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Seeking Applications for our Club's Second Annual Partnership

The Basic Needs Committee is actively seeking candidates for our Club's Second Annual Partnership, which will begin in September.  Non profits meeting basic needs (food, health, shelter, or clothing) are eligible for consideration. Click on the link below for the application. The deadline for submission being July 13.  Please contact Cathy Nickerson, Lindsey Hery, Diane Lavigne, or Bob Lewis for applications or additional information.  
Sorry We Missed You
If you have a makeup for a missed meeting, please email it to the following link:
Check Your Profile
The Communications Committee is asking that everyone log onto ClubRunner and check your profile to make sure it is up to date.  Change is part of life and we hope to be able to reflect those changes in our website.  Happy surfing.
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President Ben.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for June 21, 2018
Rotary Log for June 21, 2018       
Photos by Tube Loch 
President Ben opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A rousing song, the Four-Way Test and invocation followed. All guests were welcomed enthusiastically.  District Governor Dave gave a short speech, proudly thanking our club for all our support this past year. Dave’s term ends along with Ben’s at the end of the month.
Past president Dan Heofle stepped up to present our newest Paul Harris Fellow, Jim Mulvey, PHS basketball coach. His achievements as a coach are remarkable.  In 12 years he’s coached 220 wins against 37 loses. Nine trips were made to state championships with five wins.
“My teams did this with hard work,” Mulvey said, “There’s no secret sauce.” The coach’s commitment to the students goes beyond sports. On more than one occasion he’s procured help with schoolwork, if needed, even buying a pair of sneakers.  Certainly, he’s a worthy Paul Harris Fellow.
VP Cleo next detailed a new luncheon contract with PCC. It will increase our meal cost to $20 in August.  Her committee had reviewed the history and other options and the proposed contract was put to a vote.  Affirmative.
Ramona Dow presented a check to HAVEN for $1,000, very graciously received…. We were reminded of Rotary Day at the Fisher Cats…The raffle was snagged by Susan Gold, a new Paul Harris recipient in her own right.
The Vocational Service Awards, selected by Lexi Leddy and her committee, were next. Cindi and Tristan Shanley presented the Public Service award to Mary Jane Shanley Keene.  Her accomplishments are many, beginning with establishing Womenade of Greater Swampscott. The organization provides local residents with short-term financial assistance not available through other sources.  She has also driven for TASK, volunteered at Families First for 20 years and served on several boards serving children’s needs.  Her award money is going to TASK Transportation Assistance for Seacoast Citizens.
The Health and Human Services Award winner was Grace Lyons, the medication assisted treatment nurse at Families First. She helps patients with substance abuse problems, providing counseling and medication.  This means making “house calls” even though many patients are in shelters or even lockup.  She goes the extra mile, helping her clients find shelter, transportation, and family care.  In this time of trouble, she works tirelessly to turn crisis around.  Her charity of choice Is the N.H. Harm Reduction Coalition. Lindsey Hery nominated Grace for a Vocational Award.
Christopher “Tobey” Schoff, nominated by Andrea Herold, won the Education Award.  A West Point graduate who served with the 101st Airborne Division, Tobey is a lifelong resident of Portsmouth.  For the past 21 years he has taught math at PHS. He’s been previously recognized with the Model Teacher Status.  His teaching is one of challenging and supporting students to higher achievement and excellence. Lessons learned in his class transfer to all life experiences.  His award will go to Gather.
Susan Wolf nominated Steve Turner for the General category vocational service award. You’ll recall Steve and Del Record spoke to the Club only last week. Susan’s nomination came without prior knowledge of their impending visit.  Steve is a master upholstery tradesman and sees a very evident shortage in the trades. This prompted him to initiate “Bring back the Trades.” It’s a movement that highlights the need for skilled tradespersons in our country.  He currently uses social media to raise scholarship money for students so they can attend trade schools.  Recognizing a need is one thing but doing something about it deserves this award.  His award will go to—you guessed it--Bring Back the Trades.
Congratulations to all the Vocational Service Award winners and thank you for the work you do in our community! 
Respectfully submitted, Al Lantinen       
New Members Photos
To see photos of our new members click on the following link:
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