Rotary Log for November 1st, 2018
Our greeter today was Stanford Cross, always smiling. Al Lantinen led us in song: God Bless America. John Rice gave the invocation, asking for guidance in the upcoming November 6 election.
Leo Gagnon brought his wife Lori Waltz-Gagnon, new director of Leadership Seacoast. Ben Wheeler sat like a good son in between his mother Donna and father Craig. John Flagg hosted Jaimee Ruccollo.  Also in attendance Lawrence Furbish – District Foundation Chair, acknowledging unfortunate new polio outbreaks this year in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Lawrence presented a certificate of appreciation to past president Ben. The club raised more than $90,000 for Polio Plus during his term.
Our crew returned from Bangladesh Saturday, October 27.  It’s good to have them all back safe and sound.  Jon Flagg returned the “president elect” plaque which he stole from Leo, while Leo was over there.
Sara Treacy reminded us to sign up for the Seacoast Rotary Turkey Trot. Seacoast Pathways is one of the beneficiaries of the race this year.  The race celebrates its 10th year. I plan on running it, do you? Here is the link, calories burned equal one slice of Thanksgiving Pie!
Speaking of pie…Betsy Stein is looking for more pie makers and turkey cookers.  I guilt tripped myself for a pumpkin pie. Let’s hope it’s edible.
Barbara Miller announced that the next Rotary Social is November 13th at Discover Portsmouth – where Rose Labrie has her art exhibition
Joanie Dickinson thanked everyone who helped with the Soup Kitchen
Jon tried to present his “historical moment” but wasn’t sure if it was from November 7, 1967 or 1968.  Over the roar of laughs I’m not sure what the moment was …
Fines and Happy Dollars.
Neil Ouellett fined anybody in the room who was breathing. He was fined eight dollars himself at the end of the meeting by President Cleo. A record amount of fine money was raised today.
Susan Gold shared her experience marching in the Portsmouth Halloween parade. She went as a zombie, dancing to Thriller with 100 other like-minded, good-looking locals. Her makeup was amazing!
Bill Simpson won the raffle at $44. Maybe if he got a match, he would have paid for our fines today, but no such luck.
The Speaker.
Lindsay Hery introduced our Speaker – Tom Kaufhold, Executive Director of the Seacoast LGBT History Project. 
The Project collects historical documents and artifacts pertaining to the Seacoast’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Some of these items include posters, buttons, pins, newspaper clippings and even a matchbox from a gay bar. It was a huge challenge to organize and categorize all of this “stuff,” but Tom came up with brilliant solution. He color-coded items utilizing the Rainbow Flag--
Red --Arts and Culture
Green --Commerce
There is rich history here. Portsmouth has been home to private LGBT clubs over the years. South Church was the first church to perform same sex marriage. Last year, Rochester’s Gerri Cannon was the first transgender woman to be elected to a New Hampshire school board.  This year she is on the ballot as a state representative.  In 2019 there will be an exhibit at the Portsmouth Athenaeum in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall uprising. 
Thank you, Tom, for sharing this important part of Seacoast history. 
"This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another."--Ellen Page
Respectfully submitted, Yvonne Legge
Photos by Matthew Randall