Rotary Log for April 4, 2019
The bell was struck early in anticipation of Joke Day, as President Cleo welcomed us to the meeting. Al Lantinen along with new member/Greeter Ken Riley led the song and Four-Way Test respectively. John Lyons followed with a powerful invocation.
There were many guests at the meeting eagerly waiting to also tell jokes and have a laugh. Neil Ouellett introduced Cuzin’ Richard Smith and today’s speaker Frank Santorelli. Basil invited his wife Louise. Susan Gold’s guests were Ian O’Neil and Nicole Scarneo. Rosalie Baver visited us, thanks to Joe Bove.
Caitlin Burke brought Maki Pombo from Peak Business consulting in Rye. David Underhill introduced past district governor Marty Helman.
General Announcements
Tiffany McKenna announced Rotary is doing a great job volunteering at Cross Roads. We need people for shifts on May 1st and 30th. . Please see Tiffany for more info.
James Petersen announced the Reverend Allen Award committee has selected a recipient. The person will be feted in two weeks.
David Underhill invited folks to the Recover with Hope and Dignity forum Thursday, April 11th at Portsmouth High. Please see Frank Firicano if you would like to volunteer.
The William Cash Committee’s Barb Miller announced check donation grants. The first was $1,000 for the Community Baby Shower. The second went to the Piscataway Scholarship Committee. Leonard Seagren added that this money helps fund youth who are learning to sail ships. Neal and Marcy accepted Cash checks. Neal’s for the youth cycling program and Marcy’s to help underwrite a Habitat for Humanity Veterans Build project.  Four different Rotary clubs are slated to build a home for a veteran family in Dover on April 25.
The Poetry Hoot is May 2nd. There is also one week open for a guest speaker on June 6th. Please let David Holden know if you have a suggestion for that slot.
A list of Rotary anniversaries was announced totaling 166 years of service. Jen Madden is going on 7-Day Notice.
Hysterical Historical Moment
On April 4, 1968 the club hosted a comedian. Jon Flagg reminded us that there were no women members back then. The Log was written by “Just Jake” and featured jokes that emulated the patriarchal society of the time.
Today’s Program: Joke Day
Everyone wants to be a comedian and this week’s meeting was their chance to shine. A brief highlight of our brave comedians…
Our resident doctor Larry asked, “What part of the body dies last? The Pupils dilate.”
Ben Wheeler talked about the excellent financial advice he gives clients. One came in and asked how to start a small business. Ben opined, “Start a big one and wait six months.”
Tiffany queried, “Why are frogs so happy? Because they eat everything that bugs them.”
Club secretary Steven recited the poem “Smart” by Shel Silverstien.
James mistook himself as today’s guest speaker with his “bucket list” rant. He explained that some people’s list might include visiting the Great Wall of China. James decided to cut down on travel time and visit Trump’s Great Wall instead. James would also like to have three marriages someday. His first and current wife isn’t too happy about that bucket list item. 
Who knew Rotarians could be so funny?!
Our Speaker.
 Frank Santorelli acted in TV’s The Sopranos. He appeared in16 episodes, getting beaten-up in 12. Frank is now a traveling comedian and gave the room quite a few laughs. As an Italian American, he explained that fathers are the head of their households. At least until grandma moves in! There was much more to his delightfully irreverent 10-minute performance. A fitting way to top off Joke Day. Thank you to all the Rotarians who participated!  
Respectfully submitted, Madeline Warren
Photos by Matt Randall