How to Become a Member

We welcome new members in Portsmouth Rotary!  
Membership in Rotary is by invitation, and the process begins with your learning more about our club and getting acquainted with us.   We have a new-member committee which meets with potential members to explore their interest in service, their ability to participate, our attendance and activity requirements, and much more about the values of our club.  Please contact our new-member-committee co-chairs Linda Browning and Lynn McLaren to learn more.  (,  
You may be invited to one or more of our weekly lunch meetings, and would have the opportunity to meet other club members.   The formal membership process then begins: a club member would nominate you for membership, and that nomination would be reviewed by the board of directors.   Upon board action, you would then be invited to an orientation session, and at the conclusion of that you would decide if you wished to apply for membership.  That application is then "posted" to the general membership of the club, which has an opportunity to comment on or object to any member as provided in our bylaws; when that process is concluded, and upon paying your membership fees, you would be formally inducted into the club at a weekly meeting.     Want to know more?  Please email the new member committee at the addresses above, or contact the club for general information using the form below.  
FOR ROTARY CLUB MEMBERS: Please propose members to our club!  The proposal form is at the following link and should be submitted to the Club Secretary.

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