Top of the Week January 17, 2019
Top of the Week!
January 17, 2019
Government Workers Seeking Help
The government shutdown has affected many in our community including the men and women in the U.S. Coast Guard.  
Rotary has received a few requests from families in the Coast Guard to help with food drop off in New Castle as well as Walmart gift cards and gas cards.  Gas cards are a priority.  The cards cannot be more than $20 each to comply with Coast Guard gift policy but there is no limit on the number of $20 gift cards.  Cash donations are also accepted but it must go through the Chief Petty Officers Association (CPOA)-Northern New England Chapter.  The CPOA is a designated 501(c)(19) veterans non-profit organization. CPOA helps members cover heating, rent, car repairs and other items.  
We have about 350 Coast Guard members in this area that need our support during this difficult time for their families. 
Please reach out to President Cleo or Leo Gagnon for any info or to donate.  Any help will be appreciated.
Volunteers Needed!!!
As many of you know our club’s annual partnership this year is with The Cross Roads House.  There are many ways to volunteer in our community but the more immediate need is to have members help during their dinners.  Cross Roads House has asked for our help with the dinner being served this Saturday, January 19.  They will need 3 cooks from 3-5pm and 3 servers from 5-7pm.  
There is also help needed on Wednesday, February 6 for 3 cooks, Saturday, February 16 for 4 cooks and 4 servers.  The time goes by quickly and there is lots of fellowship and music.  
Tiffany McKenna will be at the meetings getting Rotarians signed up. Thank you for those that have volunteered already.  For those who would like to sign up please let myself or Tiffany know, and if you need a makeup, it also counts!  
You all make a difference in our community and I thank you! 
PHA Volunteer Coordination
Mary Kelliher, Volunteer Coordinator at the Portsmouth Housing Authority forwarded the following:
“I'm reaching out regarding a recurring volunteer opportunity that has sprung at two of our resident building. We now hold a coffee hour at our Margeson building on Mondays at 10am and at Feaster on Thursdays at 10am. These are opportunities for residents to get out of their apartments and spend time in a communal space to have a treat together. We'd love to have volunteers sign up for a particular day or recurring days to bring donuts, pastries, and/or fruit (coffee is provided) if anyone would like to do so! This is an easy opportunity to also chat with our resident population, as well. Each building also has a piano, waiting for anyone with a passion for it to play during coffee hour as well!!
Let Mary know if anyone might be interested.
AmeriCorps Seeks Rotary Volunteers 
Mary Kelliher is the Volunteer Coordinator for AmeriCorps working out of Portsmouth Housing's Greenleaf Recreation Center with the Resident Services team which assists low-income residents, senior residents, and residents with disabilities in finding resources for different needs, such as budgeting, financial literacy, transportation, etc. Mary and AmeriCorps is seeking volunteers who would be willing to volunteer. One example of a volunteer opportunity is assisting an older female resident who lives alone in moving heavy furniture (strong people needed!) into and from a UHaul during her planned move from her Feaster apartment to Connor's Cottage. If there are any volunteers intersted in lending a hand please contact Mary at
Sorry We Missed You
If you have a makeup for a missed meeting, please email it to the following link:
Check Your Profile
The Communications Committee is asking that everyone log onto ClubRunner and check your profile to make sure it is up to date.  Change is part of life and we hope to be able to reflect those changes in our website.  Happy surfing.
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President Ben.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for January 10, 2019
Rotary Log for January 10th, 2019
Happy New Year everyone!  It is so good to be back at Rotary! I’ve witnessed and received many hugs and realized that we have an amazing fellowship here in Portsmouth.
Our greeter today was David Holden who screamed out with joy, “Is it the Truth?” in the 4 Way Test.  Al Lantinen led us in America the Beautiful. We had a moment of silence for Bob Field, a faithful Rotarian who passed away December 26. A lovely invocation by John Rice followed. 
Our meal this week was delicious Mexican enchiladas. The luncheon entrée went very well with a meeting theme of Gap Year world travel. A Gap Year happens after high school graduation when a student decides not to go directly to college but instead takes a “Gap Year.”
Molly Flagg and Jaimee Ruccolo – Jon Flagg’s daughter and goddaughter – our key note speakers.
Charlie Fobate came with Larry Gray, Denise Foss attended with John St. Pierre
and Jenn Madden was a guest of James Peterson.  Ken Murphy was President Cleo’s invitee
and Joanie Dickinson brought her daughter Georgia.  Ann Bliss was a guest of yours truly.
Our Crossroads Dinner duty is this Saturday the They need help serving food from 5-7pm.
Sara Treacy announced that Salvation Army dinner is coming up but the date has not been set just yet.
Ramona says that Basic Needs has given $3000 to Womanaid and $2500 to Seacoast Media Group.
Gene Doherty won two UNH – BC hockey tickets with a winning raffle bid of $55.
Neil Ouellett announced the nominees for 2019-2020 officers and board members.  Ben Wheeler was very “sad” that his name didn’t make the cut for the first time in five years. Dan Hoefle moved that we cast one vote to unanimously approve the slate. The motion was seconded and approved.
Jon rushed back from the Supreme Court in Concord in order to present this historical moment dated 12/16/1943.  The presenter that day was Mildred Flagg (not related to Jon) speaking about World Travel.  Clever coincidence indeed! 
Happy Dollars.
There were a lot of Happy Dollars, starting with $100 from Dr Barry McArdle who married the woman of his dreams on 12/22/18. Congrats! Jessica Parker from Crossroads gave five dollars to celebrate her promotion to Development Director. Andy Fleisher contributed cash for having had successful knee surgery. Dr Larry Gray gave a buck because Neil Ouellett didn’t fine anyone. Lindsey Hery has a new niece (five pounds of joy.) Sara Treacy is excited about a new home for Seacoast Pathways due to an anonymous donor! Way to go! Past president Ben is proud of his daughter Emma for learning how to ski.
The Raffle winner was Steve Bennett: $56, no match.
The Program.
Jamie Ruccolo and Molly Flagg (shown above with dad Jon Flagg) spoke about their incredible experiences while taking a Gap Year and traveling around the World.  Jaimee started her adventure by flying to Madrid and almost getting denied entry at Customs. That’s because she did not have the contact information of the friend she was staying with.  But she talked her way in, however, a skill that must run in the family. Maybe she will become a lawyer just like Jon…
Jaimee missed a flight because she didn’t understand military time. It all worked out fine because she ended up going to Scotland, which turned out to be the favorite part of her trip.  The whole experience taught her how to deal with stress, be self-reliant and enjoy meeting new people.  Jaimee ended her travels early because she ran out of money.  (By the way, both women worked and saved to provide all the financing they needed.)
Molly’s Gap year was spent in South America and Europe.  She taught English in a Costa Rican classroom of 18 kids with ages ranging from 6 to 13. She hiked the Inca Trail with three strangers, sharing a tent with a 30-year-old Mexican guy. (Dad don’t listen!) The hike was very challenging and grueling but beautiful. 
President Cleo closed the meeting by saying that she needs a do-over. I agree, let’s all take a Gap year from our lives!
Yours Truly, Yvonne Legge
Photos by Sara Treacy
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