President Justin opened the meeting with the pledge of Allegiance and, yes, the flag was on the correct side.  4-Way test and song came next, and John Rice read a lovely Native American prayer. Guests and visiting Rotarians were welcomed.
Ann Bliss reported only two open slots for volunteers at the Thanksgiving Dinner.  She also noted that there were already 185 orders for delivery of dinners.  Great work! 
Formal thanks from Habitat for Humanity were sent to Rotarians who participated in the project there recently. You should try it! You’ll have lots of fun (oh and work, too.) 
Yvonne Legge announced that the new ornaments are in…Justin explained that the table baskets are there so all can generously thank PCC staff at the holiday season.
Karen Conard then introduced our speakers, Valerie Rochon and Susan Labrie of Portsmouth 400.  Portsmouth 400 is a soon-to-be 501(C)3 organization created to celebrate Portsmouth’s 400th birthday in 2023. 
As explained, this is a major organizational effort that will involve virtually the entire community. The scope of the celebration is divided into complementary areas, such as Arts and Culture, Military and Maritime, Commerce and Trade. 
Education and Neighborhood efforts hope to involve and excite our younger residents.  Legacy projects will attempt to put a permanent stamp on the celebration.  And, of course, there will be a parade.
As the presentation went on, it became apparent that this is a very large project.  Thus far, staffers are encouraged by the response of numerous leaders and organizations. Abundant intersecting areas of interest will bring together many in the community.
Hats off to the organizers!  The year will be a busy and exciting one with no shortage of work to do.  A more complete outline and mission statement can be found at  Although our Rotary Club will likely be involved, there’s room for everyone to be a part of this celebration.
Ben Wheeler won the $25 raffle pot, which he donated Jeremy Alex Fund.
Respectfully submitted, Al Lantinen
Photos by Francoise Meissner and Don Chick