Uganda Bee Project

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While on a Rotary trip in Northern Uganda in 2009, I was introduced to the Adyaki Rural Youth Development Initiative (ARYODI) Modern Bee Farm by a Rotarian from the Seattle 4 Rotary Club. Her club, in 2008, had given a grant of bee hives to 60 families in Aminocera Village through Robert Okodia, a member of the Lira Rotary Club. This was the beginning of Roberts dream to create a sustainable and healthy standard of living for a community that has been devasted by 20 years of civil war.

Through the cooperative effort of the Seattle 4, Haslett-Okemo, Lira, and our Rotary club, through the William Cash Fund, this project has grown into ARYODIA becoming the only honey processing center in Northern Uganda. There are 457 beekeepers who have trained at the site in the last 2 years. This project has affected at least 500 households. The goals of ARYODI include using the center as a draw to disseminate not only information and training on bees, but to take the opportunity to educate the people in health, family matters, and societal issues. Ultimately this endeavor will impact the health and well-being of the entire community which will have a ripple effect to surrounding communities.