Rotary Log for June 27, 2019 

Against a big “CLEO” sign consisting of individual two-foot tall letters, President Cleo launched her last meeting. Judy Ringer, who knows a thing or two about pitch, directed an inspired America the Beautiful.  Next came The 4-Way Test and then the Invocation by John Rice. He thanked the Heavenly Host for the “Presidency of President Cleo.”  
Cleo subsequently told the tale of how she came to own the job she didn’t want after only four-plus years as a club member.  She was, however, able to perform it very well due to dedicated club members and an engaged board of directors.  She named many Rotarians, specifically, who helped her along the way (read poked and prodded.)  Although Cleo thanked the club for its hard work, she should be proud of her own leadership. It was clear from the standing ovation she received, how much we valued that effort.
Jon Flagg then presented Justin Finn with a Vice President name plate for the leadership table. It was something that Jon, sadly (sic), never had.  
Leo added many elements of praise for our outgoing president. He noted how she pitched in to provide important help for the Rotary Golf Tournament. Especially critical since there was no chair this year.  
Jon Flagg provided an interesting “Historical Moment.”  It seems that the History Channel revealed a recent “discovery” of a scroll from ancient Egypt formerly entombed in the Yokens Acropolis sign at Portus Mouthius.  The similarities to our club in its writings are astonishing.  The scroll appears to be a Rotary Log from June 27 19 BC!  The club president back then was Cleopatra, ours is Cleo.  Mere coincidence?  I think not.  A multitude of facts emerged which sound a whole lot like our club and its outgoing president.
Shortly thereafter, a bevy of young women in Egyptian attire entered the room and began dressing Cleo in proper, pharaoh-like clothing. An incredible carrying chair (thank-you, Ted Alex) was unveiled. The queen’s escorts next helped Cleo into the remarkable replica, all the while doing her nails and fanning her.
Next up, the Rotations (with apologies to Steve Martin) rendered their version of King Leo. The “Pharaoh” then made a grand entrance, with several burly “slaves” as escorts. Upon arriving at the front of the room, our new president relished tearing off the “C” from the “CLEO” sign. The Age of Leo has begun!
As past president Cleo’s minions continued to attend her, the Rotations serenaded her with “Queen C” (see words elsewhere.)  Four stout Rotarians attended the sides of her bier, carrying her out of the room when the song was done. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy a well-deserved rest…Although rumor has it that Cleo will be rejoining her old pals in the Rotary Log news room.  Stand by and thank you, Queen C. 
Respectfully submitted, Al Lantinen 
Photos by Chad Chadwick