, speaker’s committee, and a plethora of others. All were offered a bottle of Polish vodka.  Mr. Flagg, it seems, made off with several…hmm.
Joanie gifted all in attendance with a thoughtful and often humorous recap of the year. Among the many highlights is her Presidential platform focusing on mental health awareness. Monthly speakers and personal testimonies of members served to inform, while reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.
She is also especially proud of the $100,000-dollar gift to the community funding various projects in this auspicious year of our Club’s 100th anniversary and Portsmouth’s 400th.  Okay, so ordering 1000 excess Christmas Tree ornaments shows that she didn’t have a monopoly on successes…
Not to be overshadowed, Yvonne had well-prepared commendations for her mentor, Joanie. She proclaimed Joanie as “one-of-a kind who had an incredible year.” The perfect 100th President who always sees the big picture.
Further, Yvonne had high praise for Joanie’s vision and leadership resulting in the completion of numerous hands-on projects, and more.  Despite two Club relocations, from the country club to SCU and back again, there is increased attendance.
Joanie, she learned, is a true leader who did an incredible job running a successful business and dynamic club. All of this while prioritizing support to her ailing father in New York state.
Despite necessary absences, Joanie kept up with  presidential obligations. One of many notable creative ways was having PP’s run meetings in her absence. She trusted everybody who took on assignments to do good work.
After the mutual admiration duo completed their remarks there was the traditional exchange of gifts. For Yvonne, a jumbo bottle of her favored Polish vodka and a newly framed club charter. In turn Yvonne pinned the Past-President badge on Joanie and gave her the symbolic mounted gavel.
Gifts included a lovely, limited edition Portsmouth 400th anniversary lithograph and a diamond gavel pin. And with that those in attendance braced for another inspirational changing of the guard.
The Hijinks
No transition of power in the club is complete without a roast. This year the committee and performers put on a show! It began with Joanie seated center stage, a freshly made Cosmo in hand. 
Jon, as emcee, introduced Joanie’s “fairy godmother.” Aileen played that role in a very comical fashion, commenting that Joanie brought a bit of the devil to her position. Her God mom proceeded to transform Joanie into an angel complete with white robe, wings, and a halo. Joanie and her Cosmo vanished.
Somewhere in this melee was a clever slideshow parody of Joanie’s tendency for self-promotion. Through the marvel of photoshop The JHilburn logo magically appeared all over town. On the JHilburn credit union and country club.
And the Christmas tree ornament and its inspiration the JHilburn Ferry Landing.
The redesigned Rotary Wheel sported Hilburn SHIRTS TROUSERS JACKETS. The audience was delighted. But the shenanigans were far from over.
Flummoxed, Jon searched for the now missing Joanie. From the back of the room flounced Joanie. Or was it Midge in an authentic wig and clinging leopard print dress, designer glasses and heels? Miraculously appeared another Joanie, as Yvonne sashayed forward shall we say, in a sensual manner. 
As if the hilarity of those two wasn’t enough came a third, kinda’ creepy persona. James, a notorious club mug, did a wildly exaggerated walk down the runway. Some wondered if he was enjoying himself a bit much. That only added to the glee.
Many in the gathering remembered a game show To Tell the Truth from the 1950’s and 60’s. The three wannabes gave their over-the-top versions of “I am the real Joanie.”
The outlandish parodies of Joanie and her year as President cannot be replicated in print. Members who didn’t attend owe it to themselves to watch the available recorded edition. There was no telling which “Joanie” was the most believable. For her part the good-natured Joanie seemed to relish the ribbing.
No end-of tenure event is complete without the highly anticipated parodic stylings of Rice and Tabor. The two Johns, the Senor and his collaborator/accompanist, came up with another good one. The Rotations including Dan, Al, Ann, Judy, Tabor, and Rice belted out a version of Footloose apropos to our freewheeling 100th leader.
The real Joanie was asked to pick the winning raffle number. Joanie James rushed in. Mark generously donated the winnings back to the club. And our outgoing President was escorted from the room to enthusiastic applause. She certainly did it her way!
Respectfully submitted, Neal Ouellett
Photos by Don Chick, Francoise Meissner and Dennis Moulton
Jul 06, 2023 11:45 AM
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Jul 13, 2023
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