Top of the Week May 10, 2017
Top of the Week!
Rotary Supports Summer Meals4Kids Program
Meals4Kids provides food to over 400 children in the Seacoast area during the summer months. Shown in the picture is Deb Anthony, Executive Director of Gather along with Tiffany McKenna and Ramona Dow.
A Letter from Our Dear Peg
President James shares the following letter from our fellow Rotarian Peg Millar.  Looking forward to seeing you soon Peg.
To view a larger version of the letter click the link below.
Chase Home for Children Hands-on Project
Attention Rotarians.
What better nonprofit to help than the Chase Home for Children. Recently the Chase Home was granted money from the Cash Committee for refinishing wood floors on the 3rd floor. Part of the grant was for our committee to help demo the areas before the floors are finished. We thought May 13th would work from 8-noon I have a dumpster being donated by Shipyard waste.
Example of floor to be refinished.
We have a long history with the Chase Home; our committee has done trail clean ups a couple of times, ornamental grass planting at the entrance and we replaced their flag pole. A few years back we also built solar panels for the home. Part of this recent Cash Committee money is to have a tune up on the panels. President James was instrumental in getting us the components back when we built the panels and has volunteered his crew this time to help with the tune up.
I hope you'll help on this project, please contact Ted Alex.
Correction from Last Week
In our story about Gene Doherty's recent visit with former Portsmouth Rotarian, Alta Ellis, we provided an incorrect phone number for Alta.
If you would like to contact Alta, her phone number is  (818) 295-6985 or drop her a line in care of her daughter, Claudia Ellis, 902 North Reese Place, Burbank, CA 91506. She would enjoy hearing from you.
District Conference Registration is Still Open
Only two days left to register. The registration deadline for the District Conference has been extended to May 11. Click on the link below to access the conference webpage.
Great food, fellowship, Rotarians doing great work, prizes, laughter and so much more.  And don't forget the food drive!
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President James.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for May 5, 2017
Rotary Log for May 4, 2017
By Rich Greulich
Photos by Jim Rini
With only a few weeks left in his reign President James remains indefatigable. As we will see, he deftly led us through a jam-packed meeting. Lots of announcements, fines, new members and even a guest speaker.
The National Anthem was led by songstress Donna Lewallen. Greeter Beth Tuttle tested us in Four Ways. John Rice invoked the Lord’s blessing on our meal and meeting.
Apparently salt is a hot topic as we enjoyed several guests. They included Eleanore Palaszynski (hosted by Katherine Berger), Jessica Parker (Ramona Dow), Jeff Semprini (Justin Finn), Matt Randall (Craig Taylor), Tiffany George (Peter George), Irene Hall (Cindy Boyd), and Loran Sullivan (Moe Sullivan). Visiting Rotarians included David Dreyfus (Lawrence, Mass.) and Colleen Westcott (Nashua West).
Only two Rotarians celebrated their birthday this week. Mark Leonardi has been with us for 11 years. We are enjoying Andy Fleisher’s 28th year with the club.
President James reported on the disbursements approved by the Board of Directors, as follows (amount, source, recipient):
-$700, William Cash Fund, Kent LaPage gardening project at Portsmouth Middle School
-$3,500, Basic Needs, Seacoast Food Pantry
-$1,000, Basic Needs, Haven for drug prevention coloring books
-$2,000, Jeremy Alex Fund, Arts in Reach for summer camp scholarships
-$2,000, Troy Pappas, two $1,000 scholarships to Marshwood High School seniors
Announcements were plentiful. Lexie Leddy heralded the First Annual Jeremy Alex Chess Tournament. More than 60 seacoast youth were scheduled to participate the following day at Portsmouth Middle School.
Nominations are being solicited by the Vocational Awards Committee. Contact Leo Gagnon or Lexie Leddy.
Jim Rini asked for volunteers to assist in photographing our meetings.
Nancy Clayburgh reminded Rotarians to bring in their used clothes for donation at our meeting next week.
Be prepared, fellow Rotarians. There are three different opportunities for volunteering this coming Saturday, May 13. First, Nancy Clayburgh outlined our Hands On project of gardening at Portsmouth Middle School. Dave Underhill plugged the Race For Cure sponsored by the Seacoast Rotary Club at Strawbery Banke. Lastly, our own Interact Club will be cleaning up Wallis Sands Beach.
Two new members were inducted. Madeline Warren was sponsored by Aileen Dugan. Maddie is a recent UNH graduate. She works at a market research firm in Portsmouth. (By the way, your editor recruited Maddie for the Log writing staff. She’ll be coming on board in July.)
Wayne Semprini was sponsored by Justin Finn. A native of Portsmouth, Wayne worked in the orthopedic sales business for 35 years. Welcome aboard, Maddie and Wayne!
We are blessed with many members whose hard work makes our club the success it is. So, when a member is singled out for special recognition, you know they’ve made an impact! Amid hearty applause, President James presented Susan Gold with a Distinguished Service Citation plaque. As Communications Committee Co-Chair, Susan has been revamping our website. She’s also improving our internal and external communications.
Were we visited by the new Neal Ouellett? A kinder, gentler FineMeister? At first it seemed that way. Neal indicted several Rotarians for their various peccadillos. But in nearly all cases he absolved them of their transgressions. Then, running more true to form, Neal assigned each of their fines to be paid by an innocent Rotarian. Someone who just happened to be sitting nearby.
Proving that even lawyers have hearts, Dan Hoefle generously donated his raffle winnings of $57 to the Jeremy Alex Fund. There was no match.
Dave Holden introduced our guest speaker. Patrick “Salty” Woodbrey of the N.H. Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) spoke to us regarding winter salt reduction.
Salt is used to make snow and ice-covered roads and walkways safe. New Hampshire was the first state to use salt to do so. And it serves good purposes. Road safety facilitates our work commute and other travel needs. It encourages cold weather tourism.
Unfortunately the use of salt also has negative effects. Vehicle corrosion is commonplace. Salt runoff onto adjacent land streams can destroy vegetation, kill fish and affect drinking water supplies.
The salt runoff problem was first identified by NHDES when the I-93 roadway was widened. The construction resulted in elevated chloride levels in four watershed areas. More pavement resulted in more salt runoff. Currently NH has 47 streams deleteriously affected by chloride.
A later NHDES report on the sources of salt use was revealing. Only 36% of salt was used on state and municipal roads. Fully 50% of salt use was attributable to parking lots! It turned out that liability concerns were causing private owners and their contractors to overuse salt.
In 2013 N.H. Limited Liability Protection legislation was enacted. This afforded private owners and their contractors the same liability protection enjoyed by ski resorts. Basically, skiing is deemed an inherently dangerous activity. Similarly, traveling on snow and ice covered roads and walkways are also inherently dangerous pursuits.
To qualify for this liability protection, owners and contractors must undergo training and be certified. The NHDES Green Snow Pro program is experiencing increased participation. The good news is that New Hampshire is at the forefront of understanding the salt issue and addressing it.
One takeaway for residential salt users is that salt is ineffective at temperatures lower than 15 degrees. That’s good to know. Especially when your spouse asks you to go out and sprinkle salt. And the Pats are about to mount their game-winning scoring drive!
Respectfully submitted, Richard Greulich
New Members Photos
To see photos of our new members click on the following link:
May 11, 2017
Principal, Phillips Exeter Academy
May 18, 2017
Scholarship Awards - more later
May 25, 2017
Jun 08, 2017
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