Top of the Week June 28 2019
Top of the Week!
June 28, 2019
Rotarians at Rotary Fest Last Saturday!
It was a windy but beautiful day at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine last Saturday. Rotarians from many seacoast New Hampshire and Maine districts gathered to celebrate the impact Rotary has on the community. Past President Cleo led an educational panel on how to encourage more Young Professionals to join Rotary. Thank you to all who came and made this event a great success. It was a lot of fun! 
Make Peg’s Day!
Dear Fellow Rotarians:
Our dear friend and Portsmouth Rotarian Peg Millar is looking for some Rotarian fellowship during the week.  Since Peg is unable to drive it leaves her feeling a bit lonely and isolated.   A half hour visit can go a long way in putting a smile on Peg’s face.  We have had a small circle of our Rotarian’s visiting Peg and helping with errands but with everyone’s busy schedule it would nice to get a few more folks over to spread a little cheer Peg’s way.  Please reach out to Peg for a visit at 603-501-0910.
Thank you from Rotary Connections Committee
Save the Date!
Tie on your walking shoes and join the fight to STOP DIABETES at the American Diabetes Association’s inaugural New England Classic Walk.
  • July 13, 2019 on the Durham campus of UNH. Walker check-in at 11 am.
  • Choice of walk routes from 1 to 5 miles    (or more!)
  • Information expo and family fun at the finish
  • Registration will open soon at
  • In the meantime, more info can be found at
Volunteers are needed for advance planning and day-of-event. Contact the walk coordinator, Barbara Sehr, at to volunteer or get further information.
Volunteer for Cross Roads
Upcoming dates for meal service at Cross Roads House:


July 3
August 7

July 20
Cooks 3-5 pm and Servers 5-7 pm.
If you would like to volunteer please text or call Tiffany at 603-380-5872. That way I will know when we have enough volunteers and can coordinate other dates that need to be filled.
PHA Volunteer Coordination
Mary Kelliher, Volunteer Coordinator at the Portsmouth Housing Authority forwarded the following:
“I'm reaching out regarding a recurring volunteer opportunity that has sprung at two of our resident building. We now hold a coffee hour at our Margeson building on Mondays at 10am and at Feaster on Thursdays at 10am. These are opportunities for residents to get out of their apartments and spend time in a communal space to have a treat together. We'd love to have volunteers sign up for a particular day or recurring days to bring donuts, pastries, and/or fruit (coffee is provided) if anyone would like to do so! This is an easy opportunity to also chat with our resident population, as well. Each building also has a piano, waiting for anyone with a passion for it to play during coffee hour as well!!
Let Mary know if anyone might be interested.
AmeriCorps Seeks Rotary Volunteers 
Mary Kelliher is the Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps working out of Portsmouth Housing's Greenleaf Recreation Center with the Resident Services team which assists low-income residents, senior residents, and residents with disabilities in finding resources for different needs, such as budgeting, financial literacy, transportation, etc. Mary and AmeriCorps is seeking volunteers who would be willing to volunteer. One example of a volunteer opportunity is assisting an older female resident who lives alone in moving heavy furniture (strong people needed!) into and from a UHaul during her planned move from her Feaster apartment to Connor's Cottage. If there are any volunteers intersted in lending a hand please contact Mary at
Sorry We Missed You
If you have a makeup for a missed meeting, please email it to the following link:
Check Your Profile
The Communications Committee is asking that everyone log onto ClubRunner and check your profile to make sure it is up to date.  Change is part of life and we hope to be able to reflect those changes in our website.  Happy surfing.
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President Ben.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for June 20, 2019
Rotary Log for June 20, 2019
It was our annual day of community celebration as we welcomed and honored the 2019 vocational award recipients.  But alas, before we get to the main acts, the prologue.  
President Cleo presided for her penultimate meeting.  Flagg filled in for absent VP Leo—let’s hope he makes it for his first meeting . . . or not. Basil was in fine form.  His advice to his tablemates, “If you want confidence, get a lobotomy.”  While the rest of us recited the Four-Way test, Basis rendered “God save the Queen.”  The undersigned believes John Rice gave the invocation—hard to recall as Basil’s moment was all consuming. We simply let him have his moment—there will be more.
Act I, Scene 1: President Cleo shook things up and began with the 50/50 raffle.  John Pappas won for the third time this year—really, John?  Walter Liff retires from the club and you take it upon yourself to take his place.  Really? Ben is resigned to the fact his daughters will be seeking student loans thanks to you.  Past club presidents get no breaks—sorry Ben.
The good news--President Cleo brought in tons more money for Rotary International than Past-President Ben so there is that.  This is just not your day, Ben.
Act I, Scene 2: Guest and visiting Rotarians.  We certainly had them.  Your guess is as good as mine as to who they were.  The list never made it to yours truly.  Oh well, a hearty Rotary welcome to whoever you all are.
Act I, Scene 3: General announcements.  Joanie Dickinson kicked off this segment with her thanks to Bob “Tube” Lock and Francoise for bringing in can tops.  Joanie next rattled off a long list of the Interact Club’s accomplishments this year. They include everything from helping with the Christmas tree sales to volunteering at the local soup kitchen.  The kids and we have much to be proud for their selfless efforts.  Thank you to all the Interact Club students. We look forward to welcoming many of you into our club in the future!
Tiffany gave us an update on the Cross-Roads program and has a need for two cooks July 3.  Any help will be most appreciated.
Up next, Ben taunted his fellow Rotarians with the Rotary Golf Cup and reminded us about the upcoming tournament, June 28.  The tournament starts at 9 am with a shotgun start.  To compete for the Cup, teams have to be comprised exclusively of Rotarians. Good luck!
Cleo next took the podium, passing out Paul Harris awards to several Rotarians.  Jon Flagg is now a +2 (not his dress size).  Tom Decker -- +8; Leonard Seagren -- +8; James Petersen -- +3; Rick Wallis – 1?  And Bill Hurley -- +6.  Congratulations to all our Paul Harris Fellows!
Act I, Scene 4: Jon Flagg presented the weekly Rotary Minute.  He began by informing us that emailed critiques of his presentations will be ignored.  As President-Elect and now Rotary VIP, he frankly does not give a damn as “it is not my job”—hard stop.  Apparently, pro bono is just plain painful.  
So, on to our “Minute.” The year is 1953 and McCarthyism is on the rise, according to our Chair of the Rotary History Department. Communism and homosexuality were the targets—many lives were ruined—unnecessarily.  Caught up in the movement, New Hampshire’s Attorney General, Louis Wyman, got into the act at the insistence of the state legislature. He investigated “subversive activities” and gave a presentation to the club that year on that subject.    No organization was left unscathed.  And that is your Rotary historical moment. 
Act II, Scene 1: Vocational Awards Chair Lexi Leddy and Co-Chair Kaitlin Hassett presided as our masters of ceremony for the awards. Lexi gave a brief history of the awards. She explained that Vocation is the second avenue of service in Rotary. Each recipient was introduced by the Rotarian that nominated them.  Many worthy people were nominated and hard choices had to be made.  Here are our 2019 recipients. 
Act II, Scene 2: Nancy Notis introduced our first award recipient in the Public Service category.  Brinn Sullivan, Senior Services Director of the Seniors Center, wears many hats.  She is an event coordinator, tour guide, counselor, community resource, friend, Christmas parade organizer and much more to our senior population.  Through her thoughtful and tireless efforts, she has improved the lives of countless elderly citizens in our community.  For this, we said, “thank you” by presenting her with a vocational service award.  Brinn is donating her $500 check to the Seacoast Science Center to help with the marine rescue program.  Brinn, well done.
Act II, Scene 3:  Bob Harold introduced our second recipient, Kaitlyn Rowe.  Kaitlyn is a Child Protective Services Worker. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, Bob gave an impassioned explanation of all the responsibilities Kaitlyn has as a CPS worker.  She is an unofficial counselor, detective, confidant, friend, enemy to some, decision maker, court defendant, and extraordinary time manager.  She meets monthly with the children in her 14-16 cases, assigned caregivers and biological parents. She also coordinates all service providers.  
Kaitlyn regularly appears in court where she is grilled by counsel from all sides.  Because Kaitlyn has excelled at her chosen profession, she has been assigned more cases that other CPS workers. For all her good works, Kaitlyn was awarded the vocational award in the category of Health and Human Services.  She is donating her $500 check to the Rockingham County Child Advocacy Center. Thank you, Kaitlyn, for all you do!
Act II, Scene 4:  Deb Grabowski introduced our next vocational award recipient, Lori Parsons.  Lori is the long-time lead teacher at the Seacoast Community School, primarily involved in early childhood education.  Her popularity with the students is unmistakable as many follow her throughout the school day. 
Lori also is the lead teacher in a relatively new satellite pre-school program. This effort is a collaboration with the Portsmouth Housing Authority in the Gosling Meadows neighborhood. The program has enjoyed early success and Lori is a significant reason why.  
For all these reasons, Lori was awarded the vocation award in the Education category. She is donating her $500 check … wait for it … to the Seacoast Community School.
Act II, Scene 5: Ann Arnold could not make our meeting so Lexi took her place and introduced our last vocational award recipient, Gloria Fichter.  Since 2009, Gloria has run the non-profit group, Seacoast Santa.  She makes Christmas happen for those that otherwise would go without.  Although gifts are the main item given, food and clothing are provided also as needed. 
Working in collaboration with local businesses and through gift drives, Gloria keeps the magic of Christmas alive for countless children and 400 families.  For her selfless efforts, Gloria was awarded the vocational award in the General category.  She is donating her $500 check to Seacoast Santa.  Thank you, Gloria, and keep up the good work!   
Epilogue—Cleo ended with a round of applause for our vocational award recipients. It is also the beginning of what is her last week, culminating in her last meeting. She thanked everyone for the support we gave her over her year as club president. From all of us, you’re welcome and thank you for a great year!
And great job to Lexi and Kaitlyn for a wonderful presentation!
And Curtain.  That’s a wrap until next time. . ..
Respectfully submitted, Mark Lorusso
Photos by Tube Loch
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