Rotary Log for March 7, 2019
Today offered additional evidence to that adage about March: “In like a lion…”.  Members hustled to the entrance on a brisk and breezy day.  They were met warmly by Greeter and new member Val Dyer who later cued up the Four-Way Test.   Following President Cleo’s call-to-order, Al Lantinen led off a nicely-sung “America the Beautiful.”  Our venerable unsung Log Editor, John Rice, offered another fine invocation.
It was a smorgasbord of announcements this week:
The second annual Reverend Gordon Allen Humanitarian Award program is April 18.  Past-President James asked that nominations be made to him or other committee members within the next two weeks.
Our Club’s support of dinner preparation and service at Crossroads House under Tiffany’s capable direction is going very well.  The next shift is Saturday March 30 and requires three to five cooks and five to seven servers.  Then on April 3rd four cooks and three servers are needed.  Please contact Tiffany for details and to sign up for this very rewarding Community Service.
Steve Wood, our dedicated Treasurer of many years, had two offers of thanks.  First was to the weekly cashiers who are putting up with technical glitches to the credit card system.  And he thanked members for their patience with the same.  Steve also requested that individuals come forward who may have neglected to pay for lunch on February 14th due to the malfunction.  We were short $250 that day.
Rick Wallis was thanked by Interact maven Joanie Dickinson for collecting his soda pop tops.  She was also pleased to announce that eight students are registered for Rotary Youth Leadership.
New Member Socials provide a great opportunity to get to know members, new and old, in a casual and relaxed way.  Caitlyn Hassett announced there will be a New Member Social on Monday March 11 at the Atlantic Grill at 5:30 PM.
One can always count on Dave Holden for a quirky and humorous turn at the podium.  This time was to announce the upcoming May Poetry Hoot on.  Let Dave know if you want to recite one of your favorites, or as he said, “Run with the herd.” (Must be a literary reference)
President Cleo made two announcements of District-wide interest.  April 11 at Portsmouth High School, from 6-8PM, District 7780 is holding the next Recovery with Hope and Dignity Educational Forum. The meetings are conducted in response to the opioid crisis. The annual District Assembly is Saturday, April 6, 8am to 1pm, at York County Community College, Wells, Maine.
A Rotary Historical Moment
Attorneys have been the butt of many a wise crack and joke, often self-inflicted, at our Club.  Still, we have been happily festooned by the quick-wit and colorful oratory of many a barrister. Past-Presidents Dan Hoefle, John Lyons and Tony Delyani come to mind.  Now comes Jon Flagg. Today he offered a look-back to January 20, 1944 bringing to amusing and poignant life a by-gone era when our club had a luncheon speaker discussing Christian Civility. There were active Committees like Committee on Student Loans, Committee for Crippled Children (polio), and a “Committee on Boys Work.”  All of this before women could join!?  Impossible!
The raffle
Seventy-five big ones were claimed by a gleeful Eric Weinrieb who reacted like he had won the Mega Millions.  Alas, for him, no bonus, and up to $200 next week.
The program:  Doctor Tom King, AVATAR Total Joint Replacement
Flagg did double duty today stepping forward to introduce his friend and today’s speaker, Dr. Tom King.  He began by jesting that he had much in common with Dr. King.
 “Tom graduated from Harvard University,” Jon explained. “I would have graduated from Harvard, too- if I had been accepted.”
After introducing the topic-a method of total joint replacement that is apparently painless and quick-recovery, Jon asked us to look under our seats for a ticket.  One of us was going to be the lucky recipient of a free surgery this very day! (sic)
Doctor King got down to the serious business of presenting his proprietary program of total joint replacement. It was developed together with his partner Dr. Moby Parsons at the Knee Hip and Shoulder Center in Portsmouth.  AVATAR is an acronym for Alignment of Vital Assets to Accelerate Recovery. As a 30-year veteran in the field of orthopedic surgery Dr. King has developed an approach to joint replacement that incorporates a wholistic view of the patient.
According to the Digital Journal, this approach includes “patient education, preparation for surgery, pre-rehabilitation and surgical stress response management.” Additional aspects of the program include comprehensive pain management, advanced techniques in anesthesia, as well as immediate and constant mobilization. Selected physical therapy and careful monitoring of the patient after surgery are also part of the plan.
Doctor King all but guaranteed a rapt Rotary audience, “Less pain, faster recovery and better function for half the price”. 
It was a very effective sales pitch delivered in 20 minutes with the help of a well-done PowerPoint presentation. One almost expected Rotarians to form a queue.
The Q&A was equally elucidating, informed by a number of members’ personal experiences with joint replacement surgery.  Almost expected was a droll testimonial offered by Nancy Clayburgh regarding her knee and hip replacements by Doctor King. Mirroring the good Doctor’s promise of pain-free and rapid recovery, Nancy said she left the hospital 12 hours after arriving.  This delighted her husband Jim who was now able to catch the first of the Republican presidential primary debates.
The only downside in the recovery process, Nancy commented, was the nightly use of a continuous passive motion machine.  Seems Nancy is not able to sleep on her back. Sparked by that example of Rotary TMI, the meeting ended with peals of laughter carrying out the room, down the stairs and into the parking lot.
Respectfully submitted, Neal Ouellett