The Portsmouth Rotary Basic Needs Committee (formerly known as the donations committee) works to support food, clothing, shelter and health issues in the Seacoast community.  We will do this by:  fundraising and allocation of funds to community organizations that address these needs and direct service of Rotarians in support of these needs. 






In keeping with the Basic Needs Committee’s Mission Statement, the process of funds allocation will be based on the following criteria:



1.    Donations should be focused on food, health, and shelter needs within the Seacoast Area covered by the Portsmouth Rotary Club, although  emergency projects initiated by Rotary International may be supported.  Projects in support of local non-profits outside the area may be considered if the project benefits the needs of people/children etc. in our service  area.


2.    Donations should be made for pre-defined needs and specific projects – unspecified use of Rotary funds is not acceptable. 


3.    Requests are considered for associations, groups, and organizations that request aid for the group benefit as a whole.  Private, individual requests  or requests that will benefit only single individuals will be denied.


4.    Long-term, pledge-style donations will be kept to a minimum, and the committee will focus on one-time donations to eliminate financial commitments  in future years.


5.    All requests for support should be processed through the Basic Needs Committee in due time according to the Committee’s schedule.  However, “time critical” endorsements may  be considered at the Committee’s discretion and all requests for aid may be made by similar format. 


6.    A periodic survey of Club Member’s preferences  will be made to serve as an updated guideline for the Committee.  Information on actual monies donated will be made available  to the General Assembly annually.


7.    In keeping with Rotary guidelines, all associations, groups and organizations must have a 503(c) 3 designation from the IRS.

If you have questions, please email:  and put "Basic Needs Committee" in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest! 

Revised 7.01.2014