Speaker Date Topic
Not Ready for Prime Time Players Oct 26, 2017
Celebrate Prose & Verse (& some Halloween?) Our best for you
Laura Barker of Hero Pups Nov 02, 2017
Veterans with PTSD & Their new companions


Veteran's Day: Captain Michael Petrin Nov 09, 2017
Pease Tradeport & the NH Air Guard
Dave Talbot, Founder of C4A Nov 16, 2017
Update on our Project: Crutches for Africa (C4A)
No Meeting Holiday - Happy Thanksgiving! Nov 23, 2017
Where is the turkey? What turkey didn't you......??
Martha Stone, Executive Director Nov 30, 2017
Crossroads House
Our Own Bob Herold Dec 07, 2017
We All Are the Hosts Dec 11, 2017
SPECIAL DAY!!! Cindy Shanley & Our Senior Holiday Lunch and Party
Max Logue on the Piano Dec 14, 2017
Some Music to Celebrate By?
No Meeting Happy Holidays! Dec 21, 2017
Where is that little box.....
No Meeting Happy New Year! Dec 28, 2017
Cork screw - where?