Top of the Week August 5, 2019
Top of the Week!
August 5, 2019
 Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge : Kayak Race for Males and Females 
Rotary is looking for 6-12 kayaks to be donated to the Annual Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge

About the Challenge

2019 marks the 4th Annual Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge! The challenge was created to bring highlight the ecological importance of the region and the river, as well as the illegal fishing that is endangering it. Organizers hope to show that eco-tourism is an alternative to illegal and harmful fishing practices that can support the local economy.

All are invited to attend! Racers from international places are welcome. If you reach out as soon as you can, a kayak can be put aside for you. It is recommended that you stay in Punta Gorda and BTV will be organizing transportation to the starting line.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for both the male and female races! There
will also be station prizes throughout the race -
first person to pass the station gets the prize. The oldest and youngest racers will also receive a prize. During the race, spectators are invited to participate in 5-a-side football marathon, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prizes!

Barranco is the southern-most coastal village in Belize, right across the river from Guatemala, and has a population of about 200. Traditionally a fishing and farming village, Barranco has seen a decline in population in recent times. The village is already experiencing severe climate change impacts, including repeated flooding and drastic erosion. One goal of the Eco-Challenge is to bring people back to the village and raise awareness both among everyday people and the government on the challenges facing them.

Make Peg’s Day!
Dear Fellow Rotarians:
Our dear friend and Portsmouth Rotarian Peg Millar is looking for some Rotarian fellowship during the week.  Since Peg is unable to drive it leaves her feeling a bit lonely and isolated.   A half hour visit can go a long way in putting a smile on Peg’s face.  We have had a small circle of our Rotarian’s visiting Peg and helping with errands but with everyone’s busy schedule it would nice to get a few more folks over to spread a little cheer Peg’s way.  Please reach out to Peg for a visit at 603-501-0910.
Thank you from Rotary Connections Committee
Volunteer for Cross Roads
Upcoming dates for meal service at Cross Roads House:


August 7
Cooks 3-5 pm and Servers 5-7 pm.
If you would like to volunteer please text or call Tiffany at 603-380-5872. That way I will know when we have enough volunteers and can coordinate other dates that need to be filled.
PHA Volunteer Coordination
Mary Kelliher, Volunteer Coordinator at the Portsmouth Housing Authority forwarded the following:
“I'm reaching out regarding a recurring volunteer opportunity that has sprung at two of our resident building. We now hold a coffee hour at our Margeson building on Mondays at 10am and at Feaster on Thursdays at 10am. These are opportunities for residents to get out of their apartments and spend time in a communal space to have a treat together. We'd love to have volunteers sign up for a particular day or recurring days to bring donuts, pastries, and/or fruit (coffee is provided) if anyone would like to do so! This is an easy opportunity to also chat with our resident population, as well. Each building also has a piano, waiting for anyone with a passion for it to play during coffee hour as well!!
Let Mary know if anyone might be interested.
AmeriCorps Seeks Rotary Volunteers 
Mary Kelliher is the Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps working out of Portsmouth Housing's Greenleaf Recreation Center with the Resident Services team which assists low-income residents, senior residents, and residents with disabilities in finding resources for different needs, such as budgeting, financial literacy, transportation, etc. Mary and AmeriCorps is seeking volunteers who would be willing to volunteer. One example of a volunteer opportunity is assisting an older female resident who lives alone in moving heavy furniture (strong people needed!) into and from a UHaul during her planned move from her Feaster apartment to Connor's Cottage. If there are any volunteers intersted in lending a hand please contact Mary at
Sorry We Missed You
If you have a makeup for a missed meeting, please email it to the following link:
Check Your Profile
The Communications Committee is asking that everyone log onto ClubRunner and check your profile to make sure it is up to date.  Change is part of life and we hope to be able to reflect those changes in our website.  Happy surfing.
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President Ben.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for July 25
Perfect July weather greeted Rotarians as they gathered for their weekly Portsmouth Country Club (PCC) luncheon. The meeting was promptly called to order by President Leo with a solid ring of the ceremonial bell. Rotarians proudly joined him as he led the Pledge of Allegiance. Cathy Nickerson directed the group in singing “America The Beautiful”. Visiting District Governor Andrew Glazier offered the invocation.
President Leo held off on the 4-Way Test until adjournment, as an inspirational closure of the meeting. So, for those individuals thinking he forgot (again), no he did not.  He was in total control and doing things in his own distinctive way.
Guests introduced included: District Governor Andrew Glazier and his wife Pam Gray; Rabbi Ira Korinow, Past President of the Haverhill Rotary; Larry Marsolais from the Hampton Rotary; Brian Sullivan, President of the Newburyport Rotary, and his guest Dave Stuer of Rye; Nick Gray (guest of Caitlin Burke); Daniel Lyons (guest of Richard Lyons); JoAnn Burchuk (guest of Susan Gold); Betty Tamposi (guest of Stella Scamman)
Fine Master (FM) Neal Ouellette generated a healthy batch of fines, thereby freeing Rotarians of any cash reserves.   Justin Finn was penalized for his telltale grimaces during the visit of a recent presidential candidate. Justin Gamester, clad in hot weather work clothes, was fined for his laidback look. Those at his table were also penalized for his outfit, and for the fact they didn’t appear much better. In the spirit of equal opportunity, Rotarians professionally outfitted with shirts, jackets and ties also got fined. Hardly a soul was spared. Perhaps some would say the FM went to new creative “lows” to meet his fine financial quota.  Like charging those poor souls that have undergone surgery recently or within the last five years. Weren’t the medical bills enough? All fines were bestowed and paid-up in good fun.
It was a day with lots of Happy Bucks! Among them, Basil Richardson has a new grandson to love. Dan Hoefle survived marrying off his daughter during the heatwave.  Tricia Cummings will be embarking on college visits with her daughter Grace. Donna Lewallen’s daughter has impressively graduated with an advanced nursing degree. Congrats to all!
The week’s 50/50 drawing of a whopping $37 was claimed by “Rotation’s Music Legend” John Rice.  Unfortunately, he did not win the $75 bonus bucks because he did not have a match.
Nancy Clayburgh received robust applause during General Announcements. She was impressive as the PCC messenger asking Rotarians to NOT park on the lawn. Use the marked parking spots, she pleaded, even if you are late and have to walk a distance. Joanie Dickinson gave thanks for the collected can tops supporting Interact. Leonard Seagren shared Piscataqua Maritime Commission fellowship opportunities. He offered information on a fundraising Beer Fest and the upcoming Sail Portsmouth activities.
A standing ovation greeted District Governor Andrew Glazer as he took to the podium. Andy may be the newly minted DG, but he is a Rotarian’s Rotarian.  He and his wife Pam are multiple Paul Harris Fellows, major donors and members of the Rotary Foundation Bequest Society. He thanked the club for all that it has done in the community.  He encouraged spreading the word on the numerous contributions that Rotarians complete locally and globally. He suggested increasing support from non-Rotarians so even more can be done. 
DG Andy urged members to get involved with Rotary travel opportunities, including work on projects in developing nations.  He shared his own life changing travel experiences and the joy of making a difference.
A long-time believer in service, he has actively worked with and provided leadership assistance for several non-profits. 
DG Andy talked about how Rotary is all about connecting.  He challenged membership with the question: “How well do you really know your fellow Portsmouth Rotarians”? He urged everyone to increase their club member awareness and connection.
DG Andy announced huge changes in the upcoming District Conference scheduled for October 5
th  . It will be a one day event held in Portland, Maine. This contrasts with prior District Conferences which were multi-day events. He is hopeful that the format change will make it more palatable for Rotarians to attend. 
President Leo impressed his flock by closing the meeting with minutes to spare at 1:07 p.m. A good time was had by all!
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Notis, Log Writer
Chad Chadwick, Photographer
New Members Photos
To see photos of our new members click on the following link:
Aug 08, 2019
St Pauls School
Aug 15, 2019
Polio Eradication
Aug 22, 2019
The Music Hall
Aug 29, 2019
Parking in Portsmouth
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