Rotary Log for August 1, 2019
President Leo started the meeting sharply at 12:15 pm with a ring of the bell!  Al Lantinen led our crew in song.  Leo then welcomed back Queen C from her hiatus. He promptly put her to work by having the ex-Rotary Ruler say the invocation.  
We acknowledged numerous guests and then Leo called the winning Raffle number. The $37 prize went to Rick Wallis, but no match. Better luck next time, Rick!  
Rotary does many wonderful things around the world. Leo acknowledged one of them by reading a thank-you note from Bill Chadwick, past president of the Westbrook-Gorham Rotary Club. Bill inspired a full house of Rotarians and visitors with his plans to start drilling clean water wells in a remote area of Guatemala.
Recognizing that clean water is fundamental to good health, Bill is promoting a sustainable way to produce it.  By drilling down 50 to 100 meters, an aquifer can be reached that yields uncontaminated water. It’s a more reliable source than purifying small amounts through filters.  His work is now done with the partnership of our club and many others in the District.
We also received an invitation from Friends Forever’s Steven Martineau. He would like us to visit their site and help with some projects.  Our very own Leonard Seagren donated 30 acres of land in Belize.  If you would like to volunteer and learn more about Friends Forever, please join us September 8-15th.  See Leo for more info. 
Past President Cleo presented Leo with our charter…Trivia Question- when was our club Chartered? Jon Flagg can tell you the answer.
Haven’t yet paid your dues? Please see the cashier soon.  
President Elect Jon gave us a personal historical moment.  He recalled, as a new lawyer, attending his first deposition with Past President Dan Hoefle.  Dan remarked that lawyers NEVER wear short-sleeved shirts. Admonishing the rookie barrister, he explained that these kinds of shirts are for folks like accountants and other geeks.
Subsequently, Dan introduced our speaker, Ken Kunhardt, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Director of Investor Relations. Before assuming this position in October 2014, Ken was the chief investment officer of a community bank in Florida for five years. There he managed the bank’s fixed-income portfolio. Previously, he worked for several prominent Wall Street firms. Ken has more than 20 years’ experience marketing fixed-income products and strategies to sophisticated institutional investors.
The Community Loan Fund helps create affordable housing and community facilities such as nonprofit and child care centers. It is also involved with business finance.  Their mission is to serve as a catalyst by boosting financial, human and civic resources. The Fund enables traditionally underserved people to participate more fully New Hampshire’s economy. It provides loans, capital and technical assistance, bringing people and institutions together to solve problems. 
Ken discussed the Community Loan Fund difference. The organization provides not just money, but also technical assistance, as well as management and leadership skills. It boasts an active network of coaches to help with menus/layouts and ideas. 
If you are interested in investing as an individual or as a company, please consider the Community Loan Fund. 
Leo closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
See you all next week!
Respectfully submitted, Cleo